Technically Working 15 – Focus Rules


[0:00] You said something earlier this week that made me think about the way I work.
And I kind of wanted to explore that. And I think we talked about bringing it up, but I’m not sure. And that was, uh, when you asked me, do you ever wake up with full intentions to get stuff done?
And then by the end of the day, you’ve gotten stuff done, but none of the things that you wanted to get done, got done.
So I’m curious what brought that up. First of all.

[0:21] So I do remember that conversation and what brought it up is the fact that we were in team talk for 80 guys and you’re like, oh crap, I didn’t pay to, I forgot to pay the water bill.
Yep. Right. And you’re like, oh, so this time it’s going to cost me, you know, 10 bucks for a late fee.
And it wasn’t that you didn’t have the money, it’s just you forgot to do it.
But you woke up with the intention of doing it.
Like, I think you had told Mallory you were going to pay the water bill or something, that you had it.
And it just occurred to me that that happens to me quite a bit where I will get up and like, I will get up and either someone will have asked me to do something the night before or that morning, or I wake up to a text message like, OK, I will get that done.
And then I get up and I get my coffee going, I get my coffee and do all of that.
I’m sit down on the computer and I start working.
And whatever that thing that I was supposed to be remembering to do first and foremost to start the day off, As soon as I touch the computer as soon as I had a device in hand that allowed me to do that thing I don’t remember it until 8 o’clock at night.
It’s like oh man. I did do stuff I gotta just sit around not do anything today, but the one thing or the two things I said Waking up. I have to do these things today didn’t get done.

[1:11] Yeah, I want to know from listeners Thank you.
First of all to those of you who support us one right now, but that will grow But I want to know from you and other people So share those with your friends How do you manage that because that happens to me all the time as the mossy brought up?
But the good news is I was off on the time and we did not have to pay the $10, which is pretty cool.
I was almost guaranteed that I had to, but I was off. It was PM, not AM.
But still, the point is, I do that every day. Mario will text me.
She’ll say, hey, can you do this?
And I’ll say, yep, I’ll get it done. It never gets done. It is at the point now where she or other people expect it, and I don’t like that feeling and I need to figure out a way to solve that problem. And it’s not that I don’t want to do it, it’s I get distracted with other tasks all the time.

[1:49] So like learning The thing for me is that you know, there’s some days and I haven’t had one of these days in a while It’s like I really didn’t accomplish anything I basically just you know mess around on the computer all day and really did not actually Move anything meaningfully forward at all.
I haven’t had one of those days in a while But I still end up with the same sort of feeling when you know I clearly say that I’m gonna do this thing or I have to do this thing or you know It’s the third of the month and this is the last day for me to edit my you know, Amazon subscribe and save order And 11 o’clock he says, oh man, I didn’t do the order.
Crap, let me go here and hurry up. Oh wait, it’s not even time, it’s too late. Okay, now I’m gonna end up with stuff that I didn’t need that I gotta pay for.
But it’s like there are times where something occurs to me before, and using that Amazon subscribing save as a perfect example.
I will think about it on the 29th of the month, you know, going into the next month, because my subscribe and save, you know, final day, edit your order is the third of each month.
And you know, before it feels everything is locked in, they start probably billing me for stuff that they’re shipping around the seventh or eighth.
So if I don’t take something out or add something, I ain’t getting it in that order.
And I don’t think about it on the 29th. Like I did it this month, actually. I thought about it around the 29th of May, you know, Memorial Day. Like, oh yeah, I need to go check the subscribe and save order to make sure that we’re getting stuff that we need and then if there’s stuff that we don’t need, I can take that out. And if I need to add something, I can do that.
I did not look at that order until Saturday morning, which was the 3rd, uh…

[3:03] Why didn’t I look at it on the 29th? I was in the middle of cooking some food.
Honestly, although while I was sitting there, I could have looked at it real quick, watching the, you know, smelling the smoke coming off the ribs because they’re already on the grill barbecuing, you know, slow cooking, like it’s not like I’m cooking them on high heat or anything, on the grill for like eight hours.
So I mean I had plenty of time to do it. It’s like, oh, it’s not that important for me to do it today.
And then I forget and this happens with me. Now that particular thing happens to me quite a bit where I will think about something today, and I’ll, okay, I’ll do it. And it’s like, well, I’m doing something else at the moment.
I’m not gonna prioritize getting that thing done today because I know I have time to get it done.

[3:32] Next thing I know somebody’s calling. It’s like did you do this thing?
It’s like Hold on No, I didn’t right, but don’t on I’m gonna go do it right now I’m going to do it right now regardless of anything else I’m doing because I agreed to do a thing, you know It’s kind of like with the unmute account that you asked me to set up Which I did that yesterday by the way, so it’s not ready But here’s the thing though this exact conversation we’re having is why I did it right then I think mean you had just gotten off the phone and you like well, I’ll tell you know Marty that doesn’t be ready You know, I’m probably Friday Thursday or Friday.
All right, that’s okay. Yeah, that sounds good All right, I went ahead and did it right then before I got back into what I was doing before we got on the phone Because I didn’t do it I would forget but it’s also for me introduces the friction of task managers like we we have talked about to do list and You know, we’ve talked about reminders.
We’ve thought about all the task managers out there at some point in life I’m probably trying most of them but there’s that friction, right?
Okay, you send me a text message taking you set up this account with this, you know thing and use that email address Okay, sure. That’s not a problem.
It’s not a hard thing to do. It wasn’t gonna go right in I was looking at all my phone. I’m not gonna go do that from the phone. That’s painful.
I don’t like it I’m a Mac person. Maybe that’s a part of the problem for me, too, is there things that I could probably do from my phone that I don’t do.

[4:34] The one thing I could have done, though, was add that to Todoist instead of due date, so that I got a notification, you know, in a couple of days that says, hey, you’re supposed to do this thing.
Problem for me is there’s friction to getting that in there, first of all, because you got to open it out, like from at the Mac, right now Todoist is not even running. I’m gonna have to open Todoist or open up Fantastical and add a task to Todoist, Which in itself doesn’t seem like a hard thing to do But for me at least sometimes there’s friction because it’s like I don’t know stuff open.
I’m doing things I don’t really want to open that to do this and then what do I set for the due date cuz I don’t have a hard Deadline and what if I say okay due date is Friday June 9th, right?
Okay. Well, it pops up at 9 o’clock on June 9th. I can do this I know what am I gonna do? I’m in a meeting. So it’s kind of that that’s fiction I know some people listen like we got to be more disciplined. I’m working on it.

