Clean My Convertkit List – T2

Cleanning you’re Convertkit list In today’s teaching podcast, I’m walking you through the process I used to start cleaning my Convertkit list. If you’re interested in a 30 day trial of Convertkit, and you’d like some additional exclusive content from yours truly, enter your name and email address below and I’d be delighted to send you over some additional video content and you’ll be immediately presented with a free trial offer for Convertkit. [Convertkit form=5049548] Why should i clean my Convertkit list? There are several reasons you might want to consider cleaning your Convertkit email list, in today’s posting I discussed a few of those with you. However, here are some you might want to consider if you haven’t yet:

  • Lowered cost
  • Higher open/clickthrew rate
  • more engaging list

Starting to clean your Convertkit mailing list Today’s posting is all about using the Convertkit email management service and keeping your list clean, however the general principles especially in this section can be applied to any email marketing management software. Prior to being able to clean up your list, you need to know who is engaging with you. In today’s content I mentioned an article in the Convertkit knowledgebase that will provide you with more information about how to clean up your list after you’ve created the segment of subscribers we’re doing in today’s content. How to Prune Cold Subscribers from your List And the first couple of sections of the aforementioned article is what I go through in today’s content. Next steps for cleanning my Convertkit mailing list? This is only the second step of a multi step process outlined in the knowledge base article linked above.   However, for your reference here’s a quick outline of the steps that need to be completed in order to cleanup my list completely:

  • email list a series of emails
  • segment subscribers based on engagement
  • Create a link automation to remove the “burrr” tag from subscribers when clicked on it
  • send 3–5 emails to cold subscribers over the next week with link automation included in these emails
  • At the end of a week, remove all subscribers that still have the tag

Next steps for the blog Having the details for the steps you need to follow in order to maintain a clean converter Kit email list is great, however the real power comes in implementation. So here are the future plans that I’m going to take with this particular project. And you’ll be able to follow along with this journey as well. Right now, I currently have583 subscribers in total and 197 subscribers are part of the Burrr tag. 33.7%, or 34%, rounding up is the amount of people that according to the first pass are not reading my emails on a consistent basis. I’m going to send three or four e-mails to the 197 individuals who currently have the burrr tag attached to them over the next week. next Thursday’s podcast episode will be an update with how many people out of the 197 people remain on the list. Convertkit Cleanup Conclusions In this clean up my Convertkit list posting I walk you through the preliminary steps necessary to clean up your list. We’ll track how many people we actually pruned from the list over the next week, and document how that goes for us. The average open rate of my broadcast messages with the current subscriber count how it is is about 9%. The average click through rate in my messages is typically under 1%, closer to 0.02%. I’m hoping that with cleaning my list, these numbers will go up by at least one fourth. Did you enjoy this? Did you enjoy this teaching article/cast? If so, don’t forget to share this with your most active social media. And I’m curious, how many subscribers do you currently have and out of those subscribers how many are engaging with your list?

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