Manage That Inbox – DM1

Manage That Inbox. In this first episode of the Your Own Pay podcast with Damashe and Michael, dubbed the “DM” series until we come up with a better name, we chat with you about ways that we are able to handle the overwhelming clutter that is your email inbox. If your ready to Manage that inbox, then listen and share this episode with your most active social media networks. It is our hope that on a weekly bases, every Tuesday mornning, you can listen to some new tip or tool. If you have something you want to learn about, feel free to connect with us, and of course your ideas and thoughts are welcome in the comments.   It’s time for you to Take notes, and get yourself to Inbox Zero.   Ready to manage that inbox   If your ready to manage that inbox then you need to take careful note of Things discussed in this episode including: G-Suite for email hosting (You will also learn more about these tools in future DM episodes) Sanebox for bringing sanity to your email. (Clicking this link will support the Your own pay podcast via a CPA offer from Sanebox. You get a $5 credit, and I get paid a commission… I forget the amount but once one of you chooses to use the link I’ll be sure to share 🙂 )

  • Email rules for automated email filing (you can do this locally, or via using the automation services like Zapier and IFTTT)
  • Using labels/folders to organize your email (but be careful with automation, Damashe and Michael share reasons in this episode why)

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Damashe is @damashe and Michael is @payown Did we help you Manage that Inbox? If we did, then let us know in the comments. “Learn to manage that inbox with Damashe and Michael in this #yopcast episode. Click To Tweet

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