[5:17] I’m trying but it’s It’s the truth. It’s why stuff falls to the wayside.
It’s not that I don’t care about projects.
Yeah, anyways, I listen to Rich on Tech. At least I try to. I don’t know if you listen to that podcast. And he was going over some of his apps.
Here’s how much I listen to it. It’s June 9th.

[5:34] What?

[5:35] Isn’t it Rich on Tech? Who’s the guy who took over Leo’s show?

[5:40] Hold on. Oh, Leo’s radio show? I don’t know, actually.

[5:43] That might be the name of it. So it is Rich on Tech. I had to look it up.
The guy who took over Leo Laporte’s show.
And he was talking, this is how regularly I listen to it, on his Memorial Day Weekend show, today is when I was listening to that, about how the, or about the apps that he uses on his phone on a regular basis.
And one of the apps made me think about task management, and it’s called Email Me. Have you heard of that one?

[6:02] Email Me? What’s it called again? Email Me.

[6:05] Apparently it sounds like it’s a widget that you put on your phone, or it only works on the iPhone.
The closest thing on Android is an app called Boomerang, and it sounds like you open it up and you put in the information you need sent to you as an email, and you hit send and it sends you an email.
And he brought it up because I don’t know if he’s had the love-hate relationship that we do.
I imagine he does, because he’s in tech, because I’m new to his show.
But he said, like it or not, my inbox has become my to-do list.
When I get stuff, it goes into my inbox. So if I have something I need to do or get completed, I’m just going to email it to myself.
So that way, when I see it in the inbox, I’ll actually get it completed.
I’m like, huh, that’s interesting.
If I could get rid of some of these emails and I need to pursue actually getting these cleaned up instead of just deleting the emails, that could be a way to work or set up a label for things that need to go into my inbox And then I, or not inbox, but my email.
And then just delete them out of there when they’re completed.
Because I have no problem with putting stuff into Todoist, it’s going back to look at what I need to do and checking those things off.
I’ll put stuff in there all day long. It’s just going back and looking.
But if I’m already in email, then it just kind of stays where I am.
And like it or not, I’m in email.

[7:04] Yeah, so I can tell you right now, I’m absolutely 100% not even going to try that because I don’t like being in my email. I’m trying to get out of the email.
Although there’s a feature that is handy and is going to come in very handy for me. Even, and I think this may be useful for other people.
Even if you’re not looking to set up a, you know, ticketing system like a Zendesk or FreeScout or HelpScout or, you know, CustomerScout, whatever the scouts are.
There’s a lot of scouts out there. There’s a lot of Zen stuff and a lot of scouts.
Somebody should make ZenScout and then we’ll have a complete solution for all of it.


[7:32] Michael is looking at that right now. Right down over the page, go register that domain right now.
So something I just discovered, and it’s probably been there for a while, but I haven’t been in the notification settings for email on iOS in a while.
So I hadn’t seen this feature the last time I was in there. is not there.
You now have the ability to…
I don’t know when this got added, but you can set up notifications for, and mine usually are set for VIPs. I don’t want normal emails, but for VIP emails, I get a notification. Another thing you can do though is get a notification for a specific mailbox.

[7:59] Oh, okay.

[8:01] So, what I am thinking of doing just to test it out to see how well this works is setting up a rule that will move certain people’s emails, like based off the sender or the domain, into a mailbox and then notify me when an email hits that mailbox because it’ll be a customer.
It’ll be something I need to address. You know Costco hot deals are tomorrow email cuz you know, that’s why they saw my inbox. That’s awesome You just said there was the end of hot deals to write.
Oh, so what are you doing? If you need work on your message Absolutely, you know get.

[8:38] In touch non-paid spot But uh, I’m gonna try that I’m gonna take around that a bit cuz that could be a solution for people who don’t want to go shell out the cost for something like a Zendesk or other ticketing system, or maybe your business is not even structured in such a way that you need that, but you would like to stay on top of the important emails that come in.
You’re not always going to catch all of those, but another way that this could also be useful is if you have a contact form on your website, and if typically, I would say, if typically for you those contact form submissions are legitimate leads or legitimate inquiry from people, again, set up a filter, customize your form, you should be able to do that.
You can definitely do it with Gravity Forms. the from email to be a specific email, you know, on your domain, preferably.

[9:14] And when that email comes in, you can just make your filter rule be whenever I receive an email from contact at, move it to this folder.
And that would be a folder that I could mark as, you know, support form request.
It does two things. One, I could possibly get notified by that if I really wanted to, but also it helps organize it. So when I’m checking up on inquiries or potential leads for business, I can just go to that one folder. I’m not scanning through it. I’m not having to do a search because it’s already been searched and filtered for me.
When it comes to Todoist, this new feature they added is probably gonna change my life and I’ll probably start using it again for at least two weeks, which is you can now schedule your reminders, which is what I actually need more than the due date notification.
Like, hey, this is due today! It’s like, you know, I don’t have time right now and then I forget because it doesn’t keep nagging me, right?
We talked about due last week and it’s continuing to nag you, but giving me the options to set reminders as I’m putting in the task with natural language, I think is gonna be helpful.
Because if I have something that’s due, you know, let’s say, with that we’ll go back to this, this, this masternode account you wanted me to set up, right?
For me, let’s say, I say, well, I need to have this done before I go to bed Friday night and you mentioned it to me on Tuesday.

[10:16] I will put that in and say, okay, send me a reminder every afternoon at 3 p.m., you know, so Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, you know, that’s not the exact same text, but you know, write it in such a way that it’ll send me a reminder at 3 p.m.
On Wednesday, on Thursday, and then on Friday, send me one at 3 o’clock and then send me another one at 5, and probably another one at 7.30.
And if I hadn’t checked it off by then, either I’ve done it and didn’t check it off, and I’ll remember to check it off, so it’s done, or if I haven’t done it, I will remember to do it because it won’t slip my mind in between me seeing one notification and being tied up and then getting free and forgetting I was supposed to do it.

