miracles may never happen

Miracles may never happen, however you can make what you desire manifest into reality. 

This episode definitely needs to be listed in the explicit category, I drop a couple of words that you probably don’t want your children to hear.


Speaking of children, make today an amazing Halloween and stay safe tonight as I say there are some creepy people out there!


I also talk with you briefly about the email challenge that I’m starting today, at the same time you’re getting this podcast episode.


Tomorrow we’re going to talk about a couple of blind business owners and what they’re doing that I would do differently if it was me, though there might be a logical reasons as to why they’re doing what they’re doing.


In this day and age, 75% of the effort of the work you’re doing isn’t going to cut it. 100% barely even gets people by now, so give it 125% % of your energy time and effort!


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