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In this Damashe and Michael, Just talking tech (DM Series) episode we are going to discuss the benefits of voip for business.

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Communication… Communication… Communication!
In business, communication is key. One of the most important ways of communicating is talking, which usually means the phone. Your customers and employees can always send you an email, but there times when hearing another human voice is the best means of sort out potential problems.
This means that your business needs a phone number, a separate number from your everyday personal phone. In the past, you would probably be stuck carrying two cell phones, or having multiple phone lines in your house. No more of that… you still need that work number, but it can all be contained on one device. This is where a VOIP service comes in to play.


VOIP, (voice over internet protocol,) gives you a second number for business, or a full blown PBX service in the cloud. Let Damashe and Michael tell you why you need VOIP.

benefits of voip for business

Having a second number for business will ensure that you are not dealing with business calls after hours. Michael gives a great example of when simply turning off your phone just wouldn’t work.
There are several ways of obtaining a second phone number, separate from your personal cell. Damashe and Michael discuss some of the services that handle all the set up for you, leaving you to only choose a service plan, and set up your forwarding phone numbers. You can get yourself a number that just forwards calls, or choose a more advanced set up with personalized extensions and voicemail boxes.


The sounds heard in this episode at marker “01’31” is thanks to the video at:

Bell System #1 Step in downtown Raleigh, NC – Part 1

Do give it a listen if you’ve not before.

DIY Options for voip for business

Of course, there are the DIY solutions. Michael explains how you can build out your own PBX service, with the features you prefer, sometimes at a significant price difference from the turn-key solutions.
We all have used VOIP at some point, but this episode will introduce you to the VOIP options for your business. No matter whether you choose a DIY solution, or a turn-key solution, Damashe and Michael agree that you must have a phone number just for handling business. Share your thoughts in the comments, or chat with us on Twitter, @damashe and @payown.

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