[10:45] Do you did you get that email or did you only get when I forwarded it to you?
No, I got Play with that let’s let’s follow up on that because I am curious if you use that for me reminders is my Stay there and Marty has taken off those reminders because I let him take those off and now I am looking at reminders I’m reminding Mallory.
Do you have your laptop on the day? She need that as somebody she doesn’t and so I’m using reminders right now as my as My persistent tool to keep track of things but more long-term stuff for going into to do list sometimes not all the time And just don’t go back and look at it.

[11:17] And I think I’m going to start using reminders in the house.
Because that’s how you got started with it, too. Was you and Mallory being able to, like, Mallory asked you to remind her to do a thing. You start putting in reminders. I think the idea was, I’m going to put it on the share reminder list.
So then she’ll get her own notification that tells her to do the thing.
That didn’t work, did it?

[11:32] Sometimes his reminders for her own things that she knows she needs to use reminders And I’m surprised to see that sometimes like I’ll pick up her phone to call her mom or something or show him your phone Well, we’re driving to mines dead because that’s more often the case and there’ll be a reminder there.

[11:43] Oh, oh you do use reminders Okay, that makes sense So maybe what I should do is the shared reminders list or here’s the thing I’m probably already a member of five shared reminder list that we have that we’ve tried out over the years Yeah, I’ve cleaned mine up I think except for the one that you get by default when you set up a family like that when it’s still in place but I haven’t been using it, but I’m going to start using that one and maybe popping because sometimes it is a bit easier with with, you know, Siri or even through the use of shortcuts or something like there’s sometimes ways to get stuff into reminders a whole lot easier than it is to get it to do with it. If it’s just a quick thing, like, you know, that might work too.

[12:14] So she added some stuff to her calendar.
And it was a meeting with someone that I have never met, don’t even know the name, but it was a contractor at one of the places she works.
And I didn’t see and it said work. So I thought it was adding it to my work calendar and my work calendar is actually called my quote your own pay instead of work.
And so I figured out that somehow we ended up with a shared calendar that is nice because we both know what’s going on.
So if there’s anything I need heard that like if the boys have an appointment or something that goes on that shared calendar, because as I said, I went in there and I found like five or six different shared calendars that we’ve tried over the years and they haven’t worked, but right now it’s working and I’m not going to break it as long as things keep working.
However, you said something that made me curious to Masi.
I was 17 was released earlier this week and one of the things is now you just say S-I-R-I, and maybe I can just say Siri, and it won’t trigger it.
But I’m concerned, yeah, it didn’t. So I’m concerned, though, that maybe that’ll start triggering people’s, but I guess it knows if you’re intentionally talking to it, because if I say Siri, and then I keep talking, it doesn’t seem to respond.
But when I am, like when I pick up my phone on 17, and I just say Siri, what time is it? It’ll tell me what time it is, which I actually think a lot of people are frustrated with that, but I think that is substantially more pleasant of an experience, personally.

[13:20] So for me, I would like to be able to address device by name.
So my the home part many that you sent me is still on my desk and I named it shadow All right, so it’d be nice if I could say Shadow, what’s the temperature in here?

[13:34] I would have laughed if it responded to you man.

[13:36] I would have been happy I’m gonna quit the show right there like man.
I’m done. It’s all over. I have reached my goals in life I’m done.
It’s all over. I talked to my home father.
I’m out here But it’ll be nice if I could do that and maybe we’ll get there at some point the Just using SIRI to address the device.
I don’t personally have a problem with that I think they should leave the option for you to choose which one you want But as long as that is there, I don’t understand why anybody would be pissy about it, like you have an option.
You know, it’s different when someone makes a decision and takes away something that you’ve been using and you were okay with the thing that you were using, even though they’re trying to make it better or more efficient.
But if you still have the option, like there’s no need to be pissy, get over it, there’s a lot more stuff going on in the world. It’s just serious.

[14:11] However, there are some other things that were announced, Demasi.

[14:13] There’s a lot of things that were announced. So I’m going to admit, so we said last week we were not going to talk about the keynote prior to it, you know, having happened, because by the time people heard it, it would have been over and then everything we would have possibly said about it, you would have known If we were right or wrong, I would stop listening to the show like all you got all of that stuff I’m not listen to these guys.
I don’t know they’re talking about Well, we did say we’re gonna talk about a day So Michael watch the keynote.
I have not actually listened to it yet I do have it downloaded and I will listen to it go through it But I’ve been picking up bits and pieces here from different podcasts I had to listen to connected to find out who won the Ricky’s so that’s that’s that was my introduction to the things that were Announced I outside of what you told me and what I saw in a message thread here and there Obviously, everybody’s interested in the Apple Vision Pro.
I want to ask you about it, though, because you actually seen the keynote, so you kind of know how they presented it, how they weighed it out to people.
But first question is, what do you think about the name?

[15:05] What do I think about what?

[15:06] The name.

[15:07] I don’t remember it. Is it the Vision Pro?

[15:09] It’s Apple Vision Pro.

[15:10] That’s where I struggle. I’m not sold on that name. I don’t know why.
Maybe I’m overthinking it.
I also see where they came up with it, because I was pleasantly surprised that it had cameras.
Like, a lot of people thought it wasn’t going to. I don’t know why.
Maybe I’m overthinking it. I also see where they came up with it, because I was pleasantly surprised that it had cameras.
A lot of people thought it wasn’t going to, um, but it, it has plenty of cameras 12 from what I understand. And yeah, I’m, I, I have first thing I told you, I’m not going to get this. I’m not super interested in this.
And then I started learning more about it and realized, huh, this does kind of sound interesting.
Maybe this is something I might use. And so right now, if I can save up $3,500, I might get it. Otherwise I’m going to wait like you said until the second or third edition of it to go on. Or if you want to support the show and buy one of us, you know, Buy one and we will share it. We will send it back and forth.

