Extending wordpress with Plugins

DM18: Extending WordPress with Plugins

Image showing the WordPress Plugin directory, to use for Extending wordpress with Plugins

One of the reasons we prefer discussed in DM16 is the plugin architecture.
Extending wordpress with Plugins
Plugins for WordPress allow you to really give your site abilities and features to meet your needs, without knowing any code. And yes, there are times where the only way to accomplish something on a WordPress site are to dig in to the code, but those times have become fewer and fewer over time.
Using plugins can allow you to quickly create forms, produce wiki docs, and even turn your site in to a teaching platform. The options you have with plugins are virtually endless, and you can discover many of them for free. Many plugins are available for free, or as a freemium model. These free plugins can mostly be found in the WordPress Plugin Directory, where they say there currently over 50,000 plugins available.

If you enjoy this episode, you need these 10 plugins from Damashe and Michael

A Few Tips When Looking for Plugins

While plugins are great, you want to take some precautions when choosing and deploying them.
* Don’t go overboard with the number of plugins running on a site. The quickest way to slow down your site is to have to many plugins loading.
* Check out the ratings and last update date when browsing the directory.
* Backup your site before deploying a plugin that is going to significantly change your site.
* You don’t need two or more plugins that provide the same functionality.
* If looking at a paid plugin, be sure to check out the return policy, as well as the site licenses you have.

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