Christine of Insightful publications – todays passionate  professional blind individual

This week’s guest is passionate professional Christine of Insightful publications. Here’s how you can get connected with Christine

Christine is a visually impaired individual putting together her resource handbooks to ensure that the books are up to date for each individual assisting blind individuals, or for the blind person herself, at the time of printing. Insightful Publication started in Dec 2009. It is operated solely by me. As of now there are 24 states resource handbooks. These resource handbooks have a lot of information about the blind such as

  • Employment
  • housing
  • transportation

and it also includes the contact information on the local, national and International level. Brief explanation of the layout of the publication The way the publications  are laid out

  • Company name
  • Contact information
  • Website
  • Brief Description of services or products offered

The Formats

  • large print on request (mailed to you through free matter for the blind)
  • Microsoft Word
  • PDF, html
  • ritchtext format.

Payment they take check, money orders , Paypal and you can go to the site to place orders and learn more. Updates to the book When the book will be updated they will send the reminder that the book is updated and they can request the updated version. And the person who purchases the book gets the updated reminder, so if one state is updated you don’t have to worry about others who bought the list getting told about this information. If state is not listed can people contact you and request with the status is? Yes, people can reach out but they have to send an email. Next state is North Dakota

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