[15:51] We got no problem with mail and stuff So I’m gonna give a fair warning to everybody all of my rates for everything are going up I’m gonna start invoicing Mike just for showing up to do our show And I’m gonna invoice the listeners the 41 listeners we have so The name to me is better than anything that was floating around before the event I like you I’m not sure that I’m 100% sold on the vision probe I mean, that’s what it is or it’s not I can do about that But it’s better than the reality pro or the reality headset and some of the other names that I can’t remember now that I was floating around, like all of those to me were very dumb.
And at least this kind of.

[16:25] Hints at what it does like it gives you I think that pro markers there’s because the plan is this is a first step in Their process of building this they had to eventually put it out I think that’s what a lot of the some of the reporting I’ve heard recently is like internally in Apple There’s been you know disputes on whether it was ready to be released or ready to be announced and etc.
I feel like This was a good time to announce it at WWDC Because right now the primary mode or the primary people that need to be aware and really working on this are developers and you start thinking about what they’re gonna do before the SDKs release and they’re able to do it in the virtual simulator on Mac with Xcode and I also kind of understand why it cost 3,500 bucks.
I just want to point out though Everybody keeps fixating on $3,500.
I heard a snippet from keynote what he said was starting at I did not catch that.
That’s scary Yes, somebody played it on a podcast. I was like to play in that snippet and and you could hear the gasp of the audience Like oh my god.
Oh, that’s not what I thought. He said starting at $34.99. I’m curious.

[17:23] Where does it go from there? Like you initially just based off what I kind of heard and saw very very briefly From from people talking about I was like, I’m not interested in it Like, you know, I won’t keep I’ll obviously but I’m not even vaguely interested in trying to buy this first one Cuz it’s not gonna be for me Like you don’t as more has come out about it and I’ve heard more about the the attention to detail that they put into this It’s like, you know, I kind of wouldn’t mind being on that initial track of trying this out and using it and helping to determine, not like not determine how people are going to use it, but figuring out how this is going to be useful to other people, especially those of us that are blind.
Because again, I’m not concerned about the accessibility. I’m curious about the accessibility, you know, fairly sure it’s going to be accessible to a blind person. I think we already have confirmation of that. If people, for people who were, you know, in doubt that it was going to be accessible, I think we have confirmation of that now.
But I was never concerned about whether it was going to be accessible.
It’s much like Apple watch when it came out just how like how is that interaction mode gonna look for me as a voiceover user?

[18:15] Some things that I am curious to one of the reasons I’m interested in it is Apple has done something.
I think that Wasn’t really fully expected but it doesn’t surprise me which is this really is a AR device with the capabilities of doing VR as Opposed to what the the meta quest and the meta quest pro with some of the other you know headsets that have been out there Are strictly VR headsets right so it’s you in your own world that you’re in and you know You can’t interact with anybody else unless they have an also have one of these headsets and you’re in the you know place that you Can do that This to me I think they really really tried hard to make sure that even though you may be occupied with the headset doing something inside of a Headset, you know, you’re not completely separated from the rest of the world And one of the things they do I’m curious what people are gonna feel about this when they actually get to see it like if you’re Looking at someone through the headset.
They see your eyes being projected onto the lenses. That sounds weird to me It sounded weird the first time I heard it Before like is that leaked that leaked a while back and it was like no I’m not gonna be weird, but they did it the power behind this is a computer on your head So it makes sense why it starts at $34.99.

[19:13] So putting eyes on the on the outside is pretty simple when you look at it now in retrospect, but it is creepy and And what type of weird accessibility things is Apple going to do to make that accessible to everyone?
If it sees you looking towards the headset, talking at it, is it going to say, we’re sorry, this person is temporarily unavailable?

[19:32] That’s a good question. I’m curious about that. Because visually, you can see there’s some transparency if they’re engaged with the world around them. But if they’re completely shut off, in a sense, like they’re occupying a VR space where they’re not able to respond to you, you’re going to be able to visually tell that. But yeah, how do you indicate that to a blind person?

[19:47] Maybe it plays a soft sound, or very periodic. Speaking of sounds, I never realized how important sounds were until clean feed.
They have very appropriate sounds.

[19:54] Yep, I was messing with him today cuz I was gonna say do clean feelings and then brave look like it wasn’t gonna Let me select a specific device that I want.
I was like, well, babe, you’re dead to me right now And then I drop and then you sent me a link and when I got in like now I can see all my devices So I’m not sure what that whole thing was But I think maybe what have what happened for me the first time is that either I didn’t either it didn’t notify me or I had Missed the alert.
They need a microphone access in the browser. So I could be why I wasn’t working Yeah, very curious and I said I am now more interested in trying to get my hands on one when it comes out next year I’m expecting spring.
I’m expecting like a March or April release for this is my expectation if it doesn’t slip It’s also possible.
It will slip beyond WWDC I would not be surprised to see that some things that I’m interested to do with it though It’s like the virtual workspaces with the Mac, right? I mean, I know it’s not gonna be I can’t see the giant screen is there that they’re gonna project or whatever But that could be interesting for meetings.

[20:42] Maybe you know, I Wasn’t interested in the virtual keyboard where you just kind of like tap in the air where the letters are because at first I’m like how am I going to do that?
That doesn’t make any sense. But with the technology that we’ve seen with GPT, if I mentally, I know roughly where the key should be in a general area, I feel like auto-correct is at the point where if I write hi, but I don’t hit, or if I write, hi, how’s it going today?
But I hit maybe 30% of those keys, but I’m a key off.
Then it’s, it’s an understand and be able to correct that. And naturally it’s just going to be, we’re going to just start typing in the air in front of us or something.
That’s, that’s weird to think about, but you won’t have a phone in front of your face and you’ll be able to engage environment.
Like that’s what has me excited because I think about like, like Ben sometimes he’s guilty of it and I’m guilty of letting him play on his phone more than I probably should.
I will admit that. But he will go out and just like when he walks to school, he’ll just pay attention to his phone and not see anything around him or pay attention to anything around him.
And that happens to a lot of people where you’re just focused on the screen in front of you. If you can bring the input to the air in front of you and take the thing blocking your vision and let you see what’s around you.
I think in a weird way, it’s going to bring us closer to technology, but also closer to people around us.

[21:48] Yeah, but I kind of feel like that’s what they were going for with this is like there’s so much of it It seems to I’m gonna recommend people take a listen to upgrade at least the first part of the way to talk about the vision probe.
Wait, is that what it’s called now? See, I don’t like the name.
I think it was Apple Vision Pro.

