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Hello Again;

Well, I’m back again with another of my live on the inside posts where I share my most recent interviews on podcasts, radio shows, and hopefully someday television too.

As usual I am behind on my work, but then I was warned about this when I decided to start a second website. ?

So, this time I will be sharing the three interviews that I did or that were posted in the last week.

These are The Sales Whisperer With Wes Schaeffer, The Holistic Entrepreneur with Bonnie Groessl, and The Author Chat Show with Lynda Brown.

I’m going to mention my interview with Wes first because its been the longest between recording and having it go live. We sat down via skype to talk about two months ago. I met Him through twitter, and was very happy when his assistant contacted me to say he was interested.

The call started out with his commenting about how he was a Texas A & M Alum and that he would have to ask me to take off the burnt orange shirt I was wearing. This was of course a joke. I explained that I too was an alum all be it from the Corpus Christi campuss not the main one in college station.

This lead to a conversation about how I pick my clothes out and other technical questions. We discussed how even picking a date for the interview and connecting on skype can have unexpected difficulties especially for someone using a screen reader exclusively like I do.

We talked about playing to your strengths, doing what you can, and the importance of surrounding yourself with a good team. In my case most of my team are friends and family. But this doesn’t change the fact that no one accomplishes a big dream or goal all by themselves.

And while it hasn’t happened yet, Wes surprised me at the end of the show when he told me that his plan is to eventually post these interviews to youtube or another video site. I was happy I had cleaned up for the interview something I usually do to psych myself up for them. And I was especially happy he didn’t tell me about his plans when the interview started.

The Sales Whisperer

Wes Schaeffer

Wes schaeffer

His Story

You hear those stories of these 20-Something’s down and out, sleeping on their friend’s couch until they finally hit “rock bottom” and built this amazing business. That wasn’t me. I did “what I was supposed to.” I went to college, served in the Air Force, got married, raised a family, got “a good job” making over $100,000 a year traveling the country and the world and I was not happy. The economy kept changing, my jobs kept changing, my travel kept changing, but the lack-of-vision of my bosses didn’t. It was always “smile and dial” and “throw enough sh*t at the wall and something will stick.” With a wife, a mortgage, 6 kids and a dog I couldn’t hit “rock bottom” in the traditional sense, but I did hit it as far as job / career satisfaction was concerned.

That’s when I decided to do something about it. Now I make my living helping others do the same.The Sales Whisperer® is a potpourri of strong-willed, opinionated, dedicated coders, developers, trainers, writers, marketers and curious entrepreneurs. We work incessantly to develop, find, create, launch, test and perfect the coolest, most effective, easiest to use and maintain and leverage tools, from software to hosting to marketing platforms, to help professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners and entrepreneurs grow. Our success is directly tied to yours. In other words, we’re in this together.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
Albert Einstein

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Now, me and Bonnie both agree on the importance of good health to success in business, education, family, or any other aspect of a well balanced fulfilled life. I came to this conclusion because it was only after getting physically healthy that I was able to achieve real growth and see so many new possibilities. For Bonnie it was a long drawn out battle with illness that lead her to the same decision.

So, we talked about my health issues including sleep apnea, obesity, arthritis, and my cll. We talked about the value of a positive attitude and a good support system including family to maintaining good health and living a long life.

And I talked about getting to a point where a visit to your doctor is a conversation and part of a relationship with both of you working together. I advised that if you have a relationship with your doctor of seeing them once or twice a year because you have to and having one of those meetings where they tell you to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more, drink less; and you tell them sure doc and forget about it as soon as you leave their office. then this isn’t healthy for you and you need to find a doctor that you can confide your secrets to and work with to get and stay healthy.

The Holistic Entrepreneur

Bonnie Groessl

Bonnie groessl

Her Story

I have worked in nursing since 1976 and have been a full-time nurse practitioner since 1995. After treating patients in a primary care setting (internal medicine) for the first five years as a nurse practitioner, my practice shifted toward headache and chronic pain management. I moved to the department of neurology in a large multi-specialty clinic and developed the headache clinic there. My specialty soon became dealing with pain in general, both physical and emotional.

Over the years, I had seen how traditional medicine outcomes can be enhanced by therapies that may be considered non-traditional or complementary. I have also learned how nutrition, our minds and our body’s energy can influence our own healing abilities and general well-being. My interests led me to pursue additional education and training in several integrative medicine modalities, including nutritional medicine, mind-body techniques and energy medicine.

In 2005, I went into private practice so I could focus more on the complementary techniques and spend more time with my clients than I could in a large clinic setting. I enjoyed a busy practice and have been active in teaching classes as well. I learned so much along the way and grew my private practice to six figures in less than two years.

An experience in 2007 opened my eyes to the ability I have to reach the world. I recorded a series of 4 guided meditation CDs at a local studio. I then sent them to be manufactured, and the company contacted me to ask if I wanted the “web package” for $49.95. I didn’t know what it was, but said yes. I later realized that the “web package” involved the creation of digital downloads of my recordings. They spread them all over the world. Every Tuesday, I get royalties from sales of the physical CDs and digital downloads from all over the globe.

In 2009, I had the opportunity to reinvent myself again. I was in a serious car accident and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury that left me in a coma. I needed to relearn how to walk, feed myself and think clearly again. With lots of therapy, good self-care, prayers and my belief that I would get my brain back, I went back to my practice in a relatively short time.

Armed with great appreciation of my journey and recovery, I wanted to reach more people with the message of believing in yourself. I want others to dream big and feel self-empowerment. Everyone can have, do or be anything they want in this life.

I set out on a mission to learn everything I could about becoming an expert, building credibility and developing a virtual practice, creating products and services.

It has been a journey and I am so grateful for all the things I have learned from mentors, coaches, teachers and many classes along the way. It is so rewarding to help shorten other people’s learning curves so they can get to their dreams faster. It’s what makes my heart sing.

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This show is all about authors, their books, their writing process, etc. Lynda is a published author who has been through the wars associated with finding success in the self publishing world.

In addition to talking about me and my book leading you out of the darkness into the light, she gave me some great pointers on marketing.

Most importantly she educated me about the differences between todays libraries and the ones I remember going to back in the days when I still read actual books and look forward to the weekly trip to the library to find that next great story.

The Author Chat Show

Lynda Brown

Linda brown

Her Story

Lynda D. Brown Founder and C.E.O. of Spoken Word Press, and Author Chat has always been an avid reader. After publishing her first novel, Invisible Enemies, she developed a passion for assisting other writers interested in promoting their books.
Personal Interests
Books, current events, entrepreneurship, cooking, traveling and promoting new authors.

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Sharing Is Caring

I would really appreciate it if you would share the links to these shows with your friends and family. These are some great people working hard to give people like me a place to share our stories. So, I would highly recommend connecting with them on their pages.

I know that the best way to get more opportunities like these is to do my best to help put people in front of the screens. So, by supporting them you are supporting me.

Thanks so much for your continued support, God bless you, and take care out there Max

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