189 – X Unpacked

Episode Notes

In this episode of the iACast, Michael takes the main speaker role and starts off by mentioning that he is alone for today’s episode. He expresses his excitement about some news and mentions that there is both good and bad news to discuss. He informs the listeners that they can now listen to the iACast on iACast Radio through a new echo skill and the iAccessibility app. He also expresses his desire to add tech talk radio shows to iACast Radio as well. Moving on to the news, Michael mentions that Twitter has changed its name to X, which Elon Musk announced on Friday of the previous week. He discusses his mixed opinions on this change and reveals that Elon Musk frequently makes changes and announcements on the Twitter platform. He explains that the X logo, created by a contest winner, will now represent Twitter. The iOS and Android apps have also been updated to reflect this change. Michael expresses his disappointment in losing the Twitter brand that they have built over the years and questions the motive behind the sudden name change. He wonders why Elon Musk hired a CEO if he intends to make all the decisions himself. Additionally, he mentions that the app’s dark mode will be the only option going forward, and light mode support will be discontinued. Michael concludes by mentioning alternative platforms like Mastodon and expresses his disappointment in the situation. Next, Michael discusses the end of an era as Twitter announces its shutdown. He mentions that some people see this as a lamentable decision, but there are alternative social media platforms, such as Mastodon, that offer similar features and may eventually join the Fediverse. He notes that not all Mastodon servers support threads, as some server admins prefer not to have any connection with meta. Server admins should consider the preferences of their users, particularly on instances catering to the blindness community. Despite the changes, Twitter remains significant to many people, and it’s interesting to observe that the Twitter app for Mac has yet to be updated. Moving on, Michael shares some recommendations for other shows to check out, including discussions on routers and various topics by Unmute Presents. Shifting gears, he delves into the much-anticipated Vision Pro, a virtual or augmented reality headset designed with accessibility in mind. However, it’s crucial to handle this device with care, as the glass front is not invincible and can scratch or shatter upon impact. He highly recommends AppleCare to protect this $3,500 piece of equipment. As for updates, Vision OS and Vision Pro Labs are now open, although reservations are required. The labs offer developer kits, which come with strict usage guidelines and require head measurements. Additionally, these kits must not leave the authorized user’s location and are equipped with air tags to ensure they remain at the designated address. Finally, Michael briefly touches on the Samsung Unpacked July 2023 event, where four exciting devices are expected to be unveiled. Towards the end of the episode, Michael mentions a show called “Star Trek Lower Decks” that he has been enjoying lately. He recommends it to Star Trek fans as it features voice actors from the original TV show and offers a glimpse into what some of the characters are up to after Voyager and Next Generation. He notes that the show is available on Paramount Plus with audio description. In his sign-off, Michael shares his online presence across various platforms and encourages listeners to reach out to him with feedback. He thanks the listeners for their support and announces that the usual crew members will be back for the next episode.


Twitter rebranded to X
Vision Pro Labs and Dev Kits
Samsung Unpacked July, 2023


Michael: Star Trek Lower Decks

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