All Things Lady A – Episode on Alexa Games

Show Notes for All Things Lady A – Episode on Alexa Games

Welcome to this fun-filled episode of All Things Lady A, where we delve into the entertaining world of games you can play with your Amazon Alexa devices. From word puzzles to brain teasers, join us as we explore some of the most engaging games available, showcasing the versatility and fun your Lady A devices can bring into your home.

Date: 8 Feb, 2024

Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction to Alexa Games:
    Kick off the episode with an overview of the myriad games available for play on Alexa devices. Discover how easy it is to turn your device into a source of endless entertainment.

  • Community Calls on ACB:
    Learn about the community calls hosted on the ACB community platform, where participants explore new games every second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 2 p.m. Eastern. A perfect opportunity for listeners to request games or discover new ones.

  • Featured Games:
    1. Grand Slam Word Game:
    Dive into the anagram-solving world of the Grand Slam Word Game with our host. Experience the challenge of ranking up from an anagram trainee to an enthusiast, with categories ranging from “in the bathroom” to “on a hike.”

  1. Word Chain:
    Engage in a fast-paced word association game where you match wits against Alexa. Choose from categories like countries, capitals, animals, fruits, and vegetables, and see how long you can keep the chain going.

  2. Word Tennis:
    Enjoy a verbal volley with Word Tennis, where the challenge is to keep the rally going in categories selected by Alexa. Test your quick thinking and broad knowledge base in a competitive or cooperative mode.

  • Gameplay Tips and Tricks:
    Share insights on strategies for success in these games, including how to handle pressure and think on your feet. Plus, learn how to access hint packs and navigate through challenging rounds.

  • Listener Engagement:
    Encourage listeners to join the ACB community calls for a live gaming experience and to share their favorite Alexa games. Invite feedback and suggestions for future episodes through email at

  • Closing Thoughts:
    Reflect on the fun and challenges of today’s featured games and tease the next episode’s content. Remind listeners of the weekly tech Q&A sessions hosted by Michael Babcock, Marty Sobo, and the team, where all technology questions are welcome.

Contact Information:

  • Feedback:
  • Community Calls: Join us live on ACB Media 5 or via Clubhouse. Visit ACB Community for details on joining via Zoom.

Join us again next month for more exciting explorations into the world of Alexa and beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just looking for new ways to engage with your Alexa device, there’s something for everyone. Until next time, keep playing and exploring the possibilities with your Lady A devices!

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