1Password re visited in DM52

in an effort to render show notes quicker, and an opportunity to demonstrate to you what transcription through the Amazon web services looks like I’ve posted the unedited show notes below.

In summary, this is a follow-up to DM7 1Password, Published April 4, 2017. In todays episode, we discuss the merits of using one password, with navigation tips on Android, iOS, windows and Mac OS. We also chat with you the listener about ways you can Implement one password into your everyday life. If you enjoy this episode don’t forget to share it with your favorite social network!

DM52, 1Password Revisited transcript

[0:00] I did ovary upgrade to the android bait.
Oh, yeah, but I haven’t had a chance actually play around with it because I locked myself out of my phone because I said a password, and I forgot what it waas Ah, when I restored that crown.
So I really don’t want to have to restore the phone and signed back in to see what I signed it after typing about my Google password.
So that means I’m looking at one device to read the password and then manually typing it on the keyboard. It’s a pain because, you know, generated by my password as you redid their good transition.

[0:42] Ah, yeah, I was told the accidental too.

[0:48] Um, she called us show accidentally professional. Yeah.

[0:53] Maybe that’ll be the show title. We’ll see. I I like it because they don’t have to think about it.

[0:59] Think about just a show in general. Call accident. Let me tell you how I stumbled into being a professional, and this I think that would be a good B s show.

[1:11] Could be Yeah. Should be. Well, changes some night. Anyway, I should write that down somewhere, though. Uh, because I forget it.
So I told you that I set my phone up as a work device only saw.
So I don’t want my g suite account first and did no dance and all of that, and I did not have it. Centers of personal device with a separate work profile is just completely managed by my G suite account, huh?
I know I can like my phone from G Sweet. I know I can do other stuff to her from G suite.
Can I go into G suite, go to that device and changes been coat.
I think I can let me see if I can, uh, and I was able to,
Well, go in and change the password for the device. Now, the key is that at least in my case, I’m not It didn’t give me any instructions.
I just said it was like, OK, this is going on is like check the logs, you know, to see the product progress or whatever.
So I wait about 15 minutes are going check the laws and is like, I don’t notice is in progress. And I’m like, Ok, is it not going to work or what?
And finally, after about an hour or so, cause there were maybe is waiting on the next time is going to do a sink to, you know, update that info.
Yeah, And it occurred to me, huh? Try rebooting the phone.
Yeah, we blew default. Do password on time didn’t work. I was like, Yeah, that is awesome.
That is a reason to completely manage my device. Even though Google won’t let me do backups.

[2:39] So follow it from last episode I found out that you can not at this time do backups on G suite accounts when G suite is the primary account that you log in to on Android.
Quite frustrating and hopefully something that will be fixed in the semi distant future.
Ah would say semi near future. But from some Googling I’ve found out this has been an issue for a little while.
The way around it that Google recommended for me is to sign him with a personal account and then add the G suite account. So you gotta you gotta a pick and choose what you want.
So for me, it’s not a huge issue because I explained in d M 51 how I get my call logs in my past.

[3:27] How we get my call logs in my text messages backed up and then using one password again going back to that transition, we are able to get easily sign into applications in most instances.
So Ah, yeah, Even though I can’t go back ups, I’ve still got a kind of gotten the process down like being able Teoh punch into play store. What APS I need go download them.
Although someone recommended to me,
because I always forget about this because I don’t use it that they said, Hey, Michael, why don’t you just write down a list of APS and note pad, save it on your computer and then go to play dot google dot com and install them from there.
So then you’re not having to dictator type in the APP name from on, and then you get the same maps, and I like I didn’t even think about that.
Yeah, I only think about it when I happened to be at the computer and someone like, give me a link to a person like that is Oh, yeah, I can go to the play store over here. Indian actually installed it from over there. Hey, Apple, Copy that.

[4:35] Now. Yeah, like it’s one of those features that you don’t use until you use it and then you forget about it.
So I’m slowly working on building my list of APS in the 1st 1 on there is one password on and then the 2nd 1 on there’s to do ist because those were the two APS that I need to know what I’m doing and see to do it.
I don’t necessarily need one password because I use Google to sign him with it.
So ah, Google, I can I can sign in and see what I need to do.
I guess I could put I should I should add my Google account to my to do.
It’s logging because I wouldn’t make things simpler, assured us just a warning to just because I encountered this.
And this is more for the listener than Mike, because I don’t think Mike is contemplating closing his G suite account at all.

[5:26] Just a warning toe. Be mindful if you have even a free Gmail account or a page Eastwood account that before you counsel said account go through,
goto my account, I think is my or count. Start google dot com.
Yeah, I can’t stop now and take a look at what APS and services are contracted to your Google account before you delete it.
Because once you delete it like you could find yourself in a situation where you’re really locked out of a bunch of shit, you just delete it to your authentication method. Basically.
So I’ve been paying Google since 2015. I found that out when I was doing this live chat and the idea of cancelling my Google account did cross my mind.
And then I remembered Well, you know, I just signed into to do this with my Google account man, how many other Apsara like that?
I have 63 APS that I signed into with my Google account. I think I’ll just keep things how they are right now.

[6:24] Yeah, that is the reason I brought that up because I happen to be running into it with a ah client of desert areas, actually where he wants to counsel a G suite account.
And it occurred to me as I was reconfigure his email to point elsewhere that, hey, he shouldn’t just go delete that license because he’s probably got stuff attached to it.

[6:48] So I mentioned it or said, Hey, you know, before you do this, if if you have any of the following services that you have signed in, or any services or absolute that you have signed their with this Google account with such as YouTube, especially you, too.
Yeah, you need to think strategically about what you’re going to do now. Some stuff. You’ll be okay.
Or at least you can fix it before you get ready to remove the account.
There a couple ideas. So you two was probably one of the simplest things to deal with, because ah, you can invite a another Google account of your. So like in this guy’s case, he does have a separate Gmail account.
You could invite that Gmail account as a manager to his YouTube channel. Indian Change Ownership shall not. A YouTube channel stays intact when he counts is the G suite account.
You could do a similar things about calendars or just export your calendar altogether imported into another calendar system.

[7:44] But the thing you really got to be careful about is those third party asked where you use Google to authenticate toe Ah, to do it So I was about to say, Taco Taco is also in that group.
To what to do is toggle there. Several services where you can have Google as a log admit that. But you can also add other means of logging in. So, for example, my toggle account.
I can log in with Apple and I can log in with Google in addition to the same account that you do the same thing.
So I can I think currently I’m set to sign into To do. It’s with either email in past where I did have email and password and I switched to signing with Apple when they added that, and I’m probably gonna add Google as a second option.

[8:30] Ah, the other thing that I pointed out to him and a lot of people don’t know that Google has G suite on well, Google Cloud, which is the overarching name for all of their.

[8:44] Services that that includes but is not exclusive to G suite Google cloud their their server infrastructure competitors to AWS and Microsoft Azure.
Ah, they have cloud Identity Manager, which they’ve added, which basically breaks out the,
hey you can authenticate to these third party services and applications with your Google account out of G sweets was not tied to a G C G suite license anymore.
Ah, so you could in theory, sign up an account for Google Identity Manager and use their free plan, and I pay for G suite at all.
Uh, we also have paid two years off Cloud Identity Manager.
My suggestion to this person was to get on the phone with support because I can tell you, it just works theoretically in my mind issue work, but I don’t know because I’ve never done it.
It will require me to ask the council my G suite license, which I don’t want to do, know that it regards.
I think all sorts of problems for everybody including, you know, you’re not a lot to do that.

[9:51] Tell me if you can’t pay that bill. No paying for you. You know, uh, like what I think Theoretically you should be able to do is add.
Make sure that you have cloud identity Manager free, attached to that account,
council your G suite license and just shift down to the free cloud Identity manager, which means you still have the same email address and log in details for Google.
So if you’re going to sign in to say YouTube or ah, you know, I don’t know some of the others to do waste blockers really did.
Ah, although strangely enough, I still run across so very infrequently like links to blogger sites like Really K W R O in K J.
Max use Blogger for their morning show to keep track of everything because it’s free and easy for them to set up.
And then they just log in with the account, post the content, and that’s literally all they dio It’s there.
I thought Google had deprecate ID in favor of Google sites, but I must be mistaken.

[11:01] When they tried to do it in, people were like, No, you’re not allowed to do day. If you can’t pay for their server, we will help you, but you could not.

