former police officer now speaker, preacher, podcaster, and radio network owner Rob Thibodeau stopped by What’s Your Excuse

Hello again;

Happy to be sharing another wonderful interview on The What’s Your Excuse? Show.

This time my guest is Bob Thibodeau.

Host of The Kingdom Crossroads Podcast.

Rob was forced out of his dream job as a military drill instructor due to downsizing.

Then he suffered an injury that would force him out of the police force.

He found a faith in God and relied on that to transform himself.

Now days he is a Motivational speaker, a top podcast host, a podcaster trainer, and owner of a fifth based radio network.

This one did run a little one, but I assure you it’s worth it.

You will come away inspired and determined to find something to believe in whether that is God, a higher power, the universe, etc.

If Rob can do it then what’s your excuse?

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I started down this path a long time ago. I was in the Army and applied for Drill Sergeant (or Drill Instructor) status. Over three years, I personally trained over 2,000 soldiers. I was teaching classes and demonstrating techniques in eight week cycles, often 12-15 hours per day (on easy days)! I developed the “voice” that can carry while giving presentations.

As a Police Officer, I was selected as the assistant to the Public Affairs Officer and filled in for him when he was away. I was soon doing interviews on local and national news outlets during critical incidents and tragedies that occurred in our jurisdiction, live on TV, with no problems (talk about pressure)!

Since retiring from the police force, I started and operate an online Christian radio station (Evangelism Radio). This station has been rated by as the #1 online station in the world (in our genre). I have had the privilege of speaking in front of groups over the past nine years promoting our radio station (Evangelism Radio).

I also am a recognized podcasting expert. I have spoken at podcasting conferences and have helped literally hundreds of people either start their podcast or improve their podcasts. I have been podcasting for over nine years. My current podcast is over three years old and has over 600 episodes. I’ve conducted over 400 interviews in that time as well.

Between managing the radio station on a daily basis, my podcast interviews, helping others with achieving their podcasting dreams and helping businesses in their leadership team building efforts, my days are pretty much full. LOL!

Connect with Bob


Kingdom Crossroads Podcast:

Face Book:


Linked In:

I hope you will help me show my gratitude to Rob for appearing on my show and for having me on his by visiting his site and sharing some of his work with your friends.

As I always say the best way to show a blogger or podcaster gratitude is to put buts in the seats, feet on the ground, or faces behind the screens.

I also want you guys to know that I couldn’t keep doing this without you.

On those days when I feel less than heroic it’s knowing you are depending on me that helps keep me going.

I think Max get off your butt and write that post, record that interview, send those emails, or post on social media.

So many of you have said I inspire you. So, I wanted you to know that I am also inspired by you.

Thanks and take care out there, Max

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