DM64 – Talking podcasts with Kitchen distractions

The following podcast on the Your own pay podcast network will contain adult content. Listener discretion is advised. More information about this episode can be found at

In this episode we start talking about the REAPER offer available to all users, all they ask is that you wear a mask.

Transitioning into a conversation about how Damashe would like to set a keyboard macro up to add markers while recording in Reaper.

Michael gives us a quick tip about adding a TextExpander to Drafts on iOS, followed by Damashe explaining how snippet don’t necessarily have to be super short.

Sometimes talking threw a problem helps Michael find the answer, like his attempt to use the new feature in 1Password he was explaining.

Podcasts, Todoist, and M1’s are a few other topics we talk about in this weeks episode.

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Dm64 – Talking Podcasts With Kitchen Distractions

2021, The Your Own Pay Podcast Damashe and Michael, Just talking Tech

Imaging: [0:07] The following podcast on the Your own pay podcast network will contain adult content. Listener discretion is advised. More information about this episode can be found at your own pay dot com. Hey, bro, let’s get into this thing. It’s DiMasi and Michael just talking tack.

Damashe: [0:27] I am recording, uh, everywhere. All of the recordings.

Michael: [0:32] Anyone who has been interested in trying reaper out. This doesn’t really help you if you’re just trying it out. But they have extended their free license to the end of January 2021. All we ask is that if you use this license, please wear a mask.

Damashe: [0:46] Yeah.

[0:50] What.

Michael: [0:51] Yeah. Mhm. Yep. Yeah, they did.

Damashe: [0:56] They didn’t really say. Please wear a mask. Yeah.

Michael: [1:00] Important. We kindly ask that users of this license commit to wearing a mask at all times. When in public. Uh huh. Uh.

Damashe: [1:09] Oh, man, that is Wow. That’s that’s I think that’s all I could say about that is wow, that is a.

Michael: [1:17] So you’re prepared to come such d m 64? We’ll have a no, we won’t, because this is going to come out in January, but yeah.

Damashe: [1:24] Well, I mean, they might still be helpful for somebody that didn’t know about it. Uh.

Michael: [1:29] And they were doing this through July, and apparently they’ve They’ve reissued that. So who knows if it’s still going to be there? But we’ll have a link to Reaper and the important pertinent information to get started with Reaper will using an assistive technology device.

Damashe: [1:44] I need to figure out I need that shit on a plate with keyboard maestro and some time frame where I have time to just kind of screw around with stuff Not like, Oh, let me build this quick little thing that does this thing and then get out of here because I got work to do. I would like to set it up so that I have a system wide keyboard shortcut that will trigger a keyboard. Maestro, Macro, I think this is gonna be the best way to do this Anyway, Sugar keyboard Maestro, Macro, that’s a mouthful. Ah, that will jump to the Reaper. So what I wanted to do is press the M Keon Reaper, right? Like I wanted to press the M in Reaper to drop a marker so I don’t have to do what I just did which is flip out of the browser and then go back to Reaper, drop a m and then go back to the browser so I could finish Uh huh. Scoring around, which is basically what I was just doing. But I don’t want to move my focus, right? I just want, you know, uh, uh, keyboard maestro. Just t just address that in the background.

Michael: [2:46] That’s what I’m gonna say. Can you not have keyboard maestro run actions in the background and not move? Focus? I don’t know if that.

Damashe: [2:52] I think so. I think so. That’s the thing I got to play around with is like, how to actually get that working. And I most likely what I’m gonna end up having to do once I start actually trying to work on that because it’s been a a semi thing semi goal of mine for a while since I started back. Actually, recording in Reaper, uh, is to be able to just drop those markers. That was one of the purposes of trying to get the whole mixture things that work in Reaper s so that I could drop markers as we were recording. And then we know where our edit points are. Or, you know, we know where a chapter should start. Uh, if we get that professional about this whole thing.

Michael: [3:30] We have chapters for a little bit. And then I Friendly said Fuck it. We don’t stay on a a single topic for long enough. Uh huh.

Damashe: [3:32] Mhm, that. That’s why I said when we get professional, that’s what I meant. Like not putting chapters in. But I was being professional enough That there it actually makes sense to have chapters because there are delineated sections of the conversation that stay on topic, which doesn’t really happen. So.

Michael: [3:49] Man people. He has high hopes for this show. Yeah.

Damashe: [3:53] Uh huh, yeah. Uh huh.

Michael: [3:57] So the topic that we’re going to talk about is text expander and how you’re organizing your tax expand or how you’ve gotten around it. But before we get into that, I do wanna give to caveat for well, caveats and tips for what I learned. And that is, if you are adding, I’m taking notes and drafts If you are, adding, uh, text expander two drafts on IOS you do once you connect it and you go in and hit the button to allow text expander. Then you hit refresh snippet, uh, closed drafts, closed text expander and then reopened drafts.

[4:34] Because I spent probably 20 minutes this morning before I went down my hazel path of trying to figure out how to get snippets, toe auto, fill in drafts, and I’m like, this is stupid. That was a lot of work to not get it to work. But if you close drafts and you close text expander and then you reopen drafts. It seems like it’s working. So if that’s ever an issue, uh, what did I learn when I was using computers when I was younger? If it’s broken, restarted? Oh, Uh huh.

Damashe: [5:01] That’s how it works most of the time.

Michael: [5:04] On then The second thing is is I kick it So I went my initial thing. Waas I wanna download text six. Pander to the Mac so I can quickly go through my snippets, delete the ones I don’t want And then, you know, go ahead and just start getting familiar with my snippets again.

[5:24] But the problem is, is my stupid weren’t anywhere where I thought they were. Long story short. I had a couple of groups. One was a je my snippets thing that had one snippet in there in there. And that’s what I saw on the Mac. And I’m like, Well, this is where because I have a lot more than one snippet. All of my snippets were going into a group that I shared with a virtual assistant three years ago. I don’t even know if that va has access to that that group anymore. But it was in the assistant shared group. And how I found this is I went on the iPhone, and I was playing with text expended on the iPhone. I’m like, Well, why don’t I try to clean them up here? You can flicked down on a snippet to delete it. So side note, they do take advantage of actions. But once I did find all those snippets, I was able to go delete everything I didn’t need, which brought my snippet count from I think I had, like, 71 to now I have 14, because yeah, like, right now, I’m I’m pretty much starting from scratch. My next goal is to figure out how to move the snippets out of the assistance group and put them into the my snippets group s. So that way I can play with that. I’m not sure if I could do that with the new text expander, or if I’m just gonna have to rebuild them. Which either way, wouldn’t it be an issue? Because I’m down to 14 versus 71. So what Good.

Damashe: [6:47] You don’t say. So I was thinking up until this most recent update to say suspender on the Mac, I could have told you exactly how to do what you want to do with this new Texas pander man. I don’t know because I haven’t even looked at it. I just I saw it and I was like, What the hell did they do to my app? It looks like a Web browser thing. Now, I don’t like this and I left it and it’s still running because obviously I still deep my snippets, the work. But I have not been back in there since then. And I’m gonna, like, just be honest, I have not even looked at another dead. I saw that and I was like, Oh, man, they really screwed up Texas manner. And I texted Mark and I said, Man, they really screwed up Texas manner. This most recent update, that is what Mike said to me.

Michael: [7:22] And then I said, Welcome to my Windows life.