[11:11] So that will will buy pizzas for people, right?
That makes sense. Eso be careful in canceling accounts because if that account is what you sign in with in a lot of cases, it could break shit so pretty much now.

[11:28] Good, saying not theoretically what you should do, even though it is super easy to sign in tow, on account with Google or with Facebook or Twitter or whatever.
You really should just, you know, the problem that that solves that you don’t have to remember a password for separate account, right? You got this, this new account, you just want to sign over to do it.
It’s Mike’s been telling you about it forever. You’re like, I’m just gonna sign it.
Will go bottle, have to create a new password and user name and all of that.
And remember that if you were using one password, you wouldn’t really have such a issue with the part of keeping go with the password and the user name and having a good password that is distinctly different from anything else that you’re using on the Internet.
And that’s what me and my car going to chat about. Today is one password.

[12:17] Our history of using one password when brought us to one password,
and why we’re still using it and probably a little bit about our four rays into exploring other password management solutions before ultimately winding, go back at the door off the edge of its people.
They’re Canadians. There were voices, Canadians that I can’t say that because I won’t go back to fresh book. So.

[12:42] You tell us a little bit about what is one password and ah, semi brief.

[12:50] One password is a an encrypted vault to store at minimum your log in details for different websites.
Ah, and it has the ability to generate secure random passwords for you s so that you don’t have to try to come up with a decent passwords yourself. You could just generated with several different options for settings and how long you want it to be.
Ah, In addition to supporting long you into websites in on mobile devices,
applications, you also have the ability distort other information and one pass were including credit cards.

[13:32] F o I can actually store attachments and one password, which is what I do with days like my i D and birth certificate.
Like I snapped a picture of him in store number one password, just in case I ever need to at least prove that I had these documents in my possession this whole point, You know, I think generate passwords.
There And one of the neat things about one password is the ability to share information is several different ways. It will get to on how you can do that in different circumstances.
But that, basically is what it is is going to store things securely for you that is encrypted. You have a master password that you have to remember, uh, and.

[14:19] If you lose your password like you’re pretty much screwed, basically, all right, barring a few very specific circumstances, if you lose your one password, you’re screwed because they don’t have the ability to reset your password for you.
They don’t have the ability to view the data that is stored in your account.
My one password is a software as a service solutions who was a monthly or annual subscription right now, although,
quiet as it seems to be kept right now, they still offer the standalone applications so that you can handle the sinking solution yourself.
Yeah. Ah, so that is also a option on.
I am aware of several companies that steal purchase one password licenses for the applications because they due to sinking internally on their own controlled servers because, well, you’re not allowed to take stuff house out to build it.

[15:15] I just pay them for a year of access and say, I don’t want to worry about the sinking. Let’s just let one password sink it for me because then it works on any device that works.
Yeah, yeah, and I have to worry about trying to set up the settings properly.
The problem lies to run into back in two days eso When I first started using war pass where it was probably around 2011 and at that time they were all stand along applications.
You had to buy the Mac out you to buy the windows app you to buy the if IOS app Uh and they had a free android out.
And the reason the android out was free at that time is because it was only a reader could not update or add information.
You just simply open up the app and view information and I believe it gave you the ability, like copy to password or whatever, so you could go paste it.
Unfortunately, back in those days, copy and paste with talkback waas Horrendous.
Ah, so it was not fun, but at the back then it was not a subscription service.
It was a simple stand along application that you bought the applications that you needed for each platform which you want to use it on. A did offer Ni nice windows Mac bundle That would save you some money.

[16:34] But you had to set up sink Now they gave you, you know, some straight for ways to do it. But you were responsible for picking the way that you wanted to say.
And in the beginning, it was either Dropbox.
So you will 0.1 password, a dropbox. And if you didn’t have a vote already existing there, you would create one.
If you had an existing voluntary, then you would just point into that file and into your one password to unlock that vault.
Ah, your other options for sinking were your own server eso you could set up like And I believe it may have reliable web, Dad, but I’m not want to see a certain about that because I never actually set that up.
Uh, that way and the other options you have was what they called, Ah.

[17:20] Uh, eyes the WiFi saying No land sink away and sink,
and that would allow you to Let’s say you haven’t running on your Windows computer and on your iPhone back to you, and you would on They still offer this feature, I believe.

[17:37] But if you admit something on one device, it would not show up on the other device into you brought them together and ran a sink over the air. So, like over WiFi or whatever.

[17:50] And you will be able to keep your data of dated that way.
Very much pain, too. But always use Dropbox. Until they added iCloud. It’s opening around 2016 17 added iCloud, uh, accidentally leaked it on Twitter.

[18:07] Because I forgot I was on a beta. So I said that one password to get on a new newish Mac book.
Ah, and I saw sink route with iCloud.
Whoa, I could seek it through iCloud Drive now. All right, Great. That’s that’s almost getting me away from Dropbox.
So anything you tweeted it out and I didn’t treat it like a sweater that much.
It’s like, Hey, thanks for the one day for adding I can see 21 times what? I’ll be waiting on that forever.
And the war password account to use back fish. Could we please get you? Maybe take that tweet down because it’s still in beta. Oh, shit.
I’m bad. Uh, sure. No problem. I won’t take that down, and I deleted it. So which is fortunate? Because I believe that this happened maybe a couple of years before that, you did Not at some point, you didn’t have the ability to delete it. We or my mistake. Right.

[19:01] Uh, first does my beginnings were one pass when I started out as using one password on Windows Windows XP.
As a matter of fact, it was still 2011 ish, but, you know, x, because X p at the time for me was the most solid windows that that was still supported.
Vista was a train wreck, and I wouldn’t trust in seven yet I hadn’t even tried it.

[19:26] Yep. Me, my iPhone and a borrowed laptop. My sister’s laptop is how I got started with one basket,
I think I got started with one Pat. I don’t remember exactly when it was it was after you and I were talking.
I know that, but I I think it was when one password, seven came out and I didn’t have to buy it on every platform because I didn’t understand why I needed to pay for a password management tool.
And then I realized, Oh, my password because I was relying on iCloud for password management at that point.
And then I realized, Oh, this allows me to use my passwords on any device that I’m on and I can store like, uh, profile information.
I think it actually was after or right before we recorded d m seven.
I think it was right before we recorded d M seven so 2017 somewhere around there.
And we were talking about it, and I went and I picked up a subscription of it, and I’m like, Oh, this is super nice.
I could just get command Baksaas, fill in Omagh information, depending on what I’m on, whether that be my name and address or that be user name and password, and it will generate passwords for me.

[20:35] Admittedly I didn’t really start using the password generator in the fullest, like within the application itself.
I would go and open an instance of one password and generate a password and then paste it in and save it.
And then I realized that you can use one password mini to actually get to that password generator in generated password, and you didn’t have to go open one password.
So I made my life a little harder than I needed Teoh. And now that I am fully entranced into the one password ecosystem, I’m using it on Windows.
I’m using it on Android.
I’ve got it on one of the test iPhones that I’m working with, and I’ve also voted on Mallory’s Mac. And so, yeah, it’s it’s pretty nice ability. Just log in, fill in my information and not have to remember passwords anymore.

[21:25] Yeah, that was the thing. That’s so like it took me a minute to kind of figure out like, Why is this useful?
Uh, until because I think I actually started with it on IOS.
So at that time, with hours, of course, there was no auto feel. There was there, wouldn’t even chair she’d extension So you know, you want to know feeling a password, You to go over to the APP copy of password, go over to the browser pace, idiot or whatever.
Yeah, but once I started using it on windows like you, I started out with the free trial.
It was like how I get it. Oh, I go to Google, and I just get this key war command, and it feels in my password.
You have a better password than the one I have now, and I just slowly started changing passwords what they want, password and even back.
D. And I want to say that one password showed you where it detected duplicate passwords, which is another handy feature.
Like when you start using one password, especially today, like today’s is really nice because they warn you about duplicate passwords.

[22:30] If you turn on the option, they will alert you when, Ah, you know, on account that you have stored a warm pass where has suffered a breach so that you’ll know to go change your password and for me getting started with one password.
Once I figured out how simple it was to have a save a password, generate,
a new random long password in story, and I didn’t have to worry about Did I remember that password, or did I have the file toe have my passwords and it on my thumb drive that I was using on somebody else? Like I didn’t have to worry about any of that.

