Shell Phone Show – How To Save Emails on the BlindShell Classic 2


[0:23] The Blindshell Classic 2 demonstrated in this content was provided to me by ATGuys as an employee for troubleshooting and demonstration purposes. In today’s content, I’m going to walk you through the process of saving an email. If someone sends you something you want to be able to keep, it’s important to separate that from your email. That way it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.
So today I’m going to walk you through saving a message to your notes in your email. Press and and hold the back button. 8.18 AM.
And then we’ll open our email application. Email. One of two.
I’ll press OK. Loading new email. One of 25. And we’ll locate the message in the inbox that we want to save.
Inbox. Two of 25. Press OK.
Loading Google security alert. 20 minutes ago. One of 51.
And I want to save this security alert. So I’ll press OK.
And then we’ll press OK to open the context menu for this specific message.

[1:28] Press option number 6, followed by OK, and yours may not say 1 of 4. Don’t be worried.
All you need to do is locate the option that says.
In my case, it’s the third option, share by notes. Press OK.
Text, image, Google, Mozilla Thunderbird email was granted access to your Google account.
And the note is then read to you.
So in order to save the note, we need to press OK one more time and we’ll hear.
And secure your account. Note saved. Share by notes. Three of four.
Now the note is saved. Here’s how you retrieve a note that you’ve saved to your phone.
Press and hold the back button.
8 19 a.m. locate applications applications 4 of 7 okay internet browser 1 of 9 choose tools tools 2 of 9 press ok alarm 1 of 10 choose notes notes 6 of 10 press ok add note 1 of 2 and then choose notes list 2 of 2 and press ok, image Google Mozilla Thunderbird email was granted access to your Google account. There’s the message that you saved.
If you press OK on this note, edit one of five, you’ll have the opportunity to edit, share, use information from your text, delete this single note or delete all of your notes.

[2:55] And I hope that helps you understand how to save notes in your email.

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