Damashe: [7:26] And I was like, I assume that’s what they were doing is like making it match up with the Windows version in the Web version. But, man, you know, a little warning smile would have been nice, because it’s not a major version update that that’s, I think, what kind of actually has me angry about it or just a little bit? Not not too angry, but just slightly more annoyed than I would normally be, because it’s not Version seven of Texas pandered. We’re from version 6.7 something to 6.8, and all of a sudden I have an entirely new design. And it’s like, Man, what? The one Inspector news. That’s not how this is not how you do these things, man. That’s why version numbers exist. So when Hey, there’s gonna be possibly radically different things going on in here. Ah, you know, Look, I don’t understand how you gonna start switching to the random Leary big versions, but point updates like Apple was doing with Mac OS. As soon as Apple switches away from doing that, that makes it.

Michael: [8:24] I was thinking maybe we’re on a beta, and then I just went and quickly chapped. And I am not on a bit of text expander. So this isn’t like something they’re experimenting with. They just surprised we’re live now.

Damashe: [8:37] It was update because I knew I wasn’t on a baby. Because I’ve never been on a beta for Texas matter anywhere. Uh, and, you know, you get a little update window that was showing, like, updated Texas Spender. Version 6.8, blah, blah blah.

Michael: [8:44] You need that to work.

Damashe: [8:50] Right. And I’m like, Okay, just normal update. You know, that’s how that happens. They probably got Big Sur compatibility things or something like that. Cool.

Michael: [8:56] Oh, they did.

Damashe: [8:57] Here’s the update. It comes back and it’s like, What the hell did you do to my eye, man?

Michael: [9:03] Uh, So what are you doing with text expander?

Damashe: [9:06] Um, bitching about it and angry and thinking about trying out this new service.

Michael: [9:10] Yeah.

Damashe: [9:11] So there’s a new service that I meant to talk to you about. I’m going to get back to the things. See, this is why we can’t have chapters, man. This is why we can’t have nice things. Oh.

Michael: [9:20] Mhm.

Damashe: [9:22] One thing that I was thinking about in this things, random 6.8. Change to my craft has annoyed me. Alison Sheridan over at pot feet dot com hosted on those silly cast and a couple of other great podcasts. Um, found a tool called Expands. Oh.

Michael: [9:40] Mhm.

Damashe: [9:42] Which has a command line element to it. Ah, I will attempt to for the show notes. I will grab a link to deep portion of her show as well. Let’s link it to the block post. She wrote about it, uh, talking about it, but it looked kind of interesting. It’s also cross platform, and I was gonna mention it to Mike at some point. And then I realized it might seem to be kind of slowly graduating back into, uh, Mac os. So I was like, Well, never mind. I’m not gonna say anything about it now because, well, he’s coming back into the apple world again, which is ah, slightly weird. Uh, in some ways, I thought Mike was gonna go try Linux desktop Lennox out at some point. Uh, if you continued on the path that he was on and hey, just completely reversed.

Michael: [10:25] Yeah.

Damashe: [10:28] Uh, but expands, though sounds like an interesting tool. I’ll probably take a look at it. Has some, uh, she has the title of expansive text expansion for nerds. So we will link that in the show Notes at your own bay dot com slash d. M 64. Um.

[10:47] But to answer your question, mark, about what am I doing with Texas Pander. So, uh, I have a question for you when I get to the end of this, too. But what I’m doing, because I have a ton more snippets than 14. It might be nice to get back down to 14 snippets, so that might be nice to get down to 71.

Michael: [11:05] Mhm.

Damashe: [11:05] Uh, but I do make I do use groups in Texas, man. They’re very heavily for several reasons. I do have a couple of shared groups, one of which I think you share it with you.

Michael: [11:18] Yep. Yeah, we do have a shared group. I don’t know if it’s still active. I think it is.

Damashe: [11:18] Possibly, maybe still share it with you. Ah.

[11:24] Uh, I’m not looking at this hour. I’m gonna go to the web browser now. I’m done. Just Texas pander in the browser all over the place. Uh, but also.

Michael: [11:34] Did they not used to tell you hate Tomasi text expanded in the browser is a better experience than in the APP itself.

Damashe: [11:41] Yeah, but that was from a window side of things. And I’m like and, you know, compared it to Windows? It might be, but on the mag, maybe. Probably not.

Michael: [11:42] Yes. Yes.

Damashe: [11:48] I’m not going over there. Uh, now I guess I better go take a look at it. So I know, Uh, oddly enough, I’m probably gonna end up using windows quite a bit here pretty soon.

Michael: [11:49] Mm hmm. Yeah.

[11:57] That’s weird. I’m coming back to Mac, and you’re using windows more.

Damashe: [11:58] Um, that is weird. Yeah. Windows seven, those the last great windows.

Michael: [12:04] Okay. Yeah. You can have windows seven. Yeah.

Damashe: [12:11] But I also make heavy use of groups because I I started early enough in my use of tissue expander using their groups to keep things separate. So, for example, I I tend to create snippets that I use in the terminal, whether locally on my mac or from remote ssh. Connected to a server, You know, little snippets for different commands that I know that this this command exists. I’m not going to remember the exact syntax of how to write it to get the results that I want. So I make it a snippet. Ah, and I put it in a group called command Line. Uh, well, I think you just called command. Yep. Just called command line. And what I also do is I prefix all of my group. So when you greater group in Texas, man it, you’re able to put in, like, a prefix for said group. So all of my snippets that are in the command line groups start with cli hyphen. Ah, And then the second thing that I’ve started to do more recently than using groups is I will. I don’t like when I first started using Texas manner, I had it in my brain for some reason that like, oh, all my snippets need to be, like super short. So, like, you know, I need to use, you know, mhm DT.

Michael: [13:28] Sima Cullen, M for M for email addresses or.

Damashe: [13:32] Yeah, something like that. Except I would never use just any colon. Uh, you know, uh, dtm for democracy, Thomas Male or something? I mean, from my email. Right, But it just, you know, and then you screw around and you start running out of little short codes to use. So what I have recently started doing, I said, probably in the past year, is not really caring If the snippet is long but carry more about me being able to remember what to snip, it actually is.

[14:02] So an example of that there is a command line Eso for WP Klay, which is the WordPress command line. Uh, utility, Um, I have because it’s weird and it takes up a bunch of memory when you try to install a package with WORDPRESS. Uh, cli right. Not really relevant for everybody listening. But this is why this command is this way. Because if you just run WP package installed and then give it a package name nine times out of 10 is going to say, Oh, I ran out of memory while I was trying to do this blah, blah, blah. So there’s a different command that you use is like, you know, WP something something PHP memory limit equals, Ah, etcetera, etcetera, right? Like I can’t even remember what’s all in the command. But what I made the snippet, uh, is I made to sniff it all of that glop at the front, and then all I have to do at the end is just type in the package name or Aiken backspace and hit uninstalled from trying to remove it. But I made the snippet cli because it’s in the command. I grew hyphen, uh, WP package installed.

[15:11] Now that is long as hell for a snippet. Uh, in my mind, it still seems like it’s super long, Right? But on the flip side, I’m never going to forget what it is. So I’m not gonna be sitting there trying to get the snippet to expand. And I’m typing different things trying to see, you know. Oh, no, that’s not it. Backspace back base backspace type something slightly different. Note. That’s not it. Like I’m wasting more time than it would have took me to just go Google it Copy and paste.

Michael: [15:36] That is so true. And it works for you. And even though it is long, I imagine it is shorter than the actual command that you have to type. Yeah. Yeah.

Damashe: [15:48] Oh, man. It is way shorter than the actual command.

