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Thanks for listening, and if your ready to contact the your own pay podcast then be sure to use the information on this page to connect and leave your comments and feedback. Directly below this text is a feedback form that you can leverage to provide your feedback. Below the contact form is a section with contact information for each host of the Your Own Pay Podcast Network.

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How to Contact Your Own Pay Podcast Hosts

You can contact a your own pay podcast host below, and learn a bit more about that particular host two.

  • Michael Babcock

You can use the form on this page to email Michael

And you can also connect via twitter, @payown

Or Facebook via the consulting with Michael Babcock fan page.

Michael was the original host of the Your Own Pay podcast and has been recording podcasts in some form since 2000 at least.

Make today the best day of your life, then do it again tomorrow.

  • Damashe Thomas

You can connect with Damashe via using the contact form found on this page

Or you can connect with Damashe via @Damashe on twitter.

Damashe was brought on as the main host of the DM series of podcasts because his personality connects with Michaels just fine. One day Damashe and Michael were talking about Slack and released why not make this into a podcast series.

Now the #1 series of episodes so far has been the feedback from the DM series, check it out if you haven’t.