4 Incredible Motivation Transformations

4 Incredible Motivation Transformations


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Today is our Monday Motivation show. In this podcast we will discuss four people who have had incredible motivation transformations.


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Today we will talk about people who have made a change in their life both overcoming the challenges that they have faced and we will get into a little bit of weight loss motivation.


Weight Loss Motivation:

Maxwell Ivey at the blindblogger.net has an incredible story. You can check our previous interview with Maxwell Ivey here.


Scott Rumery just had his 46th birthday and realized that he has to lose weight or he will not be able to see his 50th birthday. We will be connecting with Scott to interview him soon. To learn more about Scott’s story check it out here. We wish Scott well wishes for his surgery on May 17th.  


Motivational Individuals who lost their vision:

Mike Malarsie lost vision due to a detonation and did not let his lack of vision hold him back. 3 weeks after losing his vision he was climbing a rock wall. We will be interviewing him on Friday so check us out to hear his story. You can check out Mike’s youtube channel here.  


Aaron Sands is a blind body-builder teaching other individuals how to get in shape. You can check out a previous interview we did with Aaron here. You can also check out his YouTube page here and his twitter page here.


If you are interested in checking out any books that you heard in any of these interviews you can check them out here.


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