3 plug-ins for conversions on your WordPress site.

In this podcast i share with you 3 Plug-ins you need on your WordPress site, to increase your conversions. It’s all good to have a website, however if your not increasing conversions on that site then your waisting your time. That is if you want to make something from your site, i understand some people just want to build a website to say they can.


The three plug-ins used for conversion are the following:


  • Leadpages

    Leadpages lets you create wonderful landing pages with no fuss or mess. The best thing is you can get your leadpages brought over to your site, so you don’t lose your company branding.


  • Shareaholic

    Shareaholic is a plug-in that will add share buttons to your articles. You can choose to share this if your on the your own pay site, and these buttons are powered with this plug-in. My favorite feature is you can add your twitter handle to the settings that will include the text “via @twitterusername”. e.g. if you share this article you will see “Via @payown” at the end of your shared tweet.



    This plug-in, asking “What Would Seth Godin Do”, allows you the site administrator the ability to customize the experience of your sites visitors based on if she is coming to the site the first time, or a repeat visitor. You could use some of the examples i talk about in this podcast to add this to your site in 2016, or think creatively about how you can build a personal connection with your visitors. Look how i’m using it.


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