Michael: [15:51] And you don’t have to worry about type. There’s typos, Yeah.

Damashe: [15:55] Miss Takes no typos. Exactly. Uh so and that’s just the tip that I was in the process of sharing what might? Yesterday he said, No, you should stay with the show s. So now it’s a tip for you all listening to You don’t have to make them as long as I made that. But I do have a lot of WP command, So that’s another reason for that being extremely long, because I do have a lot of WP clean snippets saved. But don’t be afraid to, like, use a slightly longer snippet that make sense. Like just make it two words like, uh, you know, work email. Well, type M B work email, Right? Like it’s in that case, maybe not shorter than your email addresses for work. But you know something similar, like, you know, don’t don’t be afraid to put more words in there, because the thing that happens and everybody that I know that has ever used, got really gotten into using Texas pander like comes to rely on it the way that we do. Um, they have all said the same thing. I forget that I have a snippet like it got so bad. I’m pretty sure this is such a repeatable things that, you know, smile, put in a feature in I believe it came to version six. It may have been their version five, but I know it’s been there since since our version six launched, which is also when they switched to subscriptions where you have the option to have texture. Spender, you know, remind you when it sees you type something that you have as a snippet to be like, Hey, you have a snippet for this. Would you like to use it?

Michael: [17:20] Or my other hated but enjoyed feature is Hey, you seem to be typing this a lot. Would you like to make a snippet out of it? And then I’m like, Yeah, that would, But I’m not gonna remember what I make that snippet. But recently, So what I’ve been doing is I have to send pre formatted invoices to people, and typically these invoices are in word documents. And so I have gotten to the point where I and and maybe I will take your tip up and put the actual client name in the i N V after it or something. Because I was using, like, uh, client First initial of clients name I envy. And sometimes it was, Was it HP wasn’t. Oh, age. Like what? What did I put there? And did I put a hyphen or a special character before that? Whereas if I just type in clients name space I envy or because you can have spaces in your expansions, Hmm?

Damashe: [18:16] No, you can’t. No, because the space usually trigger shit I envy. Yeah.

Michael: [18:16] Okay. No, you can, But you could put clients name Ah, I envy at the end. And then you know that that’s going to send the prompt you to fill in the information to create the invoice so you can send it.

Damashe: [18:29] I see. The good thing about something like that is that you’re not likely to accidentally type that right. Like you might type the client’s name somewhere. But you’re not gonna type client name I envy on accident. Right? That’s gonna be, um, or intentional thing. Uh.

Michael: [18:44] Unless you’re writing clients name investigation. And if so, then maybe you have more problems of worrying about a text expander.

Damashe: [18:49] But there would be a space. Uh, well, I mean, if you were putting a space in there, you probably Okay, Uh, but yeah, that And that’s what I mean, like, just something simple like this.

Michael: [18:51] Yeah, there would be a space, so just.

Damashe: [19:03] So that way you’re not in that that scenario. Like, I know I made a snippet for this, but what exactly did I type for the snippet? Because I was trying to be fancy. Uh, like, I still have a problem that I’m just, you know, honestly, too lazy to go fix, because I think about it when I’m actually trying to figure out what snippet is. And then, but at the same time, I’m trying to do what I need to do. So I’m not in the mood or the frame of mind to go changes snipping in there as soon as I’m done, I’m done. But it’s to create a database like create. Go through the steps of inserting the.

[19:36] Proper syntax to create a database user and create a database and give the database user permission. Give the user permissions to, you know, access to database and SQL syntax, and I don’t remember exactly how to write it. So I made it a sniff because I know I would do it a lot because I do a lot of local development on the computer with WordPress. So I need to create a database and a user. Uh, the simple thing probably would have been to just have one database user and just create new databases every time. But screw that. Ah, it’s not what I did. But anyway, there’s one particular command where I’m trying to create the user, and I always forget what it is. And a part of the problem is that I have a cli hyphen. Ah, create DB pops up the little little fill in a statement from you put in the database name and then I’m done. Okay. And then I was like, OK, I didn’t do cli hyphen. Create user. Uh, we’ll create user because the CLI hyphen is just because it’s in that that group I didn’t put create user I can’t type. It can’t be create DB User because as soon as I hit to be like poem, there’s another sniff before you know, it’s like, jeez, I should fix it. And no, Michael don’t remember what it is right now either.

Michael: [20:51] Mhm. Now you can use a shortcut to search your snippets. But in my opinion, once I’ve searched the snippet, why don’t even want to type it? I’ll just copy it out of the snippet body itself and paste it where it needs to go.

Damashe: [20:52] Rob talking it out.

Michael: [21:06] Although I do type the snippets because sometimes I do use a search.

Damashe: [21:08] Uh.

Michael: [21:10] Can you search snippets and launch bar?

Damashe: [21:14] You can There may be a action you need thio install. I can’t remember, but yeah, you can’t search your snippets and, uh, you can’t support yourself that search your snippets in launch bar.

Michael: [21:17] Yeah.

[21:27] Clipboard manager in launch bar. When I saw that in the preferences, Um, like, that’s one of the things I missed about Man, you have a limited clipboard manager on Windows 10. But sometimes I get myself into the place where I’m copying and pasting some of the same things over and over and over. And I’m like, Man, I wish I had a way to build to quickly do this. But the clipboard manager and launch bar could have helped me with that with previous projects. So that’s my quick side note. Mhm. So for people who didn’t know in the latest version of one password on the Mac, you can have it unlock with your apple watch. If you have that and a T chip, I think it works with 21 anti too, right?

Damashe: [22:13] Yep.

Michael: [22:14] Yeah. And then the other new feature with one password is the fact that you could just use your arrow keys to quickly fill content. If you only use one password manager and you’re not using iCloud and one password, I was trying to think of a connected joke to make their.

Damashe: [22:29] Yep, that sense so far, Uh, that isn’t so. If you’ve used one password X at all in chrome or Firefox or brave or edge, Uh, this basically in one password 7.7 as a similar feature is not the same feature because it’s still dependent upon you having the main one password, app, install, whereas one password excesses on stand alone, Web version of one password, but it gives you that similar functionality. So when you’re in so far, you can use your arrows to select and hit Return and you’ll fill in your passwords, credit card numbers, all sorts of things. Uh and yeah, you don’t wanna have that running at the same time that you have iCloud keychain on because then they kind of fight with each other, and you don’t know which one you’re getting.

Michael: [23:17] And with the apple watch. Unlock. Go ahead.

Damashe: [23:19] Although, uh, I say, although I found the car, it’s strange to use Apple Key chain and one password at the same time anyway. But that’s just me.

Michael: [23:30] Yes, in general and with the Apple watch T J Apple Watch unlock ability. Uh, you do have. And let’s be transparent here. I have not gotten the Apple watch feature to successfully work. Uh, it says that it’s gonna unlock with my apple watch, but then it prompts me for my password or from my fingerprint. However, I think that may have been because I hadn’t restarted the Mac. I’m gonna play around with a little bit more of the near future because I recently like right when I noticed that was a feature in one password seven point two or whatever version number it iss uh, when that was released. That’s when I reset up in security to have the Mac book unlock with my Apple watch, and then I never rebooted it. So what’s supposed to happen is when you open one password as long as that Apple watches on and it’s close to the Mac, um, which you would have to have super long arms for not to be. But that’s besides the point, uh, or or using a Bluetooth keyboard.

Damashe: [24:33] Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That that actually is a practical Ah.

