DM3: Getting Automated

DM3: Getting Automated Why do you need to “Get Automated”? Are your computers and devices working for you? Can you focus on the enjoyable part of work and let some the tedious tasks get done behind your back? If you listen to this week’s episode… then you will certainly be on your way to automating your life☺️ Yep… that’s right… We are all about getting automated. From automatically getting notified of sales, to magically cross-posting to your social networks, we’ve got you covered. What are some examples of how getting automated can help Learn how Michael automates some aspects of building his email list… and how during the episode, he figured out a better way of doing it. Find out how Damashe gets reminded to call people back, and handles all of his receipt filing. Automation can: * Filter emails out of your way * Create WordPress posts on your behalf * Remind you to do something at a specific location, * and a million other little things. Basic Automation Tasks Listen as we discuss some basic ways of automating tasks, then go get automated! Let us know how automation helps you, or how you wish it could in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @damashe @payown Links to things discussed

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