58 – Love for Birds and Languages

In this Your Own Pay podcast, episode #58, I’m going to talk with you guys about five ways to monetize your love or passion. For, specifically, birds and languages. Now, I want to thank Ben for submitting that request to me, and Ben, if you get any value out of this, please do leave reviews in iTunes or go ahead and leave a comment on the blog.

Additionally, I also want to make and request, you, the listener, to take a moment, think about these ideas, and apply them to what you’re passionate about. We’re going to go through these five ideas, and if you get any value out of this, then you want to be on the Your Own Pay podcast club waiting list. Send a text message to 44222 that only contains the word “PAYOWN”, P-A-Y-O-W-N. That’s PAYOWN.

Now, the first way you can turn your love for birds into an income is by setting up a paid e-mail list. Let me give you a little bit about how I figured this could work. You can apply this to any business as well. You could request that someone pays you a monthly investment, say $5.95 or $7.95 a month, and for that monthly investment you’re going to send them once a week, or three times a week, exclusive, hard to find bird sounds.

Where are you going to get these bird sounds? That’s the fun part. Head on over to YouTube and I bet you can find some stuff. Vimeo, Daily Motion, YouTube, all those other video sharing sites, and/or any other resources you’ve got. Why use these sources? Because you’re using content that’s available for free right now, and you can take that content, and because you’re compiling it for the people, and they don’t have to find, they’re going to pay you, and they’re going to love it.

Number two, this one goes into languages. Set up a membership site where you provide people an introduction … Kind of like those other language services do, but you provide people … Lesson one is introduction to a language. Lesson two is how to be able to immerse yourself into the community using languages, or however you want to lay that out. You can always set that up as a membership continuity program, whether that be $9.95 a month $99.95 a month, depends on you and how much effort you’re willing to put into it.

Number three, going back to languages, you can also do personal one-on-one instruction. Because it is exclusive and one-on-one, you can charge more for that. My man Darren Monroe’s all about charge more money. Head on over to ChargeMoreMoney.com, you’ll be able to see what he’s doing and how he’s helping people charge more money. When it comes to working with people and providing them the ability to transform into the way they desire, then you can charge whatever you want, especially if you’re passionate about it.

Number four, you can translate or transcribe. I’m having this podcast transcribed, and it is an English transcription, but why can’t you transcribe someone else’s podcast that might in Spanish into Spanish, or translate it to English while transcribing it, so they can have a blog post for those who don’t speak Spanish? I’m just using Spanish as an example.

Number five, you could take your love for birds and, as I like to say, make a membership site out of it too. I know I’m really big on the membership sites because, really, people like memberships. People like to be able to log in and get access to their material right away. How can you monetize a membership site for bird sounds? Well, why can’t you have a paid discussion for people who hear specific bird sounds in a specific part of the country, or even a specific part of the world, and are willing to share those sounds? Then you can share the revenue of what you bring within site for those who submit content to the site.

Need any more clarification or assistance with this? Definitely get in contact with me, and if you got any value out of this, please, please share it with your social media. Leave a comment or review. This has been the Your Own Pay podcast, Michael Babcock providing five ways to monetize your love and passion for birds and languages.


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