Michael: [24:34] Yeah, right, right. I just thought about that as I saying it. But when you open one password, it should not prompt you for any biometrics or for your password and, uh, in the preferences instead of it being 10 minutes for to prompt you for a password, they have changed. The option for the default thing is one week, and when I first saw them like what? You don’t want my password for one week? And then I put two and two together and realize, Well, yeah, it’s gonna prompt me for my password once every week a za long as I’m using the apple watch. But in the interim, I won’t have Thio enter my password unless I don’t have my apple watch on me. Which, as I said, I have to be transparent. Say I haven’t gotten us to work the way it’s supposed Thio. But it is the first generation of it, and I’m excited to see where they’re going with it because.

Damashe: [25:25] This is a feature that I have wanted since Apple introduced the ability to unlock your Mac with your apple watch. Uh, which I think probably was around before I actually had an apple watch. So I think I wanted this ever since I got an apple watch and decided I liked it. Uh, there’s a forum thread which I will attempt to link to if I remember. Uh, hold on one sec, cause I should all.

Michael: [25:53] So I got it to work. Have to give, uh, follow up on this Literally follow up. And maybe it’s been working. Yes. Maybe it’s been working this way the entire time too. So let me walk you through.

Damashe: [26:01] Real time feedback. You have to double click the button. Ah, that’s what you were doing.

Michael: [26:07] Yep. Yeah, I would always feel the tap, but I would never look at my screen. Well, this time I felt the tap and I decided to look at my screen and hey, look and unlocked one password with my apple watch. So it does work it disregard everything I just said. And I’m gonna leave it in there because it happens. So what you actually have to dio is when you open one password or you feel that little tap and you’re expecting it, you do have to double click the long side button as if you were using Apple pay. I think is how that would work. So.

Damashe: [26:41] That’s how Apple pay works. If you don’t have touch idea on your Mac. Also.

Michael: [26:44] Yep. So that is That is awesome. It does work that way. Good times.

Damashe: [26:52] A few other things. Like also, I think it started in Catalina. You could, uh, turn on the option where I think just checking the box did a lot of Washington lock. Your mac also turns this on. Oftentimes you get a password prompt for your user account password. Uh, for something it will tap your wrist instead of You haven’t actually type in that password. I really am excited about this feature. Found the coming. Unfortunately, it is only restricted to those max Probably. I’m gonna say from 2016. Forward. Uh, because I think that is when they first had the t one chit was in those Mac book pros with the touch bar and touch I D. Uh, this also is extended to computers that don’t have touch. I d. So, like the any current generation iMac, I would say, released in the past three years. Uh, the I Mac pro, if you own one of those, the Mac pro the Mac, the M one max, of course. And then also the 2018 Mac Book may not MacBook, Mac mini. Uh, So all your computer, actually as averages, to teach a version of the teacher whether the team wanted to teach to on your ableto take advantage of this feature, which means now really incentivized to get a new computer. Making it real difficult is not helping with this old in one problem, man.

Michael: [28:17] No, no, not at all. Do you use Lear on the map?

Damashe: [28:22] I do not. Because it was a catalyst at when I tested out the beta of it. Ah, couple of what was the last year Catalina’s when they introduced Catalyst. Right. Okay. So, yeah, I actually installed a beta of Catalina back then because I want to take a look at it. And I joined the beta of Lear, and nothing against Lira is just I think I don’t like catalyst APS like I don’t I don’t like the way they’re built. They to me, they are horrendous. Eso Yeah, I didn’t like it. Also, uh, the Mac out was when I was on Catalina. Full time is 20 bucks and I was like, I don’t read RSS on my computer like that in that way, enough thio even justify that purchase even if I loved the app.

Michael: [29:12] If I need to read something on my computer, all good, thinks it and then go open toe, Go open good links, and that will let me open the article or at least get the information to find the article again, and then I can read it on the computer.

Damashe: [29:25] I did own or do on if it’s still being developed. Read kit for the Mac, which is RSS Reader as well. Don’t have it installed at the moment I downloaded. I purchased that some years ago when I was doing mawr research in, like, needed links and stuff like that for posts and all sorts of things. And it was, you know, quicker, too. Incorporate reading through a a star. No, I would. That’s when I actually made heavy use of starring articles in my RSS reader, too, because I would jump over to the Mac when I was, you know, building out a post or something like that. And baby quickly go through grab links and incorporated that into my workflow. But I don’t even have that installed. So yeah, no way in the world of not paying 20 bucks for a layer on the back, unless they give me a touch screen back. And then we might revisit that whole conversation.

Michael: [30:20] You don’t need a touch screen map. Mhm. Although editing audio on a touch screen map could be fun.

Damashe: [30:29] Ah ha. See? You see, see, see.

Michael: [30:32] Yeah, C c. And there was no editing in that. It literally took me that long. At first, I’m like, you don’t need one, And then 15 seconds later, if that Yeah, well, although.

Damashe: [30:42] Or think about drag and drop, right? Like, oh, I’m over here and I want to drag that over there.

Michael: [30:47] Mm Mm hmm. So did you listen, that blind bargains podcast they sent you?

Damashe: [30:47] Yeah, yeah, some haptic feedback. When you’re editing. I did not. I did see the link, and I will get around to I think I’m subscribe to their show somewhere.

Michael: [30:56] Yeah.

[31:00] So I want ever. Well, I’ll get to that in a second. I don’t know if we, shared this in one of the previous episodes, but a couple of weeks ago, before our state shut down my leg and I were sitting at the bar and she said, Hey, why don’t you try resetting your phone and see if it stops hanging up on people after six minutes? And then I lost my freaking move streak, which I’m still not Actually, I’m not as upset about it now, but anyways, so I reset my phone. Uh, Castro did not appear to save the links. And in retrospect, what I should have done is I should have backed up my phone, and I also should have exported my OPM l file. Not horribly worried about it now, uh, because I’m slowly rebuilding my podcast subscriptions. And two of them was blind abilities and blind bargains that I was no longer subscribe to until this morning. I’m McMahon.

[31:53] That holiday 2020 holiday shopping guy never played for blind bargains in Castro. And then I remember it. Well, yeah, it never played because you never re subscribe the blind bargains. So I went re subscribed. Listen to that episode. And then I went back. I’m like, there was something about the kitchen that I wanted to hear because they had a episode where they were talking about kitchen gadgets and Shelly Brisbane was on there. Uh, no offense to anyone else, but I forgot the other ones that were on there. I just remembered Shelley because she I mentioned her book last week, and she was on the whole. They died, too, Shelly and JJ and there is to other people.

[32:30] Uh, and so Shelley was on there and she was demonstrating a Sufi, and I’m like, Well, de Masi was interested in that, so I sent that over to you mainly for that. But they also demonstrate air fryer, which now I gotta go and maybe reconsider my air fryer. And then they have a mixer that I look at because apparently, if you chop off the top in the bottom of the onions, you can put the onions in the freaking little mixer food processor thing and put it on high, and it will slice them uniformly in like 20 seconds. And he said, I’m like men, man, how that would save me some time. Mhm. I would I would be willing to pay $100 toe, not have toe toe slice onions. That’s the one job I hate doing.

Damashe: [33:16] Bro. Whoa, Whoa. That’s that’s all. Never thought about it. And, you know, I actually could the top on the bottom off the onion most times, anyway, just to make cut and get easier. But whoa. Never thought about that.

Michael: [33:29] Right, Right. So, yeah, Give it a listen when you get some time. Had me thinking.

