Your Own Pay Podcast with Tom Dekker

Tom Dekker of IHABILITATION CANADA was the weekly guest for this interview on the your own pay podcast. Tom talks about why he came up with the concept of his Feel’n’see tactical diagrams of applications. Listen how a geography teacher effected his life, and how he overcame the fact that he didn’t think he would be able to use a touch screen. As tom said, he thought the likelihood of him using a completely touchscreen device it’s about as likely as him getting his pilots license next year. Well, he doesn’t have his pilots license, but he does teach other individuals how to be able to interact with that completely touchscreen device that at first he wasn’t sure he would be able to use.

We also discussed in this podcast how even though a person might be blind, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he can’t learn visually. If you know where something is on your phone, reflexively you’ll go back to that particular place and touch that application. I give you an example of how I know where my applications are, that is if I don’t re-organize them.

Tom has shown me that overcoming challenges is something anyone can do. From having difficulties with coming up with a reliable production process, to figuring out exactly what people need to know in order to make things happen. Check out the video above if you want to see or hear a demonstration of what the tactile graphics for your iOS device might look like or feel like. If you’re interested in these tactile diagrams remember you can get them from feel’n’see today!

Listen to this entire podcast and learn how thinking out-of-the-box help Tom get their product in the hands of more individuals. And the process he used isn’t something that most would think of, however his partner help him come up with an amazing idea.

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