DM4: Social Automation Tools

DM4: Social Automation Tools Wait… social automation… You can’t automate society… You are right, but we can automate the information shared socially, thanks to the tools discussed in this week’s episode. Social automation is all about getting your message in front of people on the social networks, without spending all your valuable time on your computer or mobile device. In keeping with an effort to help you automate the tasks you know you need to be doing, this weeks episode is brought to you thanks to TextExpander. Simplify your workflow, and put your computer to work for you. Try it out free for 30 days, then get 20% off for your first year simply by using our links. Save money, and support the podcast. Win win all around.

Automation Discussions Damashe and Michael discuss how to schedule your media posts to Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the media outlets that allow you to get in front of your audience. We also talk about the importance of analyzing your audience, and determining the optimum times to get their attention focused on your message, and how not to overload them with info. Michael also reveals the automation tools that are already a part of the social networks we use everyday. This episode is packed with information to empower you to get in front of the people and take back some time for yourself through social automation. SSSHHHHH… the social media post where you saw this episode… was probably scheduled with one of the tools mentioned😉 Don’t forget to follow us on twitter: @Damashe and @PayOwn Links to things mentioned

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