Damashe: [33:36] Man, huh? The answer. Head exploding Emoji. Uh huh.

Michael: [33:42] Mm hmm.

[33:47] Maybe I’ll make more salsa, then.

Damashe: [33:47] Mm hmm. Oh, man. Something. I will probably do more stuff. I need to make some salsa and made. Not in a while.

Michael: [33:51] Yes.

[33:57] Yeah. Yeah. Salsa. Sounds good. Um.

Damashe: [34:02] I don’t want a taco salad.

Michael: [34:04] Mm.

Damashe: [34:06] Well, shit, Mike. See what you did, man.

Michael: [34:09] Have to work tomorrow, okay? I don’t know why. Why? That just used a tacos. Oh, because I was thinking Tuesday’s tacos taco Tuesdays. And then I’m like, man, Tuesdays after work.

Damashe: [34:12] Mhm.

[34:23] But just could still have a taco.

Michael: [34:25] Yes. Yes, I could. I could even have a taco. Well, I’m working. Maybe. Yeah, yeah. Be that rebellious.

Damashe: [34:29] Oh, my. So, I’ve been trying something a little different with to do ist, um,

[34:42] also need to clean up my to do it, but I’ve been trying something a little different. What to do is and all that. Really. Is that so fantastic? Al Version three, if you are a premium subscriber, will allow you to.

[34:56] Connect to a lot of different third party services, one of which happens to be to do it so it will show you what to do is taxed the same way that for any, you know, long time fantastical user, very similarly in the way that it will show your reminders if you turn that ability on in in the settings I don’t now show your to do his tasks and projects and all of those things you can add task and all of this. So I decided that I was going to take a stab at, uh, just trying to manage them, uh, to do this through Fantastic cow. I still have the absence stalled on to do it’s abs installed on the mackin on ours. But so it’s gonna, you know, experiment with just using it through, uh.

[35:43] Fantastical ah, part of reason that this is possible for me at least, is because I have calendar set, so I can, you know, make a calendar said that is only a, you know, certain group of task and then just switch to that or make a widget on my home screen on IOS that shows this particular deal, which I haven’t done that yet. I gotta make sure you can actually do that with fantastical eyes, make the widget show a particular calendar, said, regardless of what the main app is said to haven’t haven’t been doing it too long. Mostly, I’ve been checking off stuff. Have added task that way. Ah, which led me to discovering Oh, slight incongruity disturbance in the way that sharing stuff on IOS works.

[36:35] I was looking at a plug in. I think it was a plug in. We’re going to say it was a plug in on I wanted to add it to. To do is so that I would remind myself to go take a deeper look at, uh, this plug in to see if it was something I wanted Thio get involved with using.

[36:54] So instead of doing what I normally do, which is, you know, hit the share sheet and go to do it and do all of that. I took that off and I just went to fantastic out. And then I hit the little button and made it into a reminder. I think it’s what they call it. Uh, but my default reminder list for to do list, I mean, for fantastic out is my to do its inbox.

[37:15] So I did that, uh, you know, converted from a event to a task, uh, didn’t hit safe. And then I was still inside a fantastic out. And I was like, This is very strange. What happened? Something must be broken because ordinarily, when you are in another app and you use your share sheet to send something to ah different out like to do ist or mail or messages, you complete doing the thing the operation that you need to do to complete that share process. Uh and then you fall back into the app that you started out in. This does not happen with fantastic Out on IOS. I have tried this several times and different from different APS all, you know, even including creating an event on just it’s not actually taking me out of fantastical. I’m just staying in fantastical once I complete, you know, adding the event or task, which is disconcerting. It is a first world problem, most certainly, because all I have to do is, you know, four finger swipe to the right to get back to where I was, or probably hit the back to whatever at Button in the Status bar, but is disconcerting and annoying.

Michael: [38:27] Yep. You may build. Fix out the shortcut and x callback. You Where else to go back to the previous app that you were in?

Damashe: [38:35] Oh, man. Then I got to go make the whole thing. What’s the point in having to share sheet?

Michael: [38:37] Yes, Exactly. Exactly.

Damashe: [38:41] They should let me. Well, look, if that would not be such a issue to me if it didn’t put all of your shortcuts at the bottom of the list like I know I could drag him up to the, you know, move them, I think higher.

Michael: [38:52] Mhm.

Damashe: [38:53] But they’re still on that. That second level off the share sheet? They’re not. You know, first class citizens.

Michael: [38:58] Right.

Damashe: [39:00] Uh, you know, I can’t put it right next to messages, which would be nice.

Michael: [39:02] Mhm. So was to do it. I’m I first of all have to give to do a support. A shout out. I asked a question on Twitter and to be fully honest, I literally did not expect an answer. They sent me back the answer, and I played with it once, did not work, so I was getting ready to tweet them back and be like, Yeah, that did not work. And I’m like, Well, let me try to add a space before the slash and I added the space and it works. So I ended up tweeting them and saying, Thank you. That really worked. And so shout out to to do is because that was that was awesome. If you need to add something to a specific section while using the to do list, um uh, quick entry or using an app that interprets your text drafts, in two quick entry, then all you need to do is add hashtag project name. Make sure to match your case for the project or you’ll end up with duplicate project and won’t know where anything is mhm. Uh huh.

Damashe: [40:02] That is very important. That’s very important. Make sure your case, it is case sensitive, which is the thing I did not know. So yeah.

Michael: [40:07] Yes. And then hit space slash in the section name again. I think that is case sensitive to after learning the project thing. I didn’t even try.

Damashe: [40:17] Let’s assume it is. Let’s let’s just assume let’s just assume that the section name is also cases.

Michael: [40:18] Yeah, yeah, Let’s let’s just assume it is.

[40:24] Yeah, And then that will put it in the section. And, of course, what they need due dates that you add to it and stuff like that, which I’m starting to play with reminders more to keep and and work out of my today screen. So let me let me explain that a little. I want to know when I have a task to. So a bill, for example, has a due date needs to be paid no later than X Day. And so that will show up in my today screen, and then I will complete it when I get it paid. I love picking on bills, but if I just need to do something or need to remember to do something, I’m setting reminders, typically, a reminder that will be about 10 minutes before I actually need to do that task type remind Mallory to grab something before she goes to work will go off. It’s 6 40 because she leaves at 6 45 and then that also shows up in my notification center. So if I miss that reminder, well, maybe it’s too late to tell her. But that reminder still there so I can go take a look at that task and market completed or not market completed. There may be an alternative way to handle that. Um, and right this minute, that’s what I’ve been experimenting with. Eso I could just work out of one view, which is today and then specifically if I’m working on a different project. So if I’m working on some client work, I’ll go into their project just to check to see if there’s anything in there that doesn’t have a due date. But it’s something I could get done, like right now, while I’m sitting on the Mac or something.

Damashe: [41:53] So I have to been experimenting with due dates, uh, and reminders. And so remember this whole thing where, you know, deferred dates, right? This is the reason we started messing around with Romney. Focus for a second again. So what I’m starting to do, uh or I just recently started to do, actually, is, if the thing has a due date, Like, I just started building out some stuff for, uh to be so if we were talking about earlier on the call, right? Eso a couple of those things actually have a deadline. We need to be done by, like, march 1st. 2021. Like we need to have this figured out.

