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In this episode of the your own pay podcast I’m bringing back one of my favorite series. Every Wednesday you’ll here words from ;passionate  professional blind individuals. This week we’re bringing back a guest who debuted on the podcast back on November 19, 2015  in the episode The Blind Blogger, and some other guests – your own pay podcast …

It was awesome catching up with Maxwell, and we mentioned a couple of things I need to include in the show notes today.


Here’s the link to that I mentioned in this episode.


And finally, here’s the description of the live event.

This is a hangout with the blind guy and the blind blogger. This hangout is going to be repurposed to the Your Own Pay Podcast if you miss it.

Maxwell was first heard on the Your Own Pay podcast on November 19th, 2015. Listen to the blind blogger and some other guests at this link:

Connect with the blind blogger on his website:


The Midway Marketplace | Helping people buy, sell, and trade their new and used amusement, concessions, and confections equipment. Also offering appraisals and a wealth of links to the amusement industry.



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