[23:04] The only place it failed down for me back the in in the early days would be using.
I’ll say the 1st 3 or four years would be using it. Only places everybody failed down for me was if I found myself, which often did at those times find myself at a computer that was not mine on.
And then I didn’t have a way to access my passwords.
That’s a little kind of work around where you could go to your Dropbox account and log in and navigate to your one password file and be able to open here so you could view things.
But it was a little goofy. And it also requires you to know your dropbox account and for which I find not to know.
Yeah, because then if you make it easy enough than others could guess. And then that’s that’s the weak link in the chain.
Yeah, Indian. There’s also the fact that you would log into Dropbox and somebody else’s browser day.
Maybe you forgot to sign out. And now they’re in your John. While they could not actually. Sure you’re one password data that was stored there without knowing the one passwords are not Divide it.
Ah, you know, they still had actually said arrest. You drop bars so better she led me to trying out last pass for a little while.
Uh, I could use the last past. Maybe from probably 2013 2013 up into.

[24:23] Early 2014. I know it was already 2014 when I went back to our passwords. That’s when I should got by my first own. My own Mac Book Pro was 2014 and the last pass out on the Mac was horrendous.

[24:38] So I spent about a year, maybe a year and 1/2 altogether on last pass because they did have browser access.
They were also a subscription service at the time. To have you tried any other password, Manager says coming to one pass were no you mentioned a few minutes ago.
You used ah, reusing key chain.

[24:58] I tried last past for about half a month because I didn’t want to pay for one password anymore for a little bit.
I was going through this down, downsize all the subscriptions that I had, and I thought I could get away with not using one password as a subscription.

[25:17] Because now last pass offers a free tier on using their application.
I’m not quite sure all the details of it because I was doing a trial of their paid here, and then I was gonna transition to the free tier,
and, you know, just just by around with it Well, I found that their app wasn’t as intuitive on Android as I would have liked.
And so I ended up going back over the one password, mainly because that I knew the one password platform.
So I was comfortable over there.
Then a funny thing about this is about two or three months ago.
I think it was May when I bought my angle subscription. I remember when that was somewhere around there, right before I paid for that angle subscription with one pastor.
Let me go try last pass because they keep hearing podcast.
They’re sponsored by you know, last pass and maybe I should check it out.
Maybe they offer something, you know, the grass is greener on the other side. Er, however, that saying is, Well, I couldn’t remember my last pass password, and I didn’t know what you so I couldn’t get into last fast.
So that was me dropping that idea right away. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that because that’s what you expect out of a password manager is. You don’t want to be very easy to build to recover your password information, because then who knows who can get that information?
So I’m have back on one password happy with. It’s working great for me on Android, and it’s working well on Windows as well.

[26:46] Yeah, that that was my It’s interesting that you say there at wasn’t as intuitive. So I have not looked at last pass. I had This had a similar thought as you.
Which is, like, here, no sparking a lot of people stuff. And maybe I should go take a peek at it.
And just a backup. Their free tier. You get free access on one device. So it’s always, you know, I had a second device. You got start pay.

[27:10] Uh, well, look, but I wouldnt comparing them. Ah, but I did think about going to check him out just to see, like, you know, what is it like now, compared to when I used like Is the Mac app accessible anymore? You know, whatever.
And I just really couldn’t bring myself to take out the time to do it, because I go and look at their plans and light.
Well, one feature wise, they don’t appear to be offering anything that I need, that I don’t have it.
One password, like the only features they had that one password does not currently have.
That I could see was first. It was more on a team’s or business account.
Level, and it was support for using your last pass account the same where we were just talking about using your Google account as a authentication layer,
to, you know, as a as a, uh, walk client to get into different absolutely will.
First, I’m not paying for that. Just for that, I make sense, especially when I got G suite working over here. I can easily set up on 1/2 actually set up.
Ah, Tia at least somebody else at the moment, Glass said Altea, with our family domain as a cloud identity free user up under Margie Sweet account,
so that she could use that account log in as if it’s a Google account because it is a good with a cow is just authentication.

[28:39] And also, I don’t know, like I remember this and SWAT says funded it.
You said that Abdin seem as intuitive to you because I remember using Last Pass on and joy on. I wasn Angela for a couple of years.

[28:58] And I remember using our windows and using it in a browser and all that.
And you’re right. Like it really didn’t feel intuitive.
It wasn’t a a great user experience, really.
Like it worked like I was able to use it, But it didn’t feel like when I put one password on the back for the first time.
After figuring out that the last pass application in their browsers that your browser stitcher was sort of usable. The last pass app that you could install on the Mac was just completely inaccessible.
Ah, I put one password on Ah, so, uh, this feels great.
All right, way. We find this script that I’ve been hearing about, that well, that you exports, you know, take a last pass export of your stuff and imported into one password. I’m done. I’m out.
Yeah, it took me about another year because I had already paid.
Unfortunately, I pay for ah ah, year of ah, there was a less.
But I pay for year of last pass to cover my entire family. So, like teal was in last passed, she was just She was cool. She was dead.

[30:04] Ah, she she did mention to me from an accessibility standpoint.
That one pass were on Windows had very bad contrast.
I don’t know she ever sensible support message about it or not. But that was her first observation was switching to one password Is that Ah, there, Innovation. The browser and windows have very poor contrast.
So she was like, This is like light green text on a white background. It’s not with the super contrast.

[30:38] I never noticed, right.

[30:44] So

[30:46] Outside of saving passwords. I mentioned that one password allows you to save a surprisingly amount of data.
That is configurable. Uh, you know, one thing that you probably wouldn’t you usually would be extremely. And I’m extremely careful about issue.
Be usually extremely careful about your debit card, credit card, bank account, uh, details.
I have absolutely no problem whatsoever stuff. And all that crap in one password is I don’t care.
Uh, because I know it’s secure like I have, you know, their their documentation. We will link in the show. Nell’s at your own pay dot com slash d l 52.

[31:26] Ah, linked to ah some of their documentation on their security and how they built it. How it works.
The playing English version, not the super take you version. They also linked to the white paper That gives you two more deep dive into the technology and how that works. But the high level explanation of why you can trust their security.
Ah, and have been security audited. Ah, Coca time since they went to the S. A s product.

[31:52] Uh, so I trust him. But one of the things that I store you know, I want whenever I have to get a new card or anything like that.
But the first thing I want to do is get that number down so I could go put it in. One password is that I don’t have to worry about ever remembering that number again.
Like I don’t I don’t have any of my bank card numbers memorized my debit card order one credit card. I have I do not have those numbers memorized.
I can recognize their number by probably like the last four.
You know where it’s associated with, but I have no idea of what the number is, Man, how times have changed. I remember when you had to know that number if you wanted to do anything.

[32:32] Now you can call up IRA because they’re on nd a or get someone cited to read you the card number.
You throw it into one password and the windows you hit control back sash, and that’ll open the one password.
Many you press tab and then down era you tab until you hear it’s a Loggins in your down arrow. Wants to hear credit card ji had enter Impressed Tab and then you find the card you want you had enter.
Sounds like a lot of work. It’s really not. It comes naturally to me now and then.
You can fill a know that all the credit card details all the credit card.
It is accusing to CVC number, which things like, Oh iCloud key chain will not feeling in the CVC for You have to remember that, you know, that is the number that people would always, even when back in the days of memorizing my car number.
If I like, I would always forget or mix up those digits on the back of the car like every time.

[33:26] So I’ve got one password open here now. Number to run through this list. And these are items that you can save in one password.
And I believe that they I only save some of these. So I think what they do is they have different templates.
Ah, the 1st 1 is Loggins that your use name passwords there.
Secure notes, credit cards, identity password, document, bank account, database, driver’s license, email account membership, outdoor license, passport program files.
Oh, no. Sigh Passport reward servers.
You can save your Social Security numbers, Software licenses. I use that quite often wireless router. And you can import files this document. So there’s a lot of different stuff you can save just by hanging control in on Windows Air Command in on the map.
Yep. And I have used most of those. And yeah, it’s just basically is just a template.
Yeah, So you take the email account, for example. They have two different fields for, you know, the incoming server information, outgoing server, the user name and password authentication methods, all of that.
But you can just already dear for you to just feel in. So if we need to store that information somewhere, which is a good thing.
I have used that quite a bit. Yes, Software licenses is probably my most used.

[34:53] Ah, Outside of log ins, it is triable.
Animals use category of of items in one pass.
Where have licenses going back? I even have my one password license stored of over for me. It’s Loggins, uh, credit cards and then licenses right now and that.
I think that’s the order of different information that I have saved in there because I’ve even got, like Mallory’s card information in case we need to order something on her card or what not So it’s It’s amazing.
Tool undervalued, I think. And and I don’t use it.
I mean, I use it every day, but I’m sure there’s a lot more in the one password app that I could be using it for that I’m not. Now.
I want to give people a quick android tip on how to fill content with Android.
And then, if you don’t mind a mossy after that, it would appreciate it if you could give people a rundown of how to fill Stephan in Iowa’s, and we can talk about the Mac and Windows, too.

