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I know i Know, i said yesterday i was going to go to once a week podcasts, however I also left it open for me to post podcast whenever! December, at least once a week typically on Friday, I’ll post a podcast, however i have the ability to post more if i so choose. Honestly, i don’t think  that it helps now that I am slightly addicted to this podcast thing! However I posted one episode per day in the month of November, and 53 episodes since October 1st, and podcasting has kinda become a way of life for me.


 This is a follow-up posting to the one i Did on November 1st, 2015. Listen to that episode on this page. In this audio cast i recorded for the your own pay podcast i show you the analytics for my twitter account over the past 28 days, and you can follow along to learn how your tweets are doing as well. If you want to get to the twitter ads page, click this link.


In this podcast i let you know a few things i need to improve on in order to improve my twitter presence. If you get any value out of this podcast be sure to leave a review or comment to let me know what you liked about it, and while your doing that let me know how your twitter account is doing. I will be giving more personal assistance to those in the your own pay podcast club, so get on the waiting list either by clicking this link or sending the word:


to the number:


to save your spot.


Remember that if you don’t add your credit card to your Twitter ads account, you’ll only have the analytics menu option. Adding your credit card will get you access to the creative menu option, as well as the tools menu option also available within Twitter ads. These are amazing resources to allow you to automate your Twitter using the same platform that you’re posting too! Check out this podcast I did the other day titled “three free social media automation tools


How are your tweets doing? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to leave your twitter handle so we all can follow you! If you would like to see video of this, check out the video of embedded above for your reference. In addition, I’ve also included my Twitter profile on this posting so if for some reason you’re not seeing that because this posting is an iTunes, then head on back to the blog.


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