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Trying to find positivity?

We start out discussing the fact that we seem to have more time learning our technology.

Michael starts out sharing how he was playing with flexible web with jaws.

We mentioned it last week. Well last time we published an episode and now he has it to where he’s automatically put where he need to be to hit enter on download to download a link and he thinks it’s because he has some free time and can actually spend the time customizing what he sees with Jaws.

This should be useful when returning to work.

Damashe mentions that he’s been doing some of that as well.

Transitioning into talking a little about Editing Audio, following up to DM45, Editing Flexible Text Toggl’s.

tweaking little things here and there.

Really getting into Reaper actually a lot. thanks to the free courses, he’s learned a few tricks that he did not know about that have made editing a hell of a lot faster.

First of all, just getting more comfortable on it.

And actually understanding some of the settings and where different settings are and how you can configure things.

Templets in reaper can help you build a more efficient workflow, and Damashe shares his virtual audio mixer setup.

Damashe then shares a little about his recording formats and how he better understands the power of reaper.

Headspace for those who are unemployed

Michael shares information about the free headspace offer.

And Damashe shares information about the free 1Password offer, linked to in the notes below.

Also mentioning the google meet offer for all users threw the end of September.

Exciting events

Michael asks Damashe some of the things he would like to see at apple’s WWDC

·       Audio Routing

·       Real automation

·       Or is that Bug Fixes he wants?


raise your Zoom hand

Damashe shares his discovery of the term:

Zoom Hand

Followed by his asking Michael what he wants to see at the event for Android 11’s announcement event on June 3rd.

·       Web Navigation(or do we?)

·       New gestures for Android 11

·       Followed up with a little curiosity about the Pixel 4A?

Tech for blind working from home?

Michael asked this question in the Blind Employment Solutions network.

And Damashe was curious to know what’s new for Michael.

Flexible web with Jaws is the main new thing that Michael found to be useful.

Followed up with Place markers.

Damashe is implementing the closed door policy more then he has in the past.

And his brief mention of spaceship you.

Sonos beam

Michael mentions his happiness with the Beam from Sonos. This turns into a brief conversation about the fact that for our mental health we need to step back and give ourselves a little time to relax. Work at your most productive time; but don’t force the productivity.

Damashe said that he finds that he’s reading a lot of audiobooks and oftentimes trying to read a book while he is also supposed to be doing Something else,.

so again, be mindful of that.

also be mindful of the fact that sometimes if your brain is not in that work mode, don’t force it, you can’t force especially if you’re in a space where what you’re doing is creative in any sort of way, you really cannot force that.

15 Years

Michael mentions that Allison of PodFeet has had her podcast live for 15 years.

Damashe mentioned that even on the times where she could not do her show, she has, you know, built up enough good relationships and enough trust in people, frankly to allow them to step in and guest host her show.

Allowing the NosillaCast to continue to happen.

that is what is truly amazing about that is that she’s made sure it’s not been a week without a Nosilla Cast published. So congrats to her for that.

Damashe mentions that we need to be more consistent. and sometimes he’s like, you know, whatever. This is the show. Like it comes out when it comes out. There’s no schedule.

and Michael shares how in the 15th year anniversary episode you have a chance to observe the ways that she’s changed her intro and The current intro That she has she didn’t get to until 2017.

So 12 years into podcasting every week, and it took her to figure out her intro, which tells me as someone who’s helping other people create podcasts that you can start your show now and start your podcast now. it’s gonna evolve and just realize that.

 as long as you get comfortable with that, and you start producing content, you’ll eventually find your stride.

Figure out what you want to podcast about.

But of course, it’s good to have a target audience and someone who you can be helping with your podcast, but if not, and you’d like to spend the time recording and that’s the way you produce content best get out there and do it.

 sometimes your podcast changes drastically,

it is going to change some way somehow.

How the DM Series has changed

Damashe shares that For example, when me and Mike started recording we wanted to talk about the technology and the tools and the things that we were doing in our lives.

Because we would oftentimes find ourselves on the phone having these discussions and notice that that conversation could have been a podcast

that has changed from when we started at that point, we were both working from home.

We also hadn’t started work with Blind Employment Solutions, So a lot of our workflows have changed over the years and that’s changed the conversation that we’re having as well just realize that things are going to change

Michael then remembers recording on the EarPods and remembers recording on those and then he got his first ATR 2100 with Damashe.

the sound quality was night and day, and now he’s hanging out with the cool kids and recording a podcast from a closet with clothes in the room because he realized that that’s going to dampen some of the sound and hopefully the evolution between what our audio started back in DM1, to what we’re at 46 has evolved.

Wrap up

We then wrap the conversation up sharing how to get ahold of

Michael on Twitter

and Damashe on twitter.

in order to get more information about links mentioned in this episode, please visit your own or find the references heading below.

Thanks for enjoying the randomness known as our show.


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