[35:55] Eso on android If you double tap in a user field, if the operating system recognizes that it’s a user name, field than it will surface.
The auto fill with one password option, and so you’ll find that about the center of the screen, and you can double tap on that and then you’ll hear, Talk back, Say authenticate with one password.
And if you’re on the pixel four, then you can use your face to authenticate. But since I’m on the three, I just tapped the back of my phone with my finger.
It authenticates, and then you are shown a list of account that one password recognizes maybe a log in for where you’re at.
If for some reason, let’s say you are in the wise app.

[36:39] If one password doesn’t realize that the wise app is associated with wise dot com, you won’t see any accounts. All you’ll see is a create new option and a search option.
So you double tap on the search option in your putting. In that box you’re typing W Y Z e.
And towards the middle of your screen, you’ll see wise dot com or wise whatever you called it.
And then you double tap on that and you will get an alert from one password that says we can’t verify that this app is associated with this log in.
Are you sure you want to continue? Well, I’m sure I want to continue because I’m the one who downloaded the wise app.
So I continue. And then any time in the future, unless you restore your phone,
you will be able to see the wise app information by double tapping on the auto fill with one password authenticating and then wise will be right there.

[37:32] If you don’t get that prompt for authentication on Android.
And this has happened to me a couple of times, both on websites and inside of APS, then all you need to do is find the user name edit box, double tap and hold on that user name at a box for about a second, and you’ll feel a brief tap or a brief vibration.
Then What I do is I do the down up flick to get to the last item, and that’s the last item on the screen. And if you flick to the right one more time, you’ll hear paste and then flick to the right again and you’ll hear more options.
Double tap that more options and then flick to the left wants, and you’ll hear auto fill.
If you double tap on that than auto fill of one password will then be available.
And then, of course, you just go through the same steps that I outlined a minute ago with authenticating yourself and finding the log in and filling it in.

[38:23] So that’s how you fill information in in one password, and it’s a pretty seamless experience while using Android. Want to get familiar with it?
How’s the experience on IOS 14? So just a brew flee.
Listeners know if you’re not familiar with Google’s phone and the pixels.
The reason why I say he’s gonna tap the back. No fees, pixel threes. Because the thing on Syria’s on the back of the phone, more people freaking out like, Oh, you just tap the back of house eyes fingerprints, since here is on the back of that phone.
Yeah, and ideally, wish I had a kid. My, to be quite honest with, you did.
Pixel four is okay. I think the cameras probably better. I don’t I haven’t really use it all Bunch enough.
I Mr Fingerprint Sensor in his capabilities, eyes extra talkback capabilities on the picture, three more than I get use out of the camera on a pistol for will be my deal.

[39:18] As for filling out passwords on IOS,
So I say, Did it work similarly in hours 14 when I wouldn’t want to just 13 because that’s where people are today,
and I don’t really see there being a significant change going to towers 14 or at least not any significant behavioral changes,
similar to what Mike said.
If you’re in an application where you need to log in order on a website in safari or and you just might all APS.

[39:49] Double tap in the Yuzhin a field again, As Mike said, if if the system detects that this is a log in screen, did your on your keyboard is going to come over then, right above your keyboard, you will see,
ah, where Show suggestions that you will see one off two things.
You may just see passwords button.
Ah, and if that’s the case, you just tapped out. And I will bring up the screen for you to go into one password.
And, uh, usually, at that point, you’re going to have to search for do you password that you’re looking for on a side of one password to have a feel recently, very recently, and I was it also started.
If you were in app and you, you know, search forward and tapped it, it would started popping over the message that ice on Android last year, which is you know, we can associate this. We can’t verify that this app is a social out is longer.
Prior to that, it would just filling it. Ah.
Which I didn’t necessarily have a problem because I felt like if I was initiating that whole process all the way down to searching for the specific long and I want it, I was OK with it.

[40:57] I did find it a little strange after experience, you know, experiencing it on Android, that, Ah, Apple had not implemented a similar rule,
because I would assume that as sort of something based in the OS and not particular toe one password.
If so, it wouldn’t make sense for him to do it on one platform and I do it on other.
But after tapping the button, get up, you authenticate to your one password eso again.
If you have a touch I d device use your fingerprint face ideas you face i d. If you have not activated face, I’d all the biometric authentication will say for one password, and you have to type in your one password.

[41:38] To access the account.
But as Mike said, just search now one password on our West’s in these cases Take So just about your whole screen on the iPhone eight.
At least I have not actually tried it out on a, uh, face I D device personally,
but it takes up a large portion of the screen, so tapping anywhere on the screen will at least get your focus in that window and and flicking to the left depending on where you are, will get you to the search field.
If you need to search used double tap on, pace it in.
The other thing that you may see above your keyboard when you tap into a user name, field or password field is actual suggestion from the S four year, one password log in A that you should feel in there.
If that’s the case, just tap on the one you want.
Sometimes you may see a couple of options, depending on the circumstances.

[42:30] Tap on the one you want authenticator. One password and then it feels it. And he goes on about his day on occasion.
This system really tries to be helpful.
Ah, and I’m not certain if this is because I have both iCloud key chain and one password turned on or if it is a just a side effect of IOS itself in general and it doesn’t matter on occasion, I will tap on the field and it,
only happens to me A website I would tap on the use in a field along in our password field log in. And instead of giving me a keyboard, it gives me a suggestion.
Would you like to long into google dot com with your jute, which your Google account?
It shows me the email address is set of cower shows me to use your name of the account that it is suggesting that I probably want to use.
And if I want to use that, I can tap on it.
And if I don’t want to use that, I have a couple options. I conflict 21 of which is shown the whole keyboard and show me all passwords and the reason I’m not certain. I believe this is our West feature and not just restricted.
Did not just active because I have a key chain on is because most times I see this is it is a password. It isn’t one password I know for certain is not an iCloud key chain.
Uh, you answer the question Some people asking themselves Why don’t have both of them on?

[43:46] Because I had to tests iCloud keychain because I knew Some people would like to use that because they know they’re gonna live in Apple’s world forever, and then you need anything else. So I did at least need to know how it worked and just hadn’t gotten around to turn it off.
And also it serves as a back over to do on a beta test. Just a case some were. One password was likely. I clocky Chamber work.
Eso. That’s why I have both of them currently active at the moment. A couple of things on one password.
So if it does detect the correct log in or detects what law again should be available on us on the screen that you’re on the apple tree if you have multiple accounts, so Google is a good is apple here?
If you’re at gmail dot com or anything with google dot com in the juryo, if you have multiple accounts, often times you will see the passwords.
But about your keyboard, you tap on that and you would get a pop.
A list of all of the possible Loggins instead of you having to go into one password and picked him now while she tapped on one.
Did you want. You still have to do the whole authentication. So that is always going to be a part of this. However you get to filling in the password.
Did you want doing? The authentication does have to be done Another one other way.
You can ask your feeling passwords in some sort of some third party applications on I always that have a one password but still there from the days off when you can only use one password through the share sheet, extension.

[45:13] You so you will see that sometimes that still works.
Also using the share sheet and safari Ah, and believe it works and all that You have worked in Firefox so ah, in the browser on ours as well or iPad os ah, the share.
She will also give presents jewel option on that lower panel to use one password.
And it is just like you get the full one password view you authenticate select a password or whatever Philippians That’s how it works on IOS.
Like Mike said on Anjali, it sounds like a lot of steps to go through,
but really honestly, once you do it a few times and you know where things are going to be located and how it works, why it is very seems like I have never warrants.
I’ll tell you this like a lot of people I cloud key chain is a password solution from Apple that is not nearly as fully feature to something like one password or last pass.

[46:12] And I cannot for the life of me understand why I have a friend who decided he was gonna ditch one password and go Jews iCloud because the process is really not all that much different to me,
I would say currently, the only advantage that iCloud keychain probably has is to creating or changing updating of a password.

[46:36] They kind of have. Ah, Lego there. Although I believe I was 14 is going to give,
uh, open up more of that access that their party managers is. Well, iCloud key, Changan City generated password right on the screen that you’re on when you’re trying to sign up or sign Opal, create a new password or whatever.
Ah, you just happen to Bone is just in there is feels it outwards needs to fill it out and automatically saves it One password.
You have to do a few steps to make that happen, but it can be done right there on the mobile device. And that’s the same with Android. You can create a new logging on android, or you can update your password on the android A generating a new password.
So there we have it.

