bring passion to your content

In today’s episode I talk with you about how important it is to bring passion to the voice of your content. If you’re producing podcast which I have the most experience with, your listeners will be able to tell if you’re just reading the content you’re sharing with them. If however you’re truly passionate about what you’re talking about, and the material you want to share with your listeners is  something you care about, then you’ll be able to bring content to them without having to read everything. Yes, sometimes you do need to use notes or prompts to keep you on task, however people are able to tell when all you’re doing is reading a script.


In today’s episode I shared with you and example of two hosts of a podcast called the blind hour podcast who, number one you shouldn’t  listen to if you have children around or are easily offended, however number two are passionate about sharing their message with the world and the people who provide them feedback. You can tell that they don’t read Word for Word what they want to share in there episodes, and though they might get off task they still are able to complete the episode with the general idea of the topic they want to complete.

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If you don’t have passion in what you’re writing about, people can tell that it’s a disjointed  blog post or paper. Often the material is positioned like an outline that was simply transitioned into a blog post or paper. So bring passion to your podcast, blog post, email, and social media and the people who you’re trying to connect with will resonate with you.


Finally, I reminded you in today’s podcast that I am going to four days a week posting schedule, Monday Wednesday and Friday at 6 AM West Coast time, that’s 9 A.m. Eastern, and Saturday at 12 noon West Coast time 3 PM Eastern.


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