Privacy policy

Policies for your Privacy updated on may 28, 2018


Why this update

As we have never had one in place now, and with the recent GDPR enforcement as of May 25, 2018 I thought it is time for you to learn about the information we gather from you, and why it’s used, where we stored information, how you can remove that information, and how you can modify/see that information.

what information

The following our general categories of information that is gathered about you with your every day use of the website or properties around the web.

how information is gathered

who information is shared with

why information is gathered

  1. We gather your information to provide a more personalized experience for you visiting our properties.
  2. Your information is captured to create a customer record to assist us with locating your history with our company.
  3. We also gather information from you in order to provide:
  1. Your information is used to share related content and services to you around the web.

how to remove or request your information

If you wish to remove or request your information you can leverage any of the following methods:


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