[47:16] Might you have abused? You’ve been using one password on the windows 10 for a while.
I am actually personally interested to hear kind of how that’s going, cause I know it was a little rough for you when you started and for me, and it has been several years, I don’t One password seven was not even out the last time.
I used one password on windows, so I give a real quick recap of one bastard on windows and a couple of facts that people may need to know.
I know that if I would have known these things that my experience with one password would have been a lot easier when getting started with it on windows.
So, wing, you’re in a chrome browser, and I’m telling you this specifically from chrome, because that’s the browser that I use on a daily basis.
You can hit control backslash and authenticate yourself with your password.
Or, if you have a Windows hello device, it will look and see if it’s you using your camera.
If it is, then it will authenticate and you’ll have an O K button that you hit or you Aldo and it feels in your data.
If you don’t have windows, Hello? Set up in one password thing. You will enter your password and then when you had enter, it will fill that data. That’s only like it that you have.
If that’s not the only log in that you have, it fills the most recent used log in that you have on the site.

[48:38] Yeah, Yeah. Now, if you need to see it all of your Loggins for that website you hit control all back slash, and that brings up the equivalency of one password.
Many if you’re setting up a new account and you want Teoh generate a password inside of one password.
Ah, while on the sign up screen hit control all to back slash and that will bring up one password, many tab want, and you’ll hear the list of accounts. But if there’s no accounts their tab again, you know. Here, log in tab.
If you down arrow, you’ll have credit card and password and generate password in you hit space bar on generate password and you have some options to choose How long you want the password to be.
Do you want to use numbers? Do you want it to use character symbols do you want it to use? I forget what the third option is, and then you have.
If you press tab for 1/4 time, you’ll have an edit box that read your password and then press tab one more time and you’ll hear copy.
So when you press space on copy, it will copy that password to your clipboard.

[49:43] Will Onley staring your clipboard for 30 seconds. Keep that in mind, paste in the password where you need it and then hit. Enter and it, I would say, 95% of the time one password will prompt you.

[49:57] Do you want us to save this? Or, if you already have an account, there will say, Do you want us to update your password for this account and just follow the prompts to build to save it or update your password?
So it’s a pretty seamless experience. I did just discover while we were recording this episode because I’m in the closet windows.
Hello does not recognize my face because I set that up, and now that’s the way that I I authenticate and it’s it’s pretty dark in here.
So, uh, you do have the other windows.
Hello, Options. So if you are waiting for to recognize your face, it will say, looking for you, which is slightly creepy, and we won’t talk about that fresh tab and you’ll hear an option to select it.

[50:40] I forget the exact wording, but then you’ll be placed on a list where first will be face I D.
Um, I don’t think it’s called Face I D. But you know what I mean?
And then if you press the right arrow once, it will say Pin, you hit. Enter on that and you can enter your windows. Hello, pen.
So that way you’re authenticated and you didn’t have to enter your one password password.
So there are a couple different ways to authenticate on Windows and hopefully those tips that I gave you where useful for navigating one password inside the browser, De Masi is experience fairly similar on the Mac.
It is, I think, bike in the one password out preferences you should be able to set.
How long before it clears your clear board you can.
And to get to those preferences on windows is control comma.

[51:33] Yeah. Go command cause on the map. Yeah, Yeah.
Ah, So the experiences is very similar on the Mac.
Uh, all of the tab instructions might just gave pretty much work.
I don’t necessarily use tab out often. I just use v o J to jump into sections, right?
Ah, you know, of course, on the Mac, you know, switch control.
All ah, control whatever for command. So command backslash on the Mac.
It depends is because my one password experience is a little strange on the Mac in this is that it does not always feel in whatever the last use password was.
If I have multiple Loggins and I hit command back slash I would say for me 95% of the time.

[52:20] It brings up the one pass where many window and then I could selected the log and it that is in the list that fits that paid or search for something. If it’s not bringing up the right thing.
Ah, sometimes it will choose to automatically feel a password in to a site where there are multiple options and did usually did turns out to be wrong. One.
Ah, at any time, anywhere in the OS our command option backslash will bring. Go.

[52:51] Ah, the one password. Many windows. So this is how I feeling passwords inside of applications or paste a password into terminal for something,
or even generated password for something like from making it in encrypted disk or some of that nature.
Ah, Mike Mission. And this is also true on the Mac, in my experience as well when generating a new password for website Ah.

[53:17] If one password has a longer for that side already, or making a new accountable or update a password is going to show you suggestions for that site.
Ah, you can very easily hit a pop. A button go down. That means you, too Passwords and and hit the button for generate password and you get the same options might mention for care. How many characters?
How long did you want to be characters?

[53:42] Ah, whether or not to use numbers whether or not to use special symbols and it will you hit copy. And typically what it will do is copy the passwords, your clipboard and also fill it into the password field on the screen.
Occasionally, it will miss the second field for the verifying your password. But just going here and pasting it will take care of that.
And when you hit, return or save, too, save your new account information or your updated password.
As Mike said, I would say about 95% of time, it will pop up and say, Hey, what you’d like to save this new,
long again or give you the option to update existing long it in the event that you do not get that prompt to save this account password or create a new account. New log in.
Ah, that password is still saved in one password.
So the next time we should go back to this site now, she just had this happen to me. All a Weber didn’t. I asked me to save my log in to a woman.
So the next time I wanted to log into a Weber, I had to hit ah.

[54:50] Hit command option backslash that’ll the many window and on that in in the list of options like it had the generated password that was generated at a Weber Dycom.
Because I want the same site where it was generated on and therefore I can feel it in I did had to Mel you tell it to create a new account, but in the event it for some reasons, you generated passwords or where and then it doesn’t,
offer to say that long in detail or if you forget, you know.

[55:20] When you did something where you worried ears off that password is still in one password.
Uh, I have quite a few passwords saved in one password that the U R L Field shows something like slash terminal dot app or something like that because I was in determining when I generate.

[55:40] But it is saved in, which means that at a later time I could go back.
And this is something I did not know about one password for probably the first couple of years. I used it.
So sometimes I would generate a password for something like, you know, I want encrypted, you know, zip file or whatever.
And then I didn’t know how to get back to the, uh, password because it didn’t show up or didn’t give me a chance to name it at the time. So I was like, I don’t know what I’m doing here.
Ah, individual stumble across the passwords category and it’s just like old.
There’s password from all over the place, and I know where they were generated by looking into your l feel, because if it’s the application it will use to try to show you, like, at least on the Mac, I don’t know about windows on the market will show you like the.

[56:29] The D file path. Identify her or the developer.
You know, bundle, Identify air for the apso, like com dot apple dot terminal app or something.
Eyes what you will if you generate a password in the terminal, which at least helps.
Ah, the after times also typing in the name of the thing or the place where you were when you generated a bass, where it will surface that password for you as well, if you’re searching for something.

[56:56] Ah, a couple of things I want to mention on the password idea. If you just generating a password and you can generate a password when you’re trying to log in to create into account or update a password.
Also do it right inside inside of the app. And one thing that I I wanted to mention, which also reminded me that I now know what DP in number is for.
My credit card is you can adjust it length of the password to generate.
If you shrink it down to four digits, which is the smallest, it’ll let you do it Automatic to converse that into a a four digit pin, Uh, which is what I used to generate depend for my credit card cause I didn’t know what I wanted to use, and I doubted I would really, ever have to use depend over anyway.

[57:36] Indeed, I gave the car to tear to go to the store the other day. She’s on European.
Uh, so low is possibly Yeah, that’s what I told her possible. That is this. But I don’t know, just running credit, because I don’t.
But I did remember, as I was thinking about these tips, like, that’s what I did generate three maximal linked. I see. For passwords on the Mac in our west is 64 characters.
Yeah, that’s the same one doesn’t android. So I think they are working on a feature and I could be wrong about this. Don’t quote me. I’m not pulling this from data from beta.
Ah, information is something I read somewhere and I could be mixing. You go with.
I think that apple is doing Ah, but I think one password and probably the other password managers as well are trying to start building up a database of.

