Dreevay in the dark, Episode 8 – trini christmas is de best

In this episode trini christmas is de Best, you get to listen to some parang music while spending time at the Persons Associated with Visual Impairment {PAVI} luncheon. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and we hope you enjoy this weeks episode. If you did, share with your favorite social media site.


Your host,


Marlon .C. Parieaho Sarcastic blogger Disability Advocate Assistive Technology Trainer [sort of]  The Blind Way Forward Phone: 18682915488  Skype: BlindCop98 Email: nrkey98@gmail.com  Twitter:  @MARLON86653888 Persons Associated with Visual Impairment: Home BLINDNESS ought not to stop you! At PAVI we stand with you and work for you that your life will continue with quality. #54 Sixth Avenue, Barataria, Trinidad & Tobago  674-0336 Blind Welfare Association of Trinidad & Tobago The Blind Welfare Association of Trinidad & Tobago seeks to help the blind citizens of the country.  Corner Duke and Edward St.Port Of Spain 624-4675

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