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We all have fears of death 


in this podcast I talk to you a little bit about my fears of death, and ways i’ve found to overcome those fears. I’ve encountered a lot of death in my life, maybe not as much as some of you, but for me it’s been detrimental to business and personal life. In this audio cast I go deep into my feelings behind why some of us myself included are afraid of death, and ways you can overcome that fear. Have you lost someone that negatively impacted your way of life? If you have, how have you overcome the difficulties associated with this loss? If you have not, do you have plans to overcome the difficulties associated with your future loss? Knowing that you will lose someone at some point may help you be able to overcome the challenges that come with loss.


Unfortunately, death is a “taboo” topic in western cultures, and I think the primary reason why people are afraid to discuss it is they are afraid that if they discuss it it will happen to them. The honest truth is yes it will happen to you. Everyone will die, there’s not any way around it at this time, so coming to this realization will help a lot of people who have lost someone move on. Being able to take care of yourself and actually make an impact on others lives will help you stop seeking out ways to avoid death, because you’ll have enough energy being poured into your objectives of trying to help others be successful but you won’t have time to worry about death. In this audio cast I talk to you a little bit about losing my mother, my younger brother, my grandmother, and a friend of mine. I discuss some of the ways I’ve been impacted both positive and negative with these losses, and I also talk to you about ways you can take the losses in your family and turn them into a positive means of inspiration and energy to get things done. When you’re gone, what are people going to remember you bye? Are they going to remember all of the positive things you did? Or, are they just going to remember you moping around depressed and sad? What people remember you for is in your control.


I have allowed the fear of death to hold me back from opportunities that potentially could have changed my life and the lives of those around me. Allowing the fear of death to control the way you live will never result in anything positive. You need to conquer that fear, and breakthrough the restraints that are placed on a person who suffers from fear. These restraints are holding you back from being your greatest you, we all have greatness in us.


Leave me a comment and tell myself and the readers briefly how death has impacted your personal and business life. 


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