[42:34] Well, that’s a deadline. That is a hard deadline. Um, and I added a reminder so that it will remind me to look into it or make sure that if somebody was looking into it on the 15th and then on the first of 15th of January 1st of February, Right? And it occurred to me while I was setting that up, I could possibly use due date because some some things do have a Dubai date, right? Even if it’s a project that you’re working on is like, I wanna be done with this by this date. So you can’t not have a due date because then you don’t know. You forget what you said you were going to do. Ah, so I was like, Well, I could use reminders in place of deferred dates on. Just have a reminder. Go off. That reminds me because I’m and the reason I went down this path and you could tell me if you know the answer to it or not. I think you could also build a filter based off whether or not something has a reminder.

Michael: [43:31] You should be able to. I don’t see why not like that. That would be classified as a more advanced filter, but that that should be Thea other one that I have not played with and maybe you have is priorities. Eso that may be something to look at, too.

Damashe: [43:46] I don’t do much for priorities because for the most part, they don’t really don’t change anything for me. Maybe as a maybe, as a filter tool. Possibly that that is that is a way to use it. But just in general speaking, I haven’t used them because they don’t change anything for me. Doesn’t prioritizing in any specific way. We’re like, Oh, we’re gonna notify you 17 times until you check this off. We’re not going to stop annoying you because it’s a priority. One like no. For visually, it does something but just screen reader for screenwriter uses voiceover uses. It does nothing for you. It doesn’t even move it higher up the list of notifications like Make sure you keep different pinned to the top because it’s priority one versus two testes, you know, priority for or whatever. Uh, does work for filtering, though eso you know, maybe something to think about. Also, the backup has gotten better enough to the point that I could now grab the link very easily so I could email or task into a project.

Michael: [44:45] Mm. Right. So you can dio This is filtering based on date you can do due date. January 3rd shows task that air due on January 3rd, uh, do before May 5th do after June 20th. No date overdue. Five days re occurring. Do before without was clever do before, plus four hours which will show all tasks that are overdue and do in the next four hours. So you could do some interesting filtering stuff just based on due dates. And then you can add priority levels. Ah p one through p four or no priority. And then you can also filter based on labels, projects, sub projects or, uh, sections. I’m sorry. I got distracted.

Damashe: [45:42] Mhm.

Michael: [45:45] So what were you asking?

Damashe: [45:48] So based on Mike’s, uh, delving into the search filter constructions, for to do ist one possibility for at least making a a filter that you could look at, uh, for, uh, in place of deferred days not being a thing and to do is could be, Let me think about how to construct this now, Ah, due in two weeks or do within the next three days. You know, something like like, you know, you end up with a bunch of filters, though, is the problem right? Because if I want to defer, you know, uh, working on the redesign of your own pay, I want to defer that until the end of December. That means, like, but the due date. Maybe, you know, march right, So that that wouldn’t help me see that. And at the end of December, right, there’s just not I can’t think of a good filter that would structure that well, enoughto they just need to add the for days is what they need to do.

Michael: [47:00] Yeah. Yeah, it would be. It would be helpful, but I am going to play with filters because I’ve went down that path before and.

Damashe: [47:04] Through this goofy can ban board crap.

[47:10] Yeah, I’m gonna play them because there’s there’s there’s some interesting things you could do there for filtering out, especially when, Let’s say okay, there’s a thing I need to do that has to be done on Windows, right? I think for me not so much to do date of the thing would be Wow. Use filters. I think I would end up using Dittemore based on project or labels.

Michael: [47:33] Mm, yeah.

Damashe: [47:34] Um, because, like, let’s say for me, it could be, uh I have a label that says, I don’t know. I can’t think of a good label, which is why I’m not using them right now because I could never think of a good label. So I’m gonna use Michael’s life as an example off how to use a good label. All right, so Mike needs to do a thing, but he could only do that thing on the Mac. So when he creates a task, uh, that needs to be done. He would just apply to label Max. So we put at Max on their on Then when he could create a filter that is searching for any any project or any task. Um, that has that filter has that label. I was very basic. Now Mike was really getting convoluted, like, Well, I’m only gonna edit my podcast on the Mac, but I’m also only gonna do, you know, x y and Z on the MCAS? Well, then he could start, you know, filtering it out by due dates and or when the task any task created in the past, month, That has the label, Mac, uh, you know, he just opens up that filter when he sits down at the Mac, and he’s like, Okay, now I see things that I said I was going to do when I got over here, including installing audio hijack, Uh, because it’s amazing, Uh.

Michael: [48:53] Uh, in reinstalling Reaper because I scratch that Teoh, see if that fixes some of the issues. And I have been watching this battery as close as possible. Uh, this is this is probably better than last time because we’re running at about. Maybe it’s the same an hour and 15 minutes, and we’ve dropped from 100% to 42% So yeah.

Damashe: [49:21] I’m right at 75 minutes and Reaper. So that that is, I think, the most accurate amount of time that we have been the most accurate time count of how long we’ve been talking about 75 minutes because I started the Reaper recording first.

Michael: [49:32] Right.

Damashe: [49:36] He said, What? What better was the better represented?

Michael: [49:37] Battery percentage right now is 41%.

Damashe: [49:41] Looks like Mark may have a.

Michael: [49:43] And one in the near future.

Damashe: [49:44] In one Mac in the future. So I’m curious. I’m honestly curious because we’ve kick this around multiple skip to kick this around, and even right now for me, I’m not 100% certain which way I would go.

Michael: [49:52] Mhm.

Damashe: [49:59] I know where I would go if I had to make a purchase soon. As soon as possible, huh? No, I will go with them. One. Uh, no, I will go with them one, but I would go with the Mac mini for sure. Ah, but I was gonna say, like, if you decide to go up to a m one back because I would assume you wouldn’t buy another Intel Mac at this point. Or would you.

Michael: [50:29] No, I don’t think I would, Uh, the only.

Damashe: [50:32] Not even like a used one or refurbished one.

Michael: [50:34] The Onley reason why I might buy an intel Mac is two fold number one if I got a super good deal on a refurbished one or even a new one, uh, that that justified. But the numbers for the M one and the intel are pretty much the same. So that’s why I would would kind of go with E or the M one. The only other reason I might do intel, which using this Windows keyboard tells me that it’s not even worth it is if I wanted to boot camp or use VM ware. Now my understanding is parallels has some tentative support for you running Windows on the Mac, which tells me that tentatively, eventually maybe windows will come to the map. But when I think about it, how off do I use Windows? And we have a Windows computer in the house. So if I’m on the Mac, why not just use a map for the Mac? So to answer your question, uh, to come back a full circle, it would be the M one, probably for me. Mallory’s really sold on this Mac book Air M one because she’s always like the MacBook airs, and we sold our last one to her sister. But if I had, if I was the one getting it and it was not influenced by her or the boys at all, it would probably be the Mac Mini 16 gigs. In reality, what will probably happen is what you learned up with a Mac book pro or a Mac book air.

[51:59] Because yeah, although we are really looking at this map mini, because then we could just put it up in the desk and that are put it on the desk in the dining room and the boys could use it to and it would be stationary. But Mallory, if we do that, we’re gonna be paying cash out of it. Not doing the trade in program with Mallory’s laptop because number one, it’s Mallory’s laptop eyes. Ultimately, who it was thought for and number two, she doesn’t want to go from a laptop to a stationary computer, because if she needed to take a computer toe work or if she needed thio for well, for example, she’s flying to pick Nicholas up later this this month so well earlier, last month. Ah, yeah. Uh huh.

Damashe: [52:44] Uh huh. Hey, we could do the cortex thing. It’s an episode out of time. Who knows what time is? Nobody really knows what time is.