[58:31] Uh, those weird little bigger size, you know, sometimes give you a character limit. Like so your password has to be with me between eight and 20 characters.
Yeah, right. Didn’t go generated 30 to care of the password. Because that’s what you have said you to fall. And it is like your password is not work.
It’s like, uh, you know, the worst is when they let you filling in the password with 32 characters, but they take the 1st 20 characters. It just dropped last 12.
And you don’t know that you don’t know that when you try to go lower back into your life But the log in page will take 32 characters so it tries to toe log you in with 30 32 characters.
Never get back into ever get back into this account because you have no idea what happened that has happened to me. Ah, Meteo.

[59:18] Yeah. I have used one password to generate Ah, you know, digit Onley passwords for for different pans.
Ah, the other thing I have done. And usually I do this when I am, I actually got a two for you.
Michael, This is a deal for Michael and everybody else listening with a check for market bet. Michael hadn’t thought about this before unless I already told him.
You go create a new account, right? And or you’re in. An accountant wants you to set up security questions.
What I tend to do with those security questions. Most times people know they’re people who know the answers and probably confined ashes to those courses if you answer them truthfully.
So I tend not to care about the question so much as what the answer is gonna be.
So what I will do so I’ll give you an example. Will use pay power, for example, papers recently and a two factor for anybody listening who didn’t know rial to factor. I me would like a national app. You can scan just in Ireland.
Yeah, s over here. I didn’t What? It was like it, I really did. I don’t know if it’s here yet.
Like, man, I just did it. I think you mean it. You mean this is kind of new? I didn’t know, uh, but what I tend to do. So let’s take paypal for his apple.
Uh, no paper. I want you to ask security questions so already have saved my PayPal log in and one password.

[1:00:39] I go down, I go. I opened it up in a separate window, hit at it so I can edit the the log in.
And then I go down to the section area and I put security question.
And then I start adding new fields, and the first field will as to title or the label of that field will have, whatever the security question Waas.
And then I make it a password field, and I generate a memorable what they call a memorable password, which is just, you know, random. Much of words strung together actual words.
You could choose how many words minimum so at minimum are we used three words. Most times I try to use four, and they’re just random words, so it could be like, you know, pot teddy bear.

[1:01:27] Coca Cola AM drags all right, and I put that in is the answer to my security question, and I repeat that process for each security question out to fill out.
So I type in the question in the labels label area.
And then I changed his field type from text, which is what it is by default, I think, to password, generate a memorable password and paste that in. And then once I’m done, I had saved.
Now one password does not attempt to ever fill in those passwords when I’m longing into pay power.
But if I ever get locked out or I need to give my security question answer for some verification reason, I can bring up that exact same logging and go down to the question.
Copy that password, Pace it in and there we go. The reason I used the memorable passwords, which is,
a series of words separated by whatever you choose you could do spaces, periods, underscores hyphens and something else commas.
I think the reason I Tuesday is because on occasion I have had to give someone the acid to a security question over the phone.
Ah, and trying to give them a Z Q.
Exclamation point number sign backslash.

[1:02:44] Yeah, but if I tell you this, you can just give him forwards or what?
Yeah, I could tell them Pot, teddy, bear, whatever the other two were. Refrigerator, Amtrak’s and just like all right, Yeah.
That’s where you met your significant other like No, this is my but that’s what I’m going to tell you.
But that’s tasked to my question, though. Yeah, yeah.

[1:03:08] Where’s your favorite vacation place? Pot, Teddy bear refrigerator and tracks.

[1:03:16] Like you had a hell of a vacation.

[1:03:21] Way that there was some pot involved with a teddy bear. And ah, but I may be a little concerned, maybe two Strange.
You know, they used to be a strain of marijuana going around calling up tonight. So, you know, if somebody knew that they might make that connection and black oh, apparently has some some of the AMT tax strain of pot or nickname Amtrak strain apart.

[1:03:47] Ah, Teddy bear. And he was hanging out at refrigerated. Apparent because he was thirsty.
I don’t know. It was a hell of a vacation. Notice all I could so d m 52 just got slightly derailed.

[1:03:59] Ah, the last thing on here is 11 password and chrome eo chrome os devices.
Is there anything you want to mention about on that? Cause I’m not using one password X that is available, though for individuals to use.
Are you using it all? Our I am not using one password x at the moment, but I did want to mention it as option. So first off, obviously, and someone may have been yelling at their phone or tablet at this point.
What do I do if I’m on a chromebook and I don’t have an app?
Used to be, the answer would have been. Man, you gotta go longer to the one password website. And, uh, you know what? It that way.
But there’s actually one password x for chrome os or chromium based browsers. Which wouldn’t, you know, obviously, is Google Chrome.
Uh, which is the chromebook? Chrome os also includes brave browser. Uh, don’t use that.
Ah, a browser edge. Ah, there’s a few others out there that I’m not sure I believe they also have one password X for Firefox. Don’t use that either.

[1:05:08] All right, Well, you know, they’re working on their sensibility. Eso there’s one pass where x for those, What weren’t password exes is a a browser extension,
That gives you most of the functionality, I would say most probably not all but most of the functionality that you can get in the desktop maps.
So not only ability to feel passwords for you in a stand alone, so you don’t need an actual Ah.
Happened gives you basically the full one password experience inside of your browser.

[1:05:38] You could feel passwords create long is generate passwords, store credit cards at new data.
All of that. All all of those sort of things for right within your browser.
Mike actually tipped me off to it a couple of years ago, and it was it was a decent experience.
Ah, the added bonus.
I would say that if you are a chrome user or a chrome based on browser user and you’re signed and then you know naturally, if you go sign into a new browser, all of your stitches come along with you.
So you already have one password set up. If you happen to be kind of moving around and using different computers or if you find yourself on the chromebook,
Mike, why did you stop using one password as because I know you were huge, huge advocate for it when it first came out.
Ah, well, the surest See extremely excited about it.
And you do tend to use chrome primarily anyway, So I was I was happy with it because I was I was often on Ah, the chromebook And so being on the chromebook.
That was super useful because I couldn’t install one password on the chromebook.
But when I started just using the chrome browser, so the command and it I’m looking it up right now is either control Ault or command option and or its control Shift X. It is not controlled.

[1:07:04] It’s control shift. That’s okay. So, control shift eggs and that will activate one password X.
And that’s OK once you get used to it. But it was not controlled backs Asher all backslash, which was what I was used to O r command back sash on the Mac and so that really kept throwing me off.
And when I was on Windows, I was just using the one password app.
So nothing, no, in particular reason why I switched from it, except for the fact that I wasn’t really on chrome os in. Ah, gotcha.
Mason’s s pretty much gone like I used it for a while, just to just to get a feel for I worked have the experience.
We die eventually switched back to just using the chrome browser extension for the Mac out because already got the app everywhere else.
And that’s how it works everywhere else. Oh, didn’t seem to make sense for me to have to Ah, have already logged into one password on the Mac and going to crawl when I got a log into one pass. Were in the chrome like that. Got annoyed. Yeah, yeah.

[1:08:00] So it is there, though, if you need it or your own a chromebook and you’re interested in one password, you do still get all of the added features of being able to save mawr content because I know Chrome does have the password manager.
I have not used the chrome password manager myself. I’ve just went with one password because it’s what works of my life, and everything is already in there anyways, So So let’s run down very quickly.
Your options when purchasing one bass were mentioned earlier that you can still go to one password dot com and purchase a license for the Mac out.
Uh, and I believe there’s like in a purchase route on IOS, most likely the same thing on Android. Basically, you could still get a standalone version if you wanna handle seeking yourself.
I went through Dropbox or iCloud Drive.
If that’s available to you, they don’t as far as I know they did not at the last time I was using this offer. Just any cloud sync solution.
Eso It was one of the two hours I gave you or Lansing. I believe that’s still available because again, a lot off enterprising places reduced one password, but they must be able to sink stuff and keep stuff, you know, locked down in a very particular way.
Another thing I will mention is that sharing a vault when you’re seeking it yourself is very difficult.

[1:09:25] It is aggravating to say the least. I’m not gonna even go into how to do it. Google it.
But when it comes to these description product, they have what will save three, possibly 44 different.
Five different tiers or plans were going to cover the walls that are most relevant to us here today.
Have the individual plan for one person, which is what I believe. I’m correct, Mike. That’s what you’re on right now.
So that is for one individual that is roughly 2 99 a month.
Uh, I think maybe discounted if you’re paying for year, right.
But if you’re paying Mark two months to 99 30 day free trial next level up, they have one password for families, which is an account that I have.
I don’t remember to use that cost of one password for 99 a month ago.

