Drew Weber @radiodrew1 joins us for todays passionate  professional blind individuals chat

In today’s chat I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a little while with the notorious Drew Weber, and I had a blast hanging out with him. Below are my notes I used for directing today’s conversation, to hear any of the answers and to listen to this episode play the attached media to this podcast. 

“You got to be an out of the box thinker, and that’s who Drew Webber is” Via @roosterloop1 #yopcast

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Important, before we get into it. Remember that this is the last episode until Monday, January 2nd, 2017 at 6:00AM PST.


A man after my own heart! Drew loves audio, and making it sound as good ah2>s it can and then taking it even a step further. Drew also got started with assistive technology on the computer using Windows 95 and Jaws 3.2. So he came to the game of bit sooner than I did, my first version was 3.5. Man how times of change since then…


Lets get into it Drew, and before i ask your first question how can people hire your sexy voice (the one women love)

can you introduce yourself to the listeners and let them know what you do?

How has your love for audio impacted the direction of your life

walk us through your creative process and the tools you use to create your work.

What is a challenge you have faced when it comes to working in radio either with imaging or on air, and how have you overcome this?

What is one pease of advise you would give someone who is following there passions?


How have books had an impact on your life?

We were introduced to the iPhone 10 years ago, what’s one thing about technology you are excited to see in the next 10 years?


Can you give contact information for people who want to chat more with you




You can connect with Drew on Twitter:




Drew on Audioboom:


The boom we chatted about today was “#MakingItHappen”


The Christmas jingle played at time marker 


was from the boom, “Holiday 2016 Freebee Imagers, just add station tag! from your! Real Imaging Production”



Join Drew via the power of sound and come along to Disneyland. let him bring Disney 2Ya,


You can get Station Playlist mentioned in this episode on the station playlist homepage.

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