[22:02] It’s Vision Pro.

[22:03] Yeah, yeah, that’s it. It’s the Vision Pro. But it always sounds like, wait, am I sure about that now?
Because I’m not sure. I don’t like it. Because I’m not sure.
But I’m pretty sure that’s what it is, Apple Vision Pro.
When you put Apple in front of it, then it sounds right. But if you just say the Vision Pro, which is what people are gonna start saying, me, I’m questioning it.
But I can recommend that episode, at least up to that point, because that’s about as far as I’ve gotten in it.
But Jason Snell is one of those people who kind of really focused more so on not just like, It’s cool.
They did isn’t look how he did this and they thought about all these things He’s like this is a you know, that’s why I got that line from honestly, cuz I haven’t watched you know It’s a AR device first with the ability to be a virtual reality device So they’re trying to ensure that you’re not Disconnecting from the world by use while you’re using this is meant to be interactive with the world around you and you know reflecting on Tim Cook’s Admittedly somewhat.
I really want to use a big word. I couldn’t think of it Is it middly kind of offhand statements over the years that he’s made about you know, it’s really interesting Oh, yeah, AR is you know something we’re really looking at great like it makes sense with this headset why he was More focused on AR argument reality than virtual reality Because they don’t want to disconnect you from the people around you or have you shut off into your own world I’m also interested in one of the reasons that I probably I’m gonna make every best effort to get it I will say that for me to learn how you know what it can be useful for what is good for but also to you Know introduce it to the family and see how they use it and what they think about it That is also something I’m curious about because I don’t I haven’t got any information about that yet Is this a single-person device like an iPhone or is this a device that when I put it on and it recognizes my iris It says oh, well, I see here’s your stuff, right?

[23:26] Right, and then if he’ll puts it on it’s like oh, I see you want to pick up where you were playing this game That is that right there would completely change the price point value for me because now you’re buying an entertainment device for the whole family Well, an entertainment and productivity device, potentially.

[23:39] Yeah, and I can see it being useful in both cases I feel like and not again I’ll just now watch 3500 bucks like I get it because they have done a lot of they’re pushing the edges of technology right now With this from what I understand like the resolution that the screens are at is a little bit more than 4k You’re gonna hear people just say 4k is actually a little bit more than 4k not quite 6k at this point But that’s that’s amazing the transparency and the showing of you know attention like all of these little things that that add up to You know 3500 bucks, and it’s like the way I’ve heard somebody explain it is they kept hitting you with all this technology that was in the thing before they got around to that Price so you hear the price is like this one.
I thought it was gonna be like I’m gonna cost that much money Completely, but yeah definitely interested if anybody has any connections or knows anybody or you know these beta testers or anything We’re here. We’re open. I will walk around.

[24:22] I will go to California and walk around with it. Honestly.

[24:24] I mean look You want to call me?

[24:26] I’m not gonna fly although it’s like maybe cheaper than buying one I mean you’re close.

[24:32] I’m gonna fly would be if I would definitely be cheaper to buy one careful Should be should be should be deeper than I’m definitely for sure interested in getting one I mean listen like I’m kind of excited to Plug it into the Mac and join his own meeting like just being serious about it as nuts as it seems I’m not gonna be able to see people, but you know maybe it’ll do a thing that’ll make it more interesting Or we doing a presentation I can actually point at a thing over there and people can see the thing over there You should listen to more text.
They had a conversation about VR. I will find episode number for you I’ll build a little special with more text and they were talking about their day.
We’re trying out the Meta quest pro or whatever it’s called the latest thing that meta actually released not the thing they announced on Instagram to try to jump Apple And you know, they have some interesting thoughts about that device and how it worked.
Yeah, definitely interested in the Apple vision Pro you can go to your own slash support or Ewww.
Or just go there, or go to and click on the tip jar link if you want to support us. Thanks to our subscriber that is out there. We appreciate you.
You never get emails that tell us if we could use a name or not, so we’re just gonna keep referring to you as the number one subscriber.

[25:38] There you go, the number one. Well, hopefully that doesn’t discourage anyone from wanting to become the number two subscriber.
So did Apple talk about anything else that you wanted to chat about, or do you have something else that you want to bring up?
Because the only thing in iOS 17 that intrigued me at first, well, I saw it at first, and then I forgot to bring it up a couple times, with that check-in feature, I am super excited about.
I wanna play with that. So you can set it up. So if you are gonna go on a journey home or somewhere else, and you can let certain people know, hey, I’ve made it here, or hey, I’m gonna be delayed by a half hour, you know, expect that I might be a little bit later, but that way it’s all kind of automated.
And I think it’s gonna tie into the journal feature of iOS 17.
I have a mixed relationship with day one.
I want to journal, but I don’t journal. But when I go back and look at some of my journals, I’m like, oh, oh, I was thinking that when that happened, I don’t even remember that. So then I see the value in journaling, And so I start to journal for a day or two and then I stop.
So I hope that Apple being my journal provider because I’m I’m I’m an Apple person I have this pixel to the left of my keyboard and I just don’t give it the fair attention. I should anyways I’m gonna be fair as a pixel 6 pro.

[26:37] And so if Apple does allow I think that oh Wait, now they’re not gonna ever see me anything else. I’m sorry.

[26:45] Well, probably not probably not You know, oh focus mode though because that was what I was gonna bring up I’m not sure I haven’t seen any differences in focus modes, but I’m playing with shortcuts on Ventura That’s what I’m on, right?
Yes, I’m playing with folk or I’m playing with shortcuts on Mac OS 13.4 Whatever and shortcuts is a lot nicer to navigate so we can talk about that But have you been playing with focus modes because I deleted all of mine except for do not disturb It won’t let you delete that one.

[27:10] Yeah, so I’ve been playing with them I have not gotten them to the point that I want them, but honestly the past couple of weeks have been busy But I can tell you what I’ve done up to this point where I’ll tell you what I’m trying to end up at and when I Get there.
We’ll definitely I’ll definitely share this on the show. But so for example, I have 80 guys focus mode that I’m in the process of setting up.
And the reason it’s not just a quick boom, boom, boom, knock it out is because I’m trying to take my time and one, let notifications through that I’m not even there to let through.