[1:10:14] I think is about five bucks and one password for families give you five accounts for that five books a month,
with all features. Everybody has their and the way it works when you get into these thes family and team accounts, is each individual that signs of Ask her own private vault that is strictly there’s,
and and there is a generalized shared vault that everyone can see.

[1:10:39] Um, within that process, you can also share, create you can create. You can always create multiple vaults is one thing we didn’t mention earlier. Eso your stuff is in a vault.
Also in mice case, he has a personal vault. I imagine it’s the name of it.

[1:10:54] Ah, and but my can go create separate vaults.
Holiday has a council. You get a default personal vault if you’re on a a family or team playing. You also have a default shared vault, which everyone in that account can sees things in. And you have your person of all which is all yours.
You can always create additional vaults, so let’s say you have your personal vault. We need you want to create a mike wants to create a vault for ah, I don’t know your own.
Yeah, There you go. He wants create of all for your own pace, we can keep all of his stuff related to your own pay dot com separate.
Especially because he has a Google account over here would account over there. Just got to different paper Allah cows and didn’t want him always in the way.
Good way to separate stuff out or, ah, a great way to to kind of deal with organization organizational stuff and also a great way to share because my kid creative, all called general pay and then he could share have all with me, I think.
Ah, sure about the individual player.
I was just looking at my vault, and I had because I I was thinking about it when you were talking about Balsamic. Well, that’s weird. It says that I have multiple vote votes.
Why do I have multiple vaults? Well, I have a shared vault, and there was only one item in there, which was my name cheap thing, which I just moved over to my personal one.
So I’m not sure what exactly This gives me the shared one.

[1:12:20] I think you’re shared vault is there because you’re the owner of the account and you downgrade it right?

[1:12:27] Like you were family. Didn’t you downloaded to individual. Yes. So that’s why I still there. Because technically, by the rules of the way it works, you set up that accounts that you owned.
That vault basically is just about to fall. Share with everybody is up. That was not okay.
Okay, uh, family accounts. Like I said, you get a shared vault by default. You can create other vaults and share them.
So example me, Latifiya, her sister and her sister’s husband, who is also a friend of mine, and I wanna make seem like home. No, the dude is on.
Ah, are. Well, they were all we were all in a family password account.
So we had a shared vault that everybody was using.
And that’s where we put stuff that we all you know, wanted access to Netflix account, for example.

[1:13:12] Who you know, my whole little their Netflix like that, Uh.

[1:13:18] And a few other random bits, you know, things that you know someone might have Everybody probably needed to have access to, but because there are things in me and tear needed to share the data Indeed, access to it all.
I created a second ball and I shared it just with you and s.
So we put all of this stuff do we need to have and they’re including?
That’s where I store her credit cards. Because I’m to Lord Deva cause cause on typically the person that puts that stuff of one password she can see them now because we have that share of all. But, you know, if I didn’t put him, another bar will be there.
Uh, similarly is where I have shared the images I took off the kids birth certificates, Social security cards and her I d. And all of that sort of stuff.
Eso again, You know, for proof one. I know I have a back up of its own there in case to physical document gets damaged or lost.
And I have a way to prove that, at least at some point this document existed.
I don’t have a physical copy of you may not accept a print out of this as being legitimate, but at least you can get me out of some situations because here’s proof that this document exists.
Ah ha. Which is the reason I stick it there.

[1:14:30] Um, And for family accounts, you can add additional people. I think it’s a dollar per person that you add over your five person limit.
Pretty nice solution. Pretty low key. You still get You know, all of the advantages of one password. All of the applications are free to install.
Uh, and then you get up into the business level accounts.
So then you get into the accounts more targeted at small toe meal businesses.
The lower level is team.

[1:15:03] And that is for 99 per person per month.
If you’re paying monthly and, uh, believes 3 99 per person per month, you don’t pay it annually.
The team account gives you a few more controls. You still get the basic sort of set up that you would get with a family account. So you have.
Each individual has their own personal vault. That is, there’s and and there is a automatically created, shared vaulted.
Everybody can our view again. You have the ability to create other vaults and either keep them personal or share dealing with specific people if you choose to do so.
Ah, the big thing that should get with teams that you don’t get up under a family account is you get some more auditing details on whose access what when it wears you gets home,
basic controls for setting things like requiring to factor.

[1:15:59] You get the option to use some different to Well, you get the option to use in addition to regular to factor with the security code, uh, to 60 Tico Excuse me.

[1:16:11] You also have the choice to use duo A za to factor method on a team account, and you get a higher limit so.

[1:16:23] Family accounts are able to share a a family account user Can sherry vault with someone outside of their family would limit of five people.
So if I up under my family account, like a share of all with Michael Walk share of always does Ray actually evolve with three other people outside of my family and then I see it. That’s a limit. I can’t invite anyone else outside of my family to the vault.
At that point, I would have to bring them into the family on a team account.
That number of guests raised to 20 I believe, is 20 or 25.

[1:16:59] For a team account, which means from a small business perspective, and I actually use one password in his manner are. So I have to accounts.

[1:17:08] I use my business account so that I can share a vault when I get a new client and are working with I.
If there are one passwords user, which is nice when they are, because then I just create a vault with that, you know, there company name or their name and I share with them and I say, Hey, the passwords that I need access to to get into your stuff to do the thing that you’re paying me to do.
Ah, just copy them into this vault, all right? Don’t move them. Just competent.
Do you have the option to move something to evolve or copy? A total Copying into the vault is what I suggest they do.
Because once I’m done, I can delete that vote. They don’t lose their stuff or if they changed to have access to it. And I no longer have access to it because they can.
Even if I maintained access to what they could change their password in their personal vault and it would not be updated in the shared vault.
So that again make sure that they have the ability at any given time to revoke my access without it being a big deal. Uh.

[1:18:10] No, because they could just change your password and it will not be updated in the shared vault.
It’ll be updated in a personal account if that’s how they do it, so that it comes in super handy.
The ability to share a seer vaults with people externally, uh, the business account.
Most people really don’t need it unless you’re a bigger business.
The biggest things that it offers are the ability to.

[1:18:35] Uh it gives you a deeper audit history, first of all, so you can see who accessed of all who did what when, Ah, you get groups so that you can group people, you know?
So your marketing department has access to these walls. You can give them access based off the group that there is. So marketing has access to this fall. But not that vault.
Yeah, except has access everything. Yeah, because that’s how has the beam in a You know, the ones gotta fix it when you guys break it.

[1:19:07] We need access and everything. All of it, except your personal vault.
You do not get access it over. And I haven’t tried this, but I don’t even think is I don’t think is even possible to share your personal vault with somebody. It might be I haven’t even tried it. It just doesn’t make sense.
But one thing I t doesn’t Yeah, that is the one thing even in the business account. Like I t As far as I know Unless or something I have missed in my investigations, I cannot reach into your personal vault. All right.
Administrators can have access to any shared vault within the one password. A council in the vault has been shared and evolved has been created.
But your personal light as yours all to yourself.

[1:19:48] Nobody’s ever gonna bait it. Look in there. So you deeper audit history so you can see who did what win who’s using what devices you can set password regulations.
So you know your master password has to be Oh, you’re one passwords to be, You know, a minimal X number of characters with this many symbols and blah, blah, blah,
again enforced two factors so you can force people toe have to use two factor Just a side note.
A fraternal duo on a team account or business account that automatically and forces to factor for everybody. Uh, there’s no, well, sort off.
You can get around it if you configure duo in a way that you probably really shouldn’t configure duo itself, But by default, that will automatically that that that infers two factors active for everyone.
Uh, whereas you can manually turn on two factor for your accounted for Just using ah, time base passwords or security keys. One password does support hardware security keys.

[1:20:50] You could turn that on for individual account and not having applied to everybody.
Or you can enforce two factor across your you could enforce to factor across your team or business account. Enforce people toe. Have to go set up, you know, off the or Google authenticator or one password was password will store to factor coat.
It will be strange and probably not the smartest thing in the world to do to set it up with your personal one. Password Vault?
Uh, probably not medias modest thing to put your two factor cold for your one password account in the same account that that one password token belongs to.
Now, I have done this, but I have done this in the way that I think Might was trying to say I have a family account. So my family personal vault that I own for myself has the two factor code for my business account and vice versa.

[1:21:47] Same thing with my, uh where’s that coal that you have to put a ah, that at long, Super long qi, your secret key. Secret key? Yeah, yeah, whatever.
Yeah, that that I have saved us anyway, right, Because I’m most likely not gonna be locked out of both accounts at the same time.
Uh, and just longer than you have big issues.
Yeah, you do have big issues. Uh, especially if you’re because I’m happy for all that.