Michael: [52:46] So she’s flying the right. Uh huh. So at the end of December, she’s flying to pick Nicholas up and or she flew to pick Nicholas up. Everyone aware that and in that case, she might want to take a computer with her. But net that that’s what?

Damashe: [53:04] I’m as you take that iPad pro.

Michael: [53:06] Well, she’s having iPad Pro Shoes has IPAD air way we see him, she had one.

Damashe: [53:10] Uh, push it on paper.

Michael: [53:14] She had 12 years ago. But we sold it so she could get a new TV because I wouldn’t let her get a new TV unless she sold her iPad. And the only thing she was using her iPad for was watching TV. So why would you get a new TV and not selling fucking iPad?

Damashe: [53:24] What’s the watch TV? Uh huh.

Michael: [53:28] So but But she does have iPad and iPad not air.

Damashe: [53:30] Oh, man. Okay.

Michael: [53:37] It’s just the regular iPad. I think it’s 1/6 generation. Um, did Apple release? No, she got the new one this year. So the seventh generation, uh, and so she could take that with her to the airport, and that’s what I’ve kind of tried to explain to her. And it may be that that’s what we end up doing because I’m gonna be fully honest with you. Apple quoted us $700 for this laptop. Which means Michael could get a 16 gigabyte Mac many for $300.

Damashe: [54:04] Whoa.

Michael: [54:06] Uh huh.

Damashe: [54:08] Whoa, Wait a minute. Okay. And you bought this Mac book Pro was the 2017, Huh?

Michael: [54:15] Mid 2017 got 5 12. Or maybe it’s a to 56. I don’t know, but it’s Yeah.

Damashe: [54:17] I should go.

Michael: [54:22] That’s why I asked you. Did you ever check to see what Apple would offer you?

Damashe: [54:26] Yeah, but you didn’t tell me that part. See, that makes a huge difference.

Michael: [54:28] Yeah.

Damashe: [54:31] I know my price is not gonna be that. But even if it’s if it’s half of what yours is, that would be better than I expected. That the reason I have not checked because I expect you to be like, Oh, we’ll give you 75 80 bucks.

Michael: [54:33] No.

[54:42] Yeah. No, no. They quoted seven for this, which could get me get us into a map, many for $300 Like a decent Mac Mini, too. So it’s It’s a difficult decision to make. And if I didn’t have other bills to pay, then I would have just jumped on it. And chances are maybe when you’re hearing this episode, we may have jumped on it, so yeah.

Damashe: [55:05] It’s already done it.

Michael: [55:06] Yeah. So this whole conversation might be mute waiting to hear back from some other people about Reaper. I need, uh, and waiting to hear back from other people means Michael’s waiting to actually reach out to them to hear back from, uh, to find out about Reaper, and then I need to do some research, especially since I’m getting more into it. And that’s another reason why I’m highly considering of the Mac Mini on. I told you this kind of this morning. I’ve been playing with Hazel lately, and if I could get the Mac like what I almost did. And then I’m like, Well, I don’t know. Should we do that or not? Is I almost put a rule on the D M show? Uh, folder and Google drive to say, move all these files somewhere. I don’t know where, but move all these wave files older than two months out of this folder, and then I’m like, but where we’re gonna move them to. I don’t wanna take a space on this hard drive. So right now they’re going to just stay there. But yeah, I was I was playing with that and got my down those rules toe work, which is awesome.

Damashe: [56:11] So this is a question. This is a good deal, because, uh, that’s a good question. Do we actually need the way files?

Michael: [56:20] No.

Damashe: [56:21] Uh, I would like to keep the MP threes. That air in there? They’re still in there. I think they’re still in there. I tend to leave monitor.

Michael: [56:25] If they’re not, we need to go re download them so we can put them back in there and just keep. And that’s something to think about. Like, do we really need the original files for them? Technically, no.

Damashe: [56:30] Yeah.

[56:36] Yeah, because we’re not gonna do Ah, you know, we get the episode 100 we’re not gonna be pulling clips. And if we do pull clips for some random reason that I haven’t thought about right now, we’re just gonna pull them from the MP three file. We’re not gonna go back and sourced away like we’re never going to re edit those files to do anything with them, which will be the only reason to keep the originals.

Michael: [56:57] Sir. Yeah.

Damashe: [56:59] Like, Oh, we’re gonna go back and re edit a show from, you know, 2017 and re release it as I don’t know, like, yeah, there’s not a thing that’s gonna happen. I can’t even think of a scenario.

Michael: [57:05] No. Well, and and I’m thinking about it. Well, I’m looking at the Google Drive folder, and we did that purge on episode 41 because I think, Yeah, it looks like we’re starting from 41 now, and so we don’t have any of that old content anyways.

Damashe: [57:21] No, I don’t think we were using Dr before. That is the problem.

Michael: [57:27] Uh, Dropbox, huh?

Damashe: [57:31] I don’t think we were doing Dropbox. Mhm. Yeah, I think we’re doing Dropbox.

Michael: [57:34] Yes. So we go back to the point of we don’t have any of the content from before 41.

Damashe: [57:41] Oh, actually, though, actually, it’s not even that. I’m betting that. Dare hold on one second. I’m gonna go look. Ah.

Michael: [57:52] Because I wonder if we put him into, like was maybe not with solving this might be a good What’s that? Glacier. Is that what Amazon calls for archiving old content that you’re not gonna actually pull?

Damashe: [57:53] Because.

[58:02] Amazon Glacier?

Michael: [58:03] Yeah, Yeah, although just I guess it’s not that big. I was gonna say Right now, the Google drive is 20 gigs for that boulder.

Damashe: [58:13] Uh, no, I think we actually have a share because we e think we did move to Google drive before shared drives were things. So we have a folder, remember the D M shit folder?

Michael: [58:27] Mm e, remember that? Do we serve content in there?

Damashe: [58:35] So Google drives started out as Googles. You know, competitors, er or alternate service or their service version of something like Dropbox or one drive right. And for the longest time, Google drivers just Google Drive. You had a Google drive folder. You could share folders with people they’re sharing. Used to be horrendous. I just want to throw that in because I think we have discussed this on a previous show long, long time ago. Uh, as to why we were still using Dropbox, I think, uh, possibly. But it was maybe a couple of years ago. I don’t remember the exact timeline of this, but Google introduced for G suite. Customers should clarify that point four g suite customers, um, now Google workspace. Yet we got the memo. I’m still not happy about it. I still got previously Google Maps. Yeah, I got an interesting thing to tell you to about that.

Michael: [59:27] Previously Google APS. Yeah, yeah.

Damashe: [59:35] You probably heard this thing anyway, So for google app slash g suite slash now today. Google Workspace. By the time this is released, it could be done. Something else. Uh uh. Users. You have the ability, Thio. You have now two different folders. What are folders inside of your drive account. You have a my drive, which is your personal stuff. It’s all of your things on. Then you have a shared drives section. Uh, now bear with me because it does get a little weird.

[1:00:07] On the Google Stream. App for Google Drive file Stream app for Mac and Windows. You will see those two folds. You’ll see my drive and you’ll see shared drives. Maybe share drives doesn’t show up if you don’t have any shared drives. But it should, because if you’re G suite customer, you can create your own. Uh, my drive, as I said, has tended to be for your stuff, like your personal things that you’re holding all toe or and then share drives originally started out as a way to share, a folder with someone else inside or outside of your organization. So me and Mike have a folder called or a shared drive is as Al Google Uh ah, cause it, uh, called journal be or what the hell is a call? We have a shared folder inside of this shared drives. I shared this photo where Mike initially Now the key thing about shared drives versus.

