Michael Babcock of the Your Own Pay podcast on the Launchers event

Michael Babcock of the Your Own Pay podcast on the Launchers event In this podcast episode you get to here Michael Babcock of the Your Own Pay podcast on the Launchers event. I had a blast with this, and think that if you listen to the entire event then you will as well. I got to hang out with some fun people, and learned some powerful stories from the adventures they have gone on. In this episode, you will here about discrimination I faced, my love for working in Alaska, and the sad story of how I got started online. Michael Babcock wasn’t the only presenter at the Launchers event If you listen to the entire event, you will here from Amanda, Maryann, Mel, Nasreen, Myself, and Gabe. Vashawn from Fedora Outlier was the host of the event, and one cool thing has that all of the presenters who presented are giving something free to the subscribers that were acquired during this event. So, if you signed up to be live on the Launchers event, then your going to get something free from me toward the end of March…   How did my presenting on the Launchers event help me? I was able to keep my speech under 11 minutes, if I remember correctly it was 10 minutes and about 4 seconds. This is going to help as my goal this second quarter is to do a lot more public speaking. The payown.club all access program is opening the end of march, and I’ve got some exciting news about how both presenters on the Podcast network are going to get paid from the payown.club membership but more importantly you and lifetime access members can as well.   Being on the Launchers Event also showed me that I need to spend more time with my family. This means that it’s going to cost a lot more to work with me one on one, and I’m concluding a few projects I’m currently involved in so that I can structure this new pricing structure. Obviously people want to learn the knowledge I have, so I’ll be focusing on the 4 courses I’m planning on releasing this year, and if someone wants me to do the work for them then I’ll need to get paid more. An example, now if someone wants me to build a website for them, it’s a $997 install fee of WordPress, and $97 per optimize press page I build them. They also have to use Convertkit and Optimize press if they want me to build websites with lead capturing abilities, because this is the setup I work the best with. If you don’t want to invest this into your business, then you can take courses with all the information in one place, or find the information threw the tuns and tuns of content I’ve published.   So was attending the Launchers event worth it for me? Yes, I think it was, and am excited to participate in the Launchers Event 2018. Expect a opt-in link soon for information about attending it, and it won’t be on the phone…     Did you enjoy this chat? If so, share with your most active social media.

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