Life is like a river taking small steps part 1 of Music and motivation

Hello again;

Have you ever had an idea for a new product, service, book, etc; and just couldn’t get it out of your head?

Music and Motivation

First Video

Life Is Like A River,

Taking Small Steps.

I’m writing this post as my way of dealing with this very issue in my own life. ?

You see many people have told me they love my singing. In fact if you check my youtube channel stats, you might come to the conclusion that people like hearing me sing more than they like hearing me share my inspirational thoughts.

And after hearing me sing at the end of Dreamcon last year, my speaking mentor Azuka Zuke told me that whenever I give a talk I should sing too. He said just like I am the selfie taking speaker you could be the singing speaker.

Because of his advice I will sing when I give my talk for the Foundation Fighting Blindness next month. I’m planning to do the opening verse and closing chorus of my theme song The River by Garth Brooks.

The talk is titled Life Is Like A River, Overcoming Adversity and moving forward.

This is all amazing considering that I used to be afraid to sing in public. Seriously, I wouldn’t even sing loudly around the house. You can read more about how I overcame my fear in Why i Sing And How I Can Help You Free The Song In Your Own Heart

My Big Idea

So, you are asking yourself what is it that Max is getting at? What is this big idea that he has had rattling around in his brain for months?

Well, it’s the idea of doing a performance piece called Music and Motivation.

Music And Motivation

My idea is that I would sing a few songs, share some personal stories, and teach some life lessons.

For now I would use what they call cover songs. That’s where I sing someone else’s music in my own way.

I have been working with my spiritual brother Peter Map Walker to come up with some inspiring songs of my own. But until that is possible, I will continue to find other songs that resonate with the messages I want to share.

I would sing the songs acapella. That way I wouldn’t need additional equipment to start with. Eventually, this program could become popular enough that I would want to hire or recruit a few musicians.

While reading Amanda Palmer’s book The Art of Asking, I learned that for years she performed with local musicians. She would find them using her social media accounts. This worked for her all over the world.

I don’t know if I’m brave enough to try that or not. But it does have the advantage of knowing that the musicians who do agree to participate will also tell all their friends to show up.

The hardest part about making this idea a reality is finding venues. Even if I start small a conference room at a hotel or motel could cost several hundred dollars.

I’m noticing that some of the independently owned book stores I’ve been pitching for book signings also have rooms for performances. So, I’m thinking that I just need to find a book store owner that’s as crazy as I am.

I’m actively sending out pitches both for book signings and for public talks including the possibility of debuting my Music And Motivation experience.

And while I wasn’t planning on asking you, perhaps some of you know someone who could help me make this crazy dream come true.

Amanda mentions performing in people’s homes and restaurants. Just remember that I’m not about how something is supposed to be done. You may have ideas about locations that haven’t occurred to me yet.

I Need Your Help

Here is where you come in. I need you to watch the videos and give me your honest feedback. I’m seeking suggestions that will help me make them better.

I may not be able to implement all of your suggestions at this time. Some of them may be limitations of the technology I’m using, my skill with sound and lighting, and current financial considerations.

But be assured that all of your ideas will be listened to sincerely and responded to. I believe that your opinions will be the beginning of conversations.

I have two more videos recorded so far, and I will be sharing them in their own blog posts soon.

Video two is about asking for help and accepting help when offered. And yes I talk about how when you refuse to ask for help you are robbing the other person of the joy that would have come from helping you.

Video three is about dedicating yourself to your mission in life. I share some of the things I have had to do first as a carnival owner then as an online business person. I ask people what are they willing to do to make their dreams come true.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. I have shared these with my email list, and several of my subscribers said they had aha moments because of these videos.

Sharing Is Caring

The more people that see this post the more likely it is that Music and Motivation will someday be a reality. So, I am asking you to please share this post with your friends, family and social media networks.

If not the blog post, then please click the sharing buttons on the youtube video. Just think you could be part of this event coming to an arena near you someday.

If you don’t know it from this post I really do depend upon you. There are so many aspects to being online that I couldn’t do without the help and support of my friends, family, and followers like you.

I also know that you have lots of demands on your time and don’t have a lot to spend reading blogs or watching videos.

So, know just how much appreciate your spending some of that valued time on me.

Until next time thank you, God bless you, and take care out there, Max

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