Getting Paid – DM 14

DM14: Getting Payed If you’re in business for yourself, getting payed is serious business. Unlike working for someone else, where your employer takes care of taking payments and issuing your check, you have to take care of these things yourself when you are the boss. So how are you going to actually get your money from the customer to your account? That’s what Damashe and Michael are talking about this week. Since it is entirely posssible that your business is completely online, let’s talk about how to take payments from your site. You have several options for getting payed on your website, but Damashe and Michael talk about PayPal and Stripe. Both of these payment processors can allow you to quickly start taking credit card payments from your WordPress site. When choosing a payment solution, the card processing fees are always worth your consideration; as well as how soon you can possibly access your funds. Damashe and Michael go over some of the integrations possible with both PayPal and Stripe. One of the show favorites is FreshBooks, an online invoicing and cloud accounting service. There are also integrations with different form builder solutions for WordPress, and of course iOS apps. Then, of course, the guys talk about how to get payed in person. These solutions primarily are apps for your mobile devices, sometimes with an accompanying external card reader. We hope you will reach out to ask questions about getting payed, find us on Twitter @Damashe and @Payown. Links for this Episode * PayPal * PayPal for business * Stripe * FreshBooks Cloud Accounting * Gravity Forms * Thinkific * Michael Interviews Marlon * PayPal – Send and request money safely * PayPal Here : Mobile Point Of Sale (POS) System * Stripe Dashboard * Charge – Stripe Credit Card Payment * FreshBooks Classic