[27:34] The other part is I’m actually won’t make use of the custom home screen and custom lock screen here for this focus I want to start doing this with more of my focus mode because I’ve never used those features early So I want to make use of a custom home screen and on that home screen should be The gmail app because that’s what I have 80 guys email set up on my phone No notifications come through for that account at all But that’ll be the app I’ll use if I need to check email because you know I’m working and I pull my phone out or if I’m on like I was last Friday, you know I’m at an event for 80 guys I turn on 80 guys focus mode and you know everything that I need is there at my fingertips Slack is another app that should be there also on that home stream.
I would like to have slack there I don’t know what else needs to be there, but those two for sure You know notifications allow from you know Michael and JJ in slack and in messages As well as phone calls TIA a couple other people right block the kids out because they start texting me this You know ridiculous amounts of it.
How does somebody put 37 emojis in one message that quickly?
37 shopping bags yesterday for my daughter’s like now.
I got no money Yeah, but she knew what you wanted shopping time dad So I did to start out when I reset my phone by deleting all of the focus most I had previously set up Except for my work focus I will eventually delete the one is called work But right now it still does the thing that when I’m in a meeting and automatically flip on which means I’m not getting random calls I don’t even know why it’s like message from data.

[28:46] Just got to honestly Maybe maybe you said JJ’s a priority comment or maybe iOS is learning about you You want to see messages from See my that work focus is super nice But I want to know why it’s working so I did destroy mine So maybe when I’m setting up a focus mode, there’s an option So I will play with so guys try setting up some focus modes on the Mac instead of on the iOS Yeah The one thing that stops me and I don’t know that there’s anything that can do about it is because I’ve had to go edit A focus mode on the like you say on iOS when I set up to my work focus, right?

[29:16] I wanted notifications from fantastic out because there are times where I have like back-to-back meetings, you know, not back-to-back literally 11 o’clock, 12 o’clock, but maybe I have an 11 o’clock and then I have a 1230 or one or something.
That 11 o’clock runs into like 1230. Well, like I need to know that I’m 30 minutes away from the next meeting I need to be in. So, fantastic notifications.
I would like to get those. Well, I also had to.
Go on the Mac and add the fantastical app on the Mac to allow it to come through as well Like it didn’t go across that platform for me.
Okay with that Messages seems to do that contact things to do that But I’m guessing a third-party apps because you know, of course not every single app is on your phone They’re gonna be on your Mac and they can’t even expect you to have it there.
I guess Another thing I want to set over these focus modes to is calendar sets with fantastic I did discover that you can do this with the default calendar app So it is possible to have a specific set of calendar show based on a focus mode I just really don’t like to default calendar app So moving on from that, but that was one of the questions I want to answer like how far can I go with this and I Actually could get fairly far with it Being fair notification seems to be a little bit more reliable with the calendar app because it’s Apple’s app I don’t know and that’s the only reason like it’s Apple’s app So they get some entitlements that fantastic gallery the other third-party calendar wouldn’t I get?
But there’s an entry thing right so that fantastic I offer me But calendar sets are thing in fantastic I if you’re not using them and you have several calendars as I do and as I know Michael does it is super helpful to to have specific calendar sets. You can always view all calendars.
Right now I have a Bedrock calendar set that shows me my Bedrock Innovations calendar, the one that I use for people booking and scheduling appointments related to Bedrock.
It does show my family calendar, so when someone asks me, are you available for a meeting at this time, I can take a look and make sure there’s not a doctor’s appointment there, if it makes it on the calendar.

[30:45] And then I think that’s it, I have a couple of Todoist projects also there.
There’s an AT Guys now calendar set that shows the AT Guys team calendar, because it’s the only one that I’ll be putting events on, I don’t see a reason to put them on my personal calendar, I’ll probably lose them. It also shows my…
Family calendar, and it shows the 80 guys To do this project Michael’s frankly typing away.
He’s having brew install For once I’m not typing brew install surprisingly.

[31:13] I made a cup of coffee with the intentions of drinking it two hours ago Oh, man, how you got cold brew?
Yes, sir Which is not as good as real cold brew for some reason I’ve got it.

[31:23] It is not you know. I’ve got a redeem a cup of coffee. You got left sitting like oh, yeah Well, it’s just my drinking cold.
We know it’s not this it’s not at all You can also set filters with a lot of apps actually a lot and that’s that is the thing I’m wanting to take more advantage of with my focus modes this time around as I am rebuilding them and tweaking them is Being able to filter, you know What’s shown to me in an app based off the focus mode that I’m in?
I’m honestly trying to get to a point where I am always in a focus mode.
Oh okay, whether that’s a You know something dealing with work something dealing with family time or just a general focus mode in from and you know I don’t know what I’m gonna call it probably just be like a you know, I don’t know I’ll put a mochi on or something We talked about that one’s putting emojis on your focus mode microphone for recording or something.
Yeah, yeah, oh, that’s the other one I gotta work on to is my recording focus mode But yeah I’m trying to get to a point where I’m always no focus mode and reason for that being is like there’s often times that there Are things well I guess just being wide open leaves me wide open and focus mode I can filter what I see Which could help me not do things like let’s say if I’m in recording focus mode And I just randomly hit you know right option him because it’s a habit, and then I look at the email It’s like oh, then I get distracted.
It’s like no. I won’t do that because what is it gonna show me?
It’s not gonna show me anything. It’s gonna say mail is restricted.
You cannot use mail right now can Man, I don’t man.

[32:33] I’m gonna go look and see if you can set up different activities in iOS 17 and focus modes.
Oh Oh, so you could have different commanders facing your focus on that would be nice, huh?
Right option M will only take you to your 18 guys and it won’t let you see anything else because you have a filter on mail So yeah, that could be fun We’re right option M. Just as a DTS.

[32:51] It’s gonna work But as far as I was 17, again, not having seen the keynote yet, a couple of things that jump out at me recently that I just heard about this morning. Shared.

