The Blind Blogger, and some other guests – your own pay podcast

In this blab I had an opportunity to interview the blind blogger maxwell Ivey. We discussed some of the challenges he’s overcome, and also talked a bit about how he’s grown his social media presence. In addition, this is the first Blab that I’ve held where we actually received some live engagement from some of the viewers. You can connect with Maxwell on his blog Here, and definitely don’t forget to pick up a copy of his book Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light: A Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to Success – Kindle edition by Maxwell Ivey. Self-Help

There were some audio issues during this blab, as we all know technological mishaps happen, and I explained in the introduction of this podcast while doing dishes that I was going to attempt to run some processing on the audio to cut out some of those sounds. The processing I ran did not perform as well as I expected, therefore, please excuse any audio issues the content is well worth listening to.

In addition to talking with Maxwell, one of our viewers Eric Garrett of the Rush-Miller Foundation joined us to sure a little about why he has started his foundation, and to connect live with Maxwell and discuss technology and more. Eric has a son who do to brain cancer 15 years ago is blind. He wanted to help his son get out and be active, so started to explore ways that he could get tandem bikes for blind and visually impaired children. Check out the Rush-Miller Foundation to learn more.

Not only did I have an opportunity to connect with Maxwell during this interview, and Eric who is the head of the unofficial blind blogger fan club, but I was able to briefly speak with Aaron Sands, a gentleman who connected with me on Twitter about two hours before I did this interview. He is all about fitness, and lost vision two years ago. Aaron is a wounded veteran who has overcome his own unique challenges yet doesn’t let blindness hold them back. Aaron, thank you for your services!! You can learn more about Aaron on his YouTube channel Here, True ambition fitness

As you may know, most of my podcasts are between 10 minutes and 30 minutes, this one on the other hand extended to an hour and 10 minutes long. Definitely take a listen as there are some valuable nuggets of information dropped throughout the entire conversation. I’ll be sure to continue to bring the stories of passionate professional blind individuals to a podcast listening device near you. Do you know someone who might be a good fit for the podcast? If so, have them contact me today.