Build On Social Media – #Yopcast E1

Welcome to the your own pay E1.

Last time we chatted about how you can  Succeed by failing.

Tomorrow we are going to chat about email marketing, your going to love that episode of the your own pay podcast.

It feels nice for Michael to be back behind the mic, chatting in a new format that he hopes you love.

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The tip for today is that not everyone is going to see your content. According to this hubs pot article between 6.5% and 2% of your fans will see your posts. This is down from the 16% in 2012, and numbers from 2014.


Marketing Land said in this article the average tweet impression that they observed was between 1 and 3%. This also goes with the analytics I’m seeing from my own twitter account, over the last 28 days I had. 0.6% of people see my tweets. If you want to check your stats using voiceover, listen to the podcast I recorded last year called Take Advantage of Twitter analytics.

If you spend two much time working on building your social media networks, you will lose out on true relationship opportunities. Focus on building a list, and bring content to the people who are following you.

The more you focus on bring content, the more people will share your knowledge.

I learned this because of feedback from those regular listeners of the Your Own Pay Podcast.

The answer as to if you should build your business on social media will surprise you, so listen to todays episode and share your thoughts in the comments. Are you on social media? If so, how is that social media working out for you.