Blind Natural Body Builder Interview @trueambitionfit

In this blabcast  for the your own pay podcast I interview Aaron Sands of True Ambition Fitness. Aaron is a blind father of two, and husband! He also is a natural bodybuilder, who shows others how to stay in shape and reach their fitness goals. Take a listen to this podcast to hear his thoughts on some of the questions I’ve asked other interviewees, and he’s got a unique outlook at it. I really like his answers to what struggles he faces and how he overcomes those challenges…


This isn’t the first time I’ve had Aaron on the your own pay podcast, he made an appearance when I was interviewing the blind blogger Maxwell on this episode. And we’ve started to talk more from that point. After this podcast I jumped on a Blab he was hosting, while answering questions from people on his periscope and on the blab about being blind. You’ll hear from those answers to some of the questions that I ask him that he really is passionate about helping other individuals be able to overcome any challenges they face. Listen to the true interview with Aaron Sands and learn more about why he does what he does.


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