3 Tools anyone in the #leadpages industry should be using – your own pay podcast #yopcast

3 Tools anyone in the #leadpages industry should be using – your own pay podcast #yopcast



These are the three tools anyone in the lead pages industry needs to be using. If you’re not familiar with what lead pages is, or what AWeber is, then you really need to check out the program I’ve got coming out. Click here to get on the waiting list for this program, and the knowledge i’ll provide you with will definitely allow you an opportunity to transform your business! When I open the door for this, you’ll have access to an opportunity to acquire a lot of the knowledge I have obtained over the past few years. So, don’t forget to click here and get on the waiting list but only if you get any value out of this audio cast or blog post.


If you’re in the leadpages industry, either creating lead pages for local clients, your nationwide client, or even just yourself then you definitely need to use these tools.




Aweber, I absolutely love their platform! What service they provide is the ability to automatically follow up with your prospects via email, and to be honest with you when I first started using them they weren’t the most accessible platform available. However, with feedback from myself and others, they’ve come leaps and bounds with accessibility implementations. They also just announced today, a new platform to allow even better email automation, and I’ll definitely be experimenting with this new platform providing feedback when it comes to accessibility.




Wistia is a secure video hosting service that will allow you to embed your videos in sites that you elect them to be embedded in. I use the free account with Wistia at this time, and the limitation to this is the amount of videos you have hosted with them, and the fact that videos you have hosted with them have a wistia brand to them so people can see who i use to host my videos. The reason  I am using Wistia to host my videos over youtube is you can’t guarantee who’s accessing you YouTube videos and downloading them to the computer. The other feature about Wistia is that you can get statistics on your videos and with a pro account, you can get a lot more engaging with your viewers.




You need your own site, and this can be accomplished with the WordPress platform. I’m learning about building courses on WordPress, and i’ve built some memberships on WordPress. You don’t relish until you use it, how the sky is the limit with WordPress and anything can be accomplished using this platform. I’ve even been a part of someone building his own membership social network just using select plugins in WordPress.


The 3 tools you need to be using if your in the #Leadpages Industry are AWeber, for your email autoresponder. Wistia for your video hosting and distribution. The final tool, WordPress because you can do everything else with it. If you listen to the podcast, i also throw a bonus tip for a plugin you can check out to take your WordPress site to an entire new level.


If you get excited about learning this knowledge, then you should  get on our waiting list for this delightful program that the doors will only be open for a short time.


What is your favorite tool to accomplish the above tasks Aweber, Wistia, and WordPress do? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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