Podcast Workflow Using Trello – DM12

Ready to learn our podcast workflow using Trello? This week, Damashe and Michael will share the process for getting the show out to you each week. Producing the DM Show usually starts over a iMessage conversation. While we both love Slack, iMessage is usually immediately available, and consistent regarding accessibility. Trello plays a significant role in taking the idea from iMessage for a podcast episode right through the publishing process. Starting with the ideas list, we begin adding relevant links and other material to research the show topic. Once we decide to actually record a show on the topic, the card gets moved from the ideas list to the planned list. This list gives us something to look at for show topics when we schedule a recording session.   Any feedback we receive starts on our feedback list, and will then enter this same movement of cards on the board. What’s next in our podcast workflow using Trello? Once we actually record the episode, the card is moved over to the recorded list, which is when the post processing begins. Yes, of course, there is some automation happening, with much more to be implemented. Michael tells you all about Butler Bot in this episode…     Thanks a lot to Amanda for bringing it to his attention.   As mentioned in this episode, we love to get feedback from you, on what you want to hear, what needs more clarification, and yep… even what you don’t like. You can always reach us on Twitter @Damashe and @Payown. Links for this Episode Can always be found on this episodes show notes.