[1:22:15] I want to save the The nice thing about family accounts, team and business accounts is that you do it will, unless you happen to be the only admit. Ah.
This is good, you know? Reason for setting up. Other admits. Ah, but admits do have the ability to start what he called it recovery process. Now, this is not reset a person’s master password.
What it does is start the process to give them to regain access. Mike, do you remember what the end user part of that is? Because all I had to do just go say hey, start recovery for these use. I have no idea what you did.
Yep. So in them will wrap this up as we’re coming up on 90 minutes for this episode,
I get a email that says an administrator has started the recovery process for one password and then gives the team name on.
And then it says, click here to continue the recovery pass where the recovery process I click there and then I enter my new one password password.
And then I believe you got an email that says Michael has taken the next step in the recovery pass. Where process, uh, confirmed that this is okay or whatever.
I think that’s what it said. Teoh. Confirm that.
And then it sends me an email, lets me know that Here’s your new secure secret key, which we did not mention.
Ah, And here and your new password download your recovery kit or your emergency kit and then I’m back in.

[1:23:43] Okay, so that’s what admin can dio.
They advise you in the neck to crap out of me and my business account. Even on the only course in there, you should add a second Adami, But a person here.
But that is for that reason, If you get locked out, all the admin can start that recovery process One password The company cannot on your behalf start to recovery process for you.
So if you want your only only admit they cannot, they cannot.
So if you are the only admin in your account and there are multiple people, maybe consider making somebody else and admit just in case, if you are the only person in the account period, well, you know, back to Philip out of everything you could think of.

[1:24:26] Otherwise there’s the same process with one password family. Can you Let’s say t locked herself out.
Can you recover that or Yes, yes, OK, I’ve had to do it before now for her, but I’ve had to do it before the family account, but he has the same process.
I just don’t know what it looks like from from, you know, locked out person’s perspective. Because all I do is go start the process and you say, Yeah, I get the email says, Hey, this person, can you confirm it? And I say, Yeah, let him in.
Yeah, And what that does is, um because I believe in some cases is possible for, ah, the user to request.

[1:25:05] Ah, to make a request to to start the recovery process.
Ah, I may be wrong about that. But what Those 22 different emails, you know. So in the process, me and Mike have been through a couple of times, me starting the process.
Well, my guess. Email and he follows his steps. But in the meantime, the assumption, at least in my head, is that me and micro and communication with each other.
So Mike would ping me and say, Hey, I just did this thing right, because what if somebody hacked into Mike’s email and then they clicked on the link and they were now about to complete to reset process from my expanse, where we’ll say, Might did you do the thing myself?
Yeah. No, I didn’t do to think about Whoa, Mike, you need to do so much password.
Ah, that works very quickly on the security on the team’s log in page, there’s a link that says, having trouble signing in. Ah, click that link and then you enter your email address.
It will email the administrator of the team and request that they start the process of your password being worker of your account being recovered. Ah, gotcha.
Gotcha. Yeah. I thought there was a way for people to request. It might usually just cause me is like, Oh, could you reset your passwords?

[1:26:20] Yeah, but in a larger organization, you see how it could be totally untenable.
Very briefly, because we’ve mentioned a couple times recently. We have not mentioned it once before. Win Setting up your account.
Ah, for the description, regardless of the planets you pick.
Ah, you won’t put in your email address. You will be a secret key will be generated for you.
And you need to store the secret key somewhere. Secure because 25 characters. So you can’t remember it.
No, you cannot remember. And you don’t get to make your all, but you do need to.

[1:26:57] Put it somewhere safe where you could retrieve it because it serves two purposes.
Number one. It is how you authenticate were signing into a new devices to use that secret key.
Now, nine times out of team where you’re setting up a new device, you will have a A device.
It already has logged into your one password account. Which means you can use your They’re handy QR code scanning functionality to set up your account, which I love You familiar with that.
But if you have, for some reason, got a dummy and why shouldn’t say or don’t say I should have done because I did it to myself.
You have. I’m gonna restore my iPhone.
Oh, I’m gonna storm MCA West. Catalina, wait a minute. Now, a lot of the one password. Yeah.
Yeah, just like that. Uh, now, fortunately, I was able to go boot back into Mojave because I still had it on external and, you know, take care of authenticating on the phone.
But had I not and that and I did not have my secret key stores all where I would have been hosed?
Yep. Uh, absolutely. Wars percent hosed.
Ah, Well, it that you could not get that. No, they can’t.
That is the same thing as you lose your password at that point, Uh, and then you type in your you create your own master password for your account.

[1:28:18] But you do need that security. They said, just printing it out.
If you have the ability to print that out and stores on where, where it won’t just be lying around, do that because then you can always get somewhere with eyeballs to read.
Is random gibberish out to you? They’re not gonna be able to remember it. Just make sure you stashed the paperback when her daughter say thank you.
Ah, what I have done for myself is I took.

[1:28:45] I downloaded the pdf. I encrypted the PD a while, put the pdf in an encrypted zip file. I do love the password for the zero file.
It’s not an easy password to guess. It would not I don’t think is gettable, but I do know what the password is for the zip file.
And I threw it in a shared ah, Dr Ah, Cloud drive folder.
Ah, I feel that that is probably safe in love.
Because first, you’re gonna have to either server apple and get to my iCloud data, and you’re gonna have to break the encryption, which is, you know, military grade encryption.
Apparently, which may or may not be great. I don’t know.
Ah, what is 256 bit encryption? Like I didn’t just type of password on it.
Do you use xkp a SS WTI? I have toyed around with the but I haven’t actually used it like I’ve never generated a password there that I’ve used somewhere.
Yeah, same with me. I’ve toyed around with it, but I’ve never generated a good place to get it. Password.
Four year encrypted that files or something. If people wanted Teoh, I’ll put it in the show. Notes at D M 52.
Yeah, because that is a good idea. Uh, I will.
I think I can give away some of the secrets of how I create passwords in my head that I could remember First of all, use phrases or sentences that I will remember.

[1:30:09] And I use a combination of.

[1:30:14] Depending while on his password needs to be. I use a combination, so I use braille symbols in place off.
Ah, you know, I used Brill’s the computer. Braille coach. How? Don’t put this.
Ah, So the with side, the computer Braille or it used to be computer Brill.
What the wit side was was the right parentheses. So instead of typing, we and I just put a right parentheses.
Ah, OK, OK, yeah, I see.
So I used a computer co conversion of the, uh, Brill symbols for words and and contractions in Brill today, right? My sentence or phrase.
So I don’t think I could fairly give that away without giving anything, because you know what the hell?
The sentences. Who knows what that might be? It could be. I had a wonderful time with the pot.
The teddy bear, the refrigerator and anthrax.

[1:31:18] That’s how he remembers those four terms.

[1:31:23] Thinks about hair spill. Al tries. I’ll probably be spilled it.

[1:31:28] That’s how I come up with passwords for things that I need because we all are going to find ourselves like one password is an example, right?
You you only have to remember one password, but I’m gonna be honest. Would you like there? There are other passwords that you’re going to have to know, Uh, if for no other reason, because you’ve got to be able to back up your one pass. Yeah, You gotta have some total out.
Ah, I used to know my Google password, but I changed it.

[1:31:53] I need to change. I knew it when I was a full time android user.
Uh, yeah, because if I ever find myself in a situation where that was my only device and I needed to,
uh, restore for some reason or had to pick up a new device like I need to know my Google password because if I can’t get into Google and I can tell no one password, then I can’t get to the rest of my shit.
So exactly, And now you have it on different devices. So you don’t necessarily need that, pastor, because you can just type it in manually because that’s so much fun.
I do know my gmail dot com password. Oh, if if in case of emergency, I know that password right has to factor on it.

[1:32:35] That’s why I like security key. That doesn’t alleviate a little bit of that stress for my life when I was a special super important accounts.
Having a a security key as the two factor token, uh, means I’m not scrounging for where the hell can I get a six digit coal from or where my back up?
So it’s just about the key and tapping on the phone is amazing as a follow up to D. M seven, because that was the last time we talked about one password.
We did go in a lot more depth this episode.
So if you guys wanted any information about some of the links that we mentioned, head on over to your own pay dot com forward slash d.
M 52 de Masi is on Twitter at DE Masi d a m A S h g I’m on Twitter at pay on P A y o W n and we’ll see rise in a couple of weeks.

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