DM45, Editing Flexible Text Toggl’s.

Helping podcast hosts edit audio with Reaper

Helping podcast hosts edit audio with reaper that goes into an image of a condenser microphone with black background,

Let’s start out with helping podcast hosts edit audio in reaper.

This episode starts out with Damashe and Michael talking about how our tracks get Lined up for editing audio. If you’re looking at recording your own podcast episode, it’s best that when possible you record your audio on each end of the recording. This is also called a double ender recording.


After you get both tracks recorded, the next step is to bring the audio into reaper for audio editing.


Flexible web with Jaws


We then transition into a brief description of how Michael uses flexible web with jaws to quickly navigate Google Calendar. 

The conversation  Then transitioned into a brief side note discussion about finding similarities in accessibility between platforms. 

Google docs is used to create the show notes for Damashe and Michael, and the accessibility to docs has impressed us.


This was a busy episode starting out helping podcast hosts edit audio to, including Android 11, 1Password, a convoluted way to access remote computer  Text expander, invoicing, and a whole lot more in DM45.


Links to items mentioned in this episode


Google Docs Keystrokes


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