Android Jobs, and ducks with TV

Adult Content

Android Jobs, and ducks with TV


Before we get started, a quick note that today’s episode may contain adult content, and listener discretion is advised.




We start out this episode by briefly addressing the unrest and turbulence in our country at this time.


Damashe and Michael both encourage all listeners who are protesting to be as Peaceful as you can.


Google Events


Damashe asks Michael if we have any updates on the Android 11 event yet.


Michael however has seen 12 different talks that will be shared when it does happen.


Michael and Damashe admit accessibility is directly addressed in that list of topics, however As we have mentioned in the past accessibility can be as simple as being able to use your product right out of the box.


This therefore causes accessibility to not be addressed directly in some instances, which is a good thing because it’s a win, win for everybody.


Linked In on Android


Damashe asks Michael what Linkedin has done to improve the experience for talkback users on Android.


Starting out, Michael shares how facebook is currently laid out, and the fact that you have an action button directly after the contents of each of your newsfeed stories that you can tap on in order to take action on that story. Like, React, share, etc.


This Inspires Michael to go on a quick side note sharing how you can edit what ads you’re shown on facebook by telling facebook to show you these ads anymore or not to show from this Advertiser anymore. 


Linkedin used to have a like post, comment on post, and share post button directly after each of the posts in your Linked In news feed that a talkback user would have had to flick past in order to get to the next story.


While Michael was sharing his robinhood link on Linkedin he decided to check out linkedin because he hadn’t visited the linkedin app in a while.


And that’s when he discovered that you can quickly flick through all of your news items in the app, and if you wanted to react to the post or share or select one of the hashtags all you needed to do was access your local context menu, tap on actions, and then several actions would become available for you as a TalkBack user. Michael also mentioned how he’s set up a custom shortcut reducing the amount of TAPS one needs to take in order to access actions for each post. 


Damashe mentions he needs to invest more of his social media time on LinkedIn, because he also has noticed accessibility Improvement on the iPhone. This transition into a conversation about audibles Improvement to the layout of their app and how you have different ways of viewing your library as well as the fact they have Implemented voiceover rotor actions for taking action on a book that may be selected.


How do you feel about social media?


Damashe asks Michael how he’s feeling today about social media in general now and where he’s spending a majority of his time at now.


That social media and general is a time waste, he explains his morning routine at this time and how for a very brief. Of course he did suspend his Facebook account.


Write the second he’s spending a lot of time on Facebook and wants to change that So he’s starting to spend more time on Twitter. With the changes that LinkedIn has made however, because it won’t take multiple flicks to quickly get through to the next item in the news feed, chances are that he will start spending more time over there. 


Jobs side note


Michael put in 5 applications this week at different Companies, one of them is a company he worked for a couple of years ago.


Because of the situation that we’re in, THEY ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN start working from home.


And then on Monday, he has a conversation scheduled with someone from American Insurance life or something of that nature, selling life insurance. He’s not quite sure that he wants to go into selling life insurance, and there is some schooling that needs to be completed prior to him starting this position, but the fact is out of five applications he’s already had 2 schedule something for exploration on moving forward with either of these companies. 


Damashe mentions how he thinks for those In the disabled Community it’s probably one of the best times to start looking for a position especially since companies are forced to be open to exploring work-from-home opportunities and positions.


Google Docs on Mobile


Michael asked Damashe if he uses Google docs on IOS and his reply is very rarely, but he is looking into using the API to connect drafts and google docs to append a doc with contents from drafts.


The primary reason he doesn’t use it is that it’s a little difficult to edit your google doc on IOS.


He does have it installed to read a doc, or to quickly create one in some cases and he admits that it’s not used as much as he would like to use it.

As he said, it’s a little disturbing and aggravating when your editing and focus shifts back to the start of your doc or to other locations within the doc.


It’s mainly this reason that he tends to stick to using google docs in chrome on the mac.


Michael’s experiences on Android are the opposite, he has no problem with editing docs however reading on the other hand was problematic.


Michael then shares how he was able to read a doc 


He discovered that once you switch your granularity and find the text of the document, you can read by that granularity setting. For example, SWITCH YOUR granularity two paragraphs, find the text and swipe to the right to read your texts by paragraph. If however you switch your granularity to default, swiping to the right will take you out of the contents of the document, and move you back to buttons inside the Google Docs application. 


Duck Duck


Michael makes an off-handed comment prompting Damashe to ask why he’s using DuckDuckGO.


This Transitions our conversation into a brief discussion about browsers and our preferred browsers. 


Michael mentioned the lawsuit brought against Google related to Private Browsing, causing us to chat further about how it’s important that people pay attention to the industry and privacy policies. 




Damashe asks Michael what his thoughts on the 4A and 4AXL, and as Michael explains he’s not interested in them at all at this time, however if we needed to get another phone it would be a likely tool he may look into picking up.


If it had Face ID (not very likely) he would be more apt at investing into it.


Damashe asks Michael if he has looked into the NVIDIA SHIELD at all and Michael says no. He wants to get more information about the roommered android tv stick.


powerbeats pro 


Michael asks Damashe if he has any new tech in his life. He mentions he has a new tool in the .powerbeats pro He shares his thoughts and a brief explanation of what they look like.








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