DM61 Auphonic Prime Deliveries

DM61: Auphonic Prime Deliveries

This time, we go in deep on Michael’s use of the excellent Auphonic service. He takes us on a journey of how to make use of the multitrack productions. We also chat about our love/hate relationship with, and why can’t I just get shipping with Prime. Speaking of prime, Michael shares extremely important information about holiday shopping… Damashe will talk about his experience signing up for Apple 1, and what was playing when Michael got in the car.

links to stuff mentioned

  • Auphonic
  • Give Mike some credit with [this referral link]
  • Apple One
  • HeadSpace * Our original chat about HeadSpace
  • Amazon Prime benefits
  • HealthView)
  • Foodnoms
  • WaterMinder ®
  • WalMart +
  • [Link to Mallory’s podcast she was listening to in the car] (–anZKZVCu1iFNrOiMU0NbhpMly8Upwg_UZ5JtlFQOO4uRBcoWpU43KEsrg4fVNzk1KLiv3ThHy4uJzzc3JSk0sy8_OE7LjkpKT0k-EC-tAIjC8GxyfQaBkuPPJK3EFgi00MTC0KrJg0GJWyjeJ3XZp2ji1SsMuYgeHTDzcHKU0tIS52z2KffGBSEbwX9TL-5v_39lrCXBwhiRX5efm5lYIMYPDBXkmRs0nlqv2VRy_sBXMdGBrO_bBzkGBWYNBgMPT_8bf-0FQ9By2Gpn0rDrGxcDAKMPAsYhX0hSZBX1gSBAB3VuWJpwIAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiUx57Ovb7tAhUUIjQIHQvtAzgQri4wGXoECAcQOQ)
  • AMI show link

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