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teaching you 3 ways we are using Trello with Automation

In this podcast episode I’m going to teach you 3 ways that we are using trello with automation in our workflow to keep the podcast moving.

I was going to record a video for you this week, but decided two things.

  • first of all I wanted to play with this text editing software more
  • secondly I’m loving the way this Mic brings my voice out
  • oh and I guess thirdly I’m going to be dropping an experience video on youtube later today anyways

How are we using Trello?

So I wanted to share 3 ways to use Trello with Automation and these are what we are doing for the podcast.

  • leveraging Butler for Trello
  • Using Ifttt and Zapier
  • and listen to learn the 3rd way

Listen to this weeks teaching episode

To learn more about these 3 ways I shared with you that we are leveraging trello and automation to make our workflow zing!

What are you doing right now that you wish you didn’t have to do?

Have you considered ways to automate those things?

Lets start a conversation in the comments, I’m really excited to learn your thoughts…


Blind since birth, Assistive technology instructor in Alaska until the sudden unexpected passing of my mom. I enjoy the transformation my ideas and knowledge can give people. Fast talking and filled with information i’m ready to show you the power and freedom automation in your business can give you.

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