[33:04] Keychain passwords and patties So and this is actual full-on sharing similar to what you get with one password a bit more nowhere where you have a shared vault With someone you’ll be able to share a password and presumably also the past keys work the same way But share that login information with someone so like you could share this with mattering and if you update to Netflix password It would update for her as well.
Not the oh, I airdropped her the password, but then when I changed it She still had a whole password deal.
So that’s interesting to me I’m going to make a promise to spend some time this summer before the release of iOS 17 using the Windows iCloud keychain integration build to see what is, if it’s useful, because I feel like if it’s useful enough and it’s not too restricting, like if they just say you can only use it in Chrome, like it’s not it’s a non-starter, but if it’s available anywhere in any browser at least, and optionally it would be nice if there was a way to get to your passwords in Windows through the iCloud control panel.

[33:54] It would be a nice recommendation for people who either are not yet using a password manager at all or very likely using iCloud keychain because from a security standpoint is solid like what they’re doing what I got keychain is solid like that’s not my issue with my issue is number one I couldn’t share stuff but actually have a shared you know constantly shared items so when changes were made they reflect everywhere for everybody and we got a lot of shared passwords in this house a lot of shared info in general you know so that’s handy and that’s also going to share your two factor codes if you’re saving those in iCloud keychain so this could be a way to get out of one password for some people or you can get out of spending money all together for a password manager I mean granted Japan a thousand for your phone, so you’re paying for it, but it’s not a residual, ongoing, monthly or annual bill that is due for me in August.
Because that’s when it’s coming up in office.

[34:40] I’m gonna play with past keys on my Google account Let tell them I’m a glutton for punishment because I heard a couple of people fed problems I am gonna play with it and I will follow up next week to see if I notice or see how that experience says I’m Gonna reach out to my workspace administrator and get him to turn them on and I will try them to on my workspace again And see how you work because I you know one I need to stay on on them Even though I have issues with them.

[35:00] I want to be fair like I honestly have issues I was just having this conversation with somebody before I start recording But I honestly have issues because I feel like with Apple.
I think they have prevented this I don’t know enough about what Google has done to say they have or have not Solved for this potential issue, but the scenario is let’s say I switched over to using the pixel And that is my phone I go out and buy a pixel 7a like man this phone is really great I’m gonna use this the rest of the summer and I can put a beta on my iPhone.
Yay all right So yeah, anybody got a pixel 7a?
That’s not actually a bad idea if I had to buy a pixel 7a I would do it and use that for the rest of the summer so I could put betas on my iPhone But let’s say I do that and you know of course before you can really proceed beyond any point or to get access to your data interview store and all of that with an Android phone very much like on iOS you have to sign into your account.
Well on Android that is your Google account. What if I only had the passkey on my Android phone?
Now of course it’s syncing through Google’s services but I don’t have another device to get my you know let’s say I wipe my phone or I break my phone then I have to get an entirely new one so all of them for whatever reason there’s not an alternative device available to me when I need to set up my phone again.
How do I log into my Google account?

[35:59] You send Google your photo ID.

[36:02] That will be horrible because I don’t have a way to take a picture of my ID to send it to you because I can’t get it to my phone.
And if I bypass the login, then will I never get to send anything anywhere to anybody for help because I don’t have my contacts.
Now I I can think of some ways around this Google could still allow for you to log in where you use a name and password And you know an alternative two-factor method which is probably gonna be a solution for them for a while But the dream or the hope of past keys is that you’ll get rid of passwords all together So again, how do I solve for that?
If I don’t have another device that I can log into or that I’m already excuse me already logged in to because I can’t log Into anything else without the passkey What do I do?

[36:37] And I do not have focus mode enabled because I deleted all my freaking focus mode So that means I got a phone call from a spam call And see that is why I am considering going into always being in a focus mode of some sort So I can get rid of those spam calls And you know leave a voice man.

[36:51] Hey, I set up my voice mail on my personal phone for you know Since I’m twitching I mean it just tells you the number you call But at least is there now because I can’t forget you can you bring audio in it? So people can hear what happens when they call me now because Apple stole my voicemail.

[37:07] That might change maybe we don’t want to do that, but Apple stole my voicemail So the feature Michael’s talking about we can we can do it at the end, and then you can drop it in if you want to But the future Michael was talking about is what if they call this is this like Voicemail transcripts voicemail transcripts or live transcripts or something They wanted to call it visual voice.
Maybe I can call it a something voicemail. I think though Transcribed whatever the features anyway the way it works is someone calls your phone Do you have this feature turned on and I was 17 only so right now my cousin on the baby because he’s a voice There we go live voicemail.
They want to call a visual voice. We open this already been taken I called Mike and what I heard was please leave your message after the tone the person you’re calling may pick up.

[37:47] Was like, okay So I start talking like well, I was just returning your call such a researcher blah blah blah.
I think you answered. Yeah, you did answer Yeah, yeah So those reading the transcript the first thing I thought about is This is gonna turn back into what I finally have gotten some older people to stop doing when they call you and they get your voicemail and they sit there and they spend the first two minutes of the voicemail of the five-minute voicemail they leave you saying pick up are you Pick up! It’s Sons of Pickup!
Can’t hear that now people are gonna start doing this again when they call it a look because I know you’re probably there Just pick up you read my voicemail right down pick it up No, no, I’m not.
We have a little voicemail. No, that’s not what the call live voicemail Seems interesting kind of this is like to bring it back after machines everything that was old is now new again Look, here’s the answering machine Don’t think there’s any more things that I’ve heard There was one thing that I think I asked you about like why did nobody tell me about this thing?
You guys just missed the whole thing. Nobody said anything about this about what was now So I will tell you I’ve told Mallory who have Snoopy come to the watch face.

[38:44] Oh, I’m excited about that Yeah, and you know what else is coming to the watch That’s great transition is now you don’t have to swipe up to get to your control center Your side button becomes your control center button.

[38:52] So I’m gonna buy an Apple watch or whatever it’s called ultra.

[38:56] Yeah Mallory loves hers.

