adding and removing a due date to Trello cards with your eyes closed

For everyone like myself in the United States, i hope you had a happy and save Thanks Giving yesterday.

If your going black Friday shopping, all i have to say is remember those who work in retail…


Or just stay home and let me teach you something.

In today’s podcast episode I walk you through the process of adding a due date to your cards within Trello, of course with your eyes closed while using voiceover. Did you enjoy today’s content? If so, don’t forget to let someone in your social media network know, because it’s possible they will enjoy it as well!

A quick rundown of the steps I took within this episode can be found below, however for more in depth explanations and to actually listen over my shoulder, play this weeks Friday episode of the your own pay podcast.

The first thing I did was located the card I wanted to add a due date to within the list that I’ve been working with, for purposes of this demonstration this was within the headlines list. After locating the card I selected it by pressing the VO plus space combination. This brought me to the card itself, and I could make modifications to the information found here. Use any means possible to find the link that says “due date”, and select this link. Focus is then placed an edit box where you can type in the date, however if you don’t know the exact date but do know when you want The due date to be, listen to the  episode to learn how to use the calendar that is accessible. After you’ve entered your date and time, select the “save” button.

This podcast episode also walks you through the process of removing a due date from a card, once you’ve added it. You can’t “mark as complete”, when you’ve finished with a card, to have it taken out of your upcoming events. You can however remove the due date.

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