DM51 – Microphones, Betas, repeater books, and Krypton

Are we recording?

This week’s episode starts out with the two of us in our pre-show content discussing how the episode will be recorded using Google meet.

Damashe mentions the fact that he did go into the admin settings, and configured the Google meet recording.

When we are done it will be added To his Google Drive, and the recording is made available to those who are in the calendar invitation.

Michael mentioned how this will make it a little easier to match up the audio, excluding being introduced to drift.

The discussion about what type of content is left in the final edited episode is then started.

Michael Talking Mic’S

Michael shares some of the problems he’s having with microphones, while clarifying the fact that the Q2U is not made by the Samsung company but a different one with a similar name.

Damashe explains how he had a similar problem with his ATR2100, 

Side Note:  The audio Technica warranty on microphones is actually fairly decent.

It costs him 15 bucks to send that microphone and get it repaired and sent back, which is not bad, considering that it’s, he believes it is a lifetime warranty.

He knew he had a problem when it stopped showing up as a microphone, and started showing up as a generic device.

Damashe’s other question to Michael was gonna be, in between the time that we last recorded and when you started to notice issues. Have there been any Windows updates that you have applied?

Google Fit

Demasi confirms with Michael as a follow-up to a previous episode that Google Fit does work on iOS and is accessible. Additionally, we chat briefly about the fact that you can have your iPhone count your steps, and connect your iPhone’s data to your Google account so it’s available on multiple devices. Additionally, google fit will pass data into the IOS health app. Concluding this section, Michael explains how you may need to download the google fit app to your android phone if you don’t see it.


Damashe In Michaels then transitioned into a discussion about IOS and Android tracking permissions. In a lot of cases, you have the ability to request that an app doesn’t track you, tracks you while in the app, or always tracks your location. These permissions are slightly different on both platforms, however it looks like both Android and iOS are slowly finding feature parity.

Android 11 Beta

Damashe asks Michael Why do you switch from beta to stable multiple times. Prior to asking him why though, he explains to the listeners that Michael has switched between beta and stable at least five times in the last two weeks.

Michael explained that he’s using the beta software on his primary device, and has observed a few challenges with talkback.

Prior to his Access Android segment on the Kelly and Co show, he thought he would upgrade in order to see what if anything has changed.

Additionally, after A new version of Android was released Michael decided to upgrade to see if that new version of Android and improved the accessibility experience for TalkBack users.

There are still a few challenges with the beta, however Michael has full confidence that the Android team will improve those accessibility issues prior to the actual release of Android 11. 

Apple Beta’S

Damashe Explains his initial thoughts regarding the public betas that are released to the. You hear his thoughts about watching iOS 7, and the latest version of Mac OS 11. He doesn’t really have too many thoughts to share about iOS 11, however if you’re curious about the General State of things then definitely take a listen to this week’s episode.

We also briefly discuss visual voicemail and how to get transcripts. If you have an answer for us, please feel free to reach out.

APPS for DM51

Michael (KJ7PAZ) Chose to share his app this week which is the well-known repeaterbook app for both IOS and Android. He explained how it is accessible on Android, and with an amateur radio license he can acquire the pertinent information necessary to connect to local repeaters in your area. Michael shares a tip or two on how to navigate line-by-line to acquire specific information about that repeater including the input and output frequency as well as the private line (PL( code.

Damashe’s app of choice is Krypton, a 2FA app using the Fido2 Platform, enabling zero-touch two-factor authentication for websites that support it. 

If you’re interested in taking security seriously, then take a listen to this week’s episode to learn more.

Connect with Michael on Twitter, and Damashe on twitter.


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