What’s Your Excuse with guest Super Joe Pardo

Hello again;

As I told you in last week’s post my plan is to release new episodes every Monday morning.

I want to get your week started with some information, inspiration, and motivation that will help you overcome one of those excuses that has been holding you back.

And this week we have a great guest who also happens to be a personal friend in Joe Pardo aka Super Joe.

Joe is an award winning business coach and podcast host.

He is also the best selling author of Sales Won’t Save Your Business.

He is also the host of a new TV show called The TOP where he will be helping business owners grow their businesses and reach their dreams.

In this interview I got Joe to open up about some of the personal struggles of being an entrepreneur growing a business while maintaining a healthy personal life that includes marriage to his wife Melissa and their two young children.

He is very open, honest, and authentic in this interview.

We talk about many things that other bloggers, podcasters, and entrepreneurs struggle with.

I know you are going to love hearing from Joe.

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