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s3 or b2?

Now isn’t that fun to write?

Should I use Amazon S3, or Backblaze B2 for my business?

Listen to this weeks episode to get Damashe and Michael’s responce to that very question.

Case for the cloud?

What is the reason that you would like to use a cloud hosting service?
If you want to avoide the 10 or so line policy configuration for permitions then you need to check out backblaze b2.
If however, you need the ability to lock your files down tighter then…

Well, tighter then your in house IT geek may think is possible, then you need to check s3 out.

Want more from the notes?
Two bad, you need to listen for this weeks episode!
back to our normal show notes and podcast content next week

oh and hears an article from Damashe for you.
Amazon AWS S3 outage is breaking things for a lot of websites and apps | TechCrunch

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