Host of the your own pay podcast interviewed on the SBP podcast

Host of the your own pay podcast interviewed on the SBP podcast In this episode Yours truly, the founder of the your own pay podcast was interviewed on the SBP Podcast. Michael and Teresa interviewed me and as Teresa said I’m

  • A little odd
  • A little Out of the ordinary
  • but she also called me ‘Well Worth It’ 😉

You can listen to the original episode and get links to content mentioned in the beginning of this episode on the 26 Interview with Michael Babcock Who is Michael Babcock on the SBP Podcast Blind since birth, Assistive technology instructor in Alaska until the sudden expected passing of my mom. I enjoy the transformation my ideas and knowledge can give people. Fast talking and filled with information i’m ready to wow your audience with my knowledge i’ve acquired. What’s going to be on this interview with the SBP Podcast In this episode of the SBP Podcast repurposed onto the Your Own Pay Podcast you will learn things like:

  • what marketing methods I am using to reach out to my audience
  • What the biggest component to my success online is
  • will my strategy work for you if you’re not marketing to blind individuals?
  • What are the next marketing areas or trends that you need to be focusing
  • on in 2017
  • what part is live video going to play in marketing?
  • Why is it important to master the social media platform that you’re on?
  • Branding knowledge obviously with tools included two.

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