[1:01:09] Any other sharing that I know about from any other service on the reason that I liked shared jobs when they were introduced is that the share her. So the person who actually creates and shares a folder inside of a drive that Dr Council, the store is being used on the counts against their stores. The person who is to share he who is the recipient of the shared folder does not have that folder space count against their personal Google storage. So in the case of Me and Mike, for example, I think Mike said our D M voter was 20 gigs, right? Well, that’s 20 gigs of my stories just being taken up. That is not counting whatsoever against Michael Stores Cap for Google Drive It all just counts against mind. The reason I like this is because I became a G suite business customer about a year ago, which is why I’m upset. Anybody knows about the difference between the different G suite levels and what they’re doing with Google workspaces, which is a whole different conversation for another show, because I still have research to do. But when I became a Google uh G suite business. Uh, customer. I got a limited drive storage on at the time of this conversation. I have 2.2 terabytes of stuff in Google drive.

Michael: [1:02:27] That is ridiculous to think about just saying.

Damashe: [1:02:31] It is, it is. But I’ll come back to the side after we’re done to explain how I got there, because it’s not just, you know, I’m gonna throw everything in, you know, it’s not how it works. Uh, so that’s how shared drives, working and shared drives have permission levels on them. So, like you can share a folder with someone and only give them read access. Or you could give them reading right access or whatever that has gotten way better because when shared drives were first introduced, you could Onley share on the primary folder level.

Michael: [1:02:53] That has gotten better for sure.

Damashe: [1:03:03] So me and Mike’s folders called Y O P N Ah, we wanted to invite other people to this folder, but, uh, I have since kind of turned that off because I wasn’t able to give them access to just a sub folder in the beginning. Now I can. So now, inside of, you know, they don’t have access to anything outside of the sub folder, whereas it used to be.

Michael: [1:03:24] But maybe they need access to their show a show title and and audio image ing. And now we can do that and they want.

Damashe: [1:03:31] We can set that up right without them having access to anything else inside of there s So it’s gotten way better, Uh, a couple of things I’m uncertain about with shared drives. Just as a side note. I don’t know how it works with people who, if you share with someone who has just a regular Gmail account or regular Google account and not a G suite account. Uh, because I don’t think they can download the Google Dr Foul Stream app on their desktop because that is restricted to G suite customers. And I think if they download just a regular Google Drive Apple Google Drive, sinking back up or whatever, it’s called out that, uh, normal Google account. You just have I’m not certain that this year of Dr we show up there Ah, thing that I should try to figure out. I don’t know how to try to figure it out without, you know, I know where I could do it that Yeah, because I got that second installation of Catalina now that I could actually do it, and I could set up that personal set up my personal account over there.

Michael: [1:04:22] Invite your personal account. Thio shared drive.

Damashe: [1:04:35] I figure it out. Anyway, the thing is, uh, drives. Our shared drives are great. They’re great for internal stuff. You can share stuff with specific people, then you know, not have toe make it they shared. You know why? Thing also again? The story doesn’t count against people’s stories. So if you have additional in this scenario where you and, three other people are in a the same G suite account and you pay for individual extra stories, but they don’t your stories that you’re using up and shared drives on the council against yours, which was one of the primary reasons I moved over to G suite, uh, to Google drive full time, You can steal. This is where I said, this is gonna get confusing. So hold on. Let’s go back to the my drive section. I have a folder. It’s there. It exists. I can share that folder with other people still works just like the old days. Ah, Michael, you should still have access. It is.

Michael: [1:05:31] My I will check on the Web because it might not pull my shared folders down. And I haven’t sat because I think you can set it to not pull your shared folders. I’ll look on the dry on the Web later.

Damashe: [1:05:47] Uh, but as far as you can still share folders with people because I was just in the sharing view for a folder that is inside of my drive on, I had the ability to invite someone else to that folder. Um, the other thing that is weird is if someone shares a file with you. Uh, so here’s the example, right. Had a designer share a ah file with me that she needed me to add to the WordPress site and I could not find it. And like, I just know I was like, Oh, she’s like, Oh, I just shared it. What you would drive. I was like, Oh, cool. You would drop using two. That’s excellent. Like I was all happy. I go to find her and I go open up Google drive foul stream and I go to my drive and I don’t see it. And then I said, Well, maybe put it in shared drive. So I go to share drives. No, don’t see it. You know what I had to do? I had to go to the Web and on the Web. There’s a whole another tab that you don’t see in Google drive file strain.

Michael: [1:06:50] Yeah.

Damashe: [1:06:51] It’s called Shared With Me.

Michael: [1:06:53] Yeah. Shared with me.

Damashe: [1:06:56] Super annoying Google. You should fix it while you’re changing names and stuff and rejiggering services and levels and storage Grady INTs and all of this. Why don’t you just fix that thing like that’s just show up to me somewhere on my desktop? I should not have to go out to the web to retrieve a file that was shared with me, Uh, through Google.

Michael: [1:07:12] Because your Google Dr site though it has gotten better over the years, is still pretty shitty.

Damashe: [1:07:20] Still Conkey? Yeah, it is. It is? Yeah. It could be better. It could be way better. Uh, what I was about to say is not actually true.

Michael: [1:07:29] Think about how you want to wrap this up, because I am at 22%. Uh huh.

Damashe: [1:07:36] Oh, no. So Mike battery’s dying, so we’ll catch you guys next s Oh, yeah, that is Google drive. My drive is tended to be for your personal usage, and if you share a photo or someone out of there, the storage council against both of you share drives our business a business feature, a g suite where? Or Google workspaces. If you’re new to it now, feature only. Ah, but pretty handy. Um, and that’s about it. That’s all I have for this week. Uh.

Michael: [1:08:06] We will have show notes and more information at your own pay dot com massage d m 64. Unless we completely butchered those numbers and we’re on a different number. No way. I think we’re on the same page. We are at D M 64.

Damashe: [1:08:19] We’re on the right number. Yeah, we are on d M 64 your own pay dot com slash d on 64. Be sure to check out Mike on a Oh, my.

Michael: [1:08:29] Mondays at 2 p.m. To 10 p.m. Eastern 11:10 a.m. Pacific time where we are doing tech with Michael because I kind of come up with a more creative name giving you a shot of technology news to get your week going. Coffee was my reference for the shot. No one has asked me that. Yeah.

Damashe: [1:08:49] Uh uh uh Okay, uh, given the you are able to listen to your show, man on Mondays?

Michael: [1:08:54] So yeah, am I audio? No. Am i dot c a slash listen live. But there will be a link in the show notes Now that I said something, I have to put a link, Or if you follow me on Twitter at peo p a y o WN.

Damashe: [1:09:07] Yep. F There you go.

Michael: [1:09:10] You will get alerted Thanks to drafts on Sunday’s The day before I go live and you can follow De Masi who is going to be retweeting these even though he doesn’t know it yet on Twitter at.

Damashe: [1:09:23] D a m A S H E.

Imaging: [1:09:27] You’ve been listening to your own pay podcast. If you’ve enjoyed today’s episode, visit your own pay dot com slash casts for exclusive content and to contact us today were eager to hear your thoughts and about how you’re making this podcast your own. Thanks for listening. We’ll be back soon. The your own pay podcast your own pay dot com.




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