DM53: Marking down Fido

DM53: Marking down Fido  

In this episode, we talk about Fido, not Mike’s new dog, and our love of Markdown.  

We get pretty indepth on Damashe’s use of the Yubikey security keys, and the different ways it can be used. Damashe describes using the security key to store 6-digit multifactor codes for an easy backup and portability. Mike has been super impressed with how the security key functions when logging into work applications.  

We then shift into talking about JAWS and how Mike is expanding his knowledge and use of FlexibleWeb. This topic quickly expands into how knowing your AT can more than level the playing field in the workplace by making you more efficient. We’d love to hear your uses of your tech to get work done…  

Then we talk about Markdown, the plain text markup language. Damashe talks about some cool macOS services that allow him to write in Markdown virtually anywhere, then convert to rich text or html. Mike has a really cool tool for writing Markdown inside Microsoft Word. He also wonders aloud if anything like macOS services exists for Windows? Mike also revelas that he hasn’t actually looked for any Markdown editors on Android. There are several forums and commenting systems on the web that accept Markdown natively, including Discourse.  

Damashe shares which apps he’s used on iOS for Markdown, and both of us share our experience with Byword.  

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