[38:57] I’m gonna probably get one I’m waiting to see if they’re gonna update this year or if it’s gonna be like one of those every couple of year cycles And whether I whether they updated this year or not, I’m probably not gonna pick it up until next spring Hey, it’ll be in the same box for my Apple Vision Pro.
Yeah. So what I’ve heard about the watch leads me to think that basically they’ve taken some of the functionality of what I liked about the Siri watch space and made it kind of available everywhere and enhanced it a great deal.
And I don’t know anything else beyond that. Widgets somehow have a role here and you can put complications inside of a widget. I don’t know.
It’s confusing the way people are talking about it without having looked at the keynote.

[39:34] Where I was going with that, and I don’t think I finished, I thought, is I tell everyone I’m not going to update. I told Mallory I wasn’t going to update. I’m probably going to update my watch, honestly, because.
I only get half of the iOS experience until I update my watch, but I don’t want to update my watch because when things break, I don’t have a watch, but I’m also not keeping a move streak.
Ooh, there’s the transition.
And that brings me to, um, unless you have anything else to talk about WWDC, I want to get a fitness update in because I have gotten nowhere on my fitness and I need to go out and do more. And I think you and I should start a contest or something and track it on the show.

[40:01] We should do that, Will. So, one of us will challenge the other one before Monday.
So, we start on Monday and we won’t report on it next Friday because we won’t have finished the challenge, but we will follow up that week after.

[40:10] But we can check in on the challenge next week for accountability.

[40:12] Yeah, I mean we’ll do it for sure I never had a problem Right, but I also need to start in on the fitness stuff so that it will be a good way to get started and I should also reach out to, I Think oh, yeah But I should do that also I put it to do it.
I should also probably reach out to what I think is for an episode Jeff Uh, yeah, are you listening and uh, we’ve never got feedback from Jeff.
Yeah, once not once not one single time That’s what I think from the show.
I don’t know man. I don’t know. Yeah, we’re just moving So yes, I mean he should be listening to the show while he’s moving He should be but you know Sometimes when you’re moving especially other people are helping I want to have your ears completely wide the hell open man because you do not want to take that couch to the shin like I promise you don’t So I can completely understand why not but Jeff does a lot of consistent fitness stuff every day So it would also be motivating.
I’m assuming it will be motivating. They turn out to be like, oh, well, you know, whatever But it probably will be some motivation to Have to compete against Jeff As well as Jeff does what I think he would do which is also trash talking a little bit like that Oh, that’s big Stuff to go to and like man, you know what? I’m gonna get out there.

[41:21] I’m so ultimately By the end of the summer I want to have a plan to explore this leader dog program the more I think about it not for a guide dog But the cane training that yeah, I was talking about so But unless I go out and start walking, it’s at the point right now where I don’t go anywhere on my own.
And it’s not a good feeling. That’s the best way I’ll put that.
When you don’t go places.

[41:44] Yeah. I’m kind of there too. Some of it is, so I get that feeling.
I have been comparing my time in, well, my time in Tuscaloosa compared to my time just about everywhere else I’ve lived.
And in Atlanta, man, I went from every side of the city. When I lived in Denver, I was in Denver for a summer, I went everywhere, which kind of I had to because I was teaching on him So didn’t really have a choice about going everywhere like you can’t just hang out at the at the center with students That’s from the pond you’re supposed to be teaching them Houston I got around quite a bit Even in places that there was not public transportation I believe like I’ve done a lot of walking And here like I have not done any of that nearly as much as I would like I know some of the area But I’m not as familiar with Tesco loses I should be for as long as I’ve been here right my measurements right not not by anybody else but my own and that does bother me a little bit right because you know, am I losing the ability to do certain things?
Am I losing the ability to travel independently without being, you know, like, I’m gonna be honest, man, I’m nervous as hell about this airport.
I’m not gonna even lie to you. Because it’s been a while since I’ve been in an airport anyway, and then just the lack of.
Constantly using those travel skills makes me feel a little bit more anxious than I ordinarily would usually go into an airport in the past I would be like Okay, so let’s see how good or bad the service is gonna be here like how much trouble am I gonna have actually get into? My game, but there’s not any concern.

[42:52] I’m gonna be the issue right where now I’m like I need to I might need to hire me a personal assistant to get here Yeah, never though we have tools to help with that and that’s what I forget sometimes in the heat of the moment I need to be aware of that like we do have tools that I did not have when I was confidently traveling independently.

[43:11] And that’s kind of the weird dichotomy here, is that there’s way more, way more tools available for navigating.
I mean just general navigation. Never went to an airport. Just general navigation.
I had in a lot of places I have lived, it was just moving around like it was nothing.
And it’s like now, you know, you got all these apps and if I get to the airport, there’s, you know, there’s things like Aira, there’s Be My Eyes, there’s, you know, whole tons of stuff to use. I don’t even know if the airport has any, you know, indoor navigational things, right?

[43:33] The technology we have though now, I think I think I’m so ultimately we’ll come back to it.
We’ll follow up. We’ll see who is Who’s more productive and gets out there cuz I’m gonna get out there and be more active I gotta get more comfortable my local community I can’t even go to my local grocery store and go find the stuff I need at the store in a general idea I mean, I guess I have a general idea, but I haven’t done it And that that bothers me because I realize you know, that’s a skill that I have and if you don’t use it You lose it. Uh-huh.

[43:56] And that is one of my concerns and you know, there’s also just the fact of you know, lacking, I don’t want to say not having the independence, but not using the skills, right?
That’s the thing that’s, you know, beginning to kind of bother me a bit.
It’s like, I don’t, somebody tells me, oh, you know, I need you to come here to this place.
I’m like, I have no idea where that place is in Tuscaloosa. It turns out it’s like two blocks away, well, probably not two blocks, but you know, five minutes, seven minutes away, probably what would amount to maybe a 20-minute walk for me to get there.
Right, yep. You know, the furthest I have been from where I live now walking or, you know, walking, I get in somebody’s car going somewhere, is to the key of school.

[44:26] Which is you know literally a 10-minute walk for me, maybe a five and a half six minute walk for me from walking by myself But I’ve got to do better So yeah, we will you know revisit this topic for sure as we get out I only did that cuz I didn’t go test on that uh that one thing on the blind show That’s literally what puts me around corner Yeah, cuz convention So you back on the travel once you get I will tell you from experience because I have flown more recently than you have Like you I was I had concerns about going there But once you get back into the groove of figuring things out it naturally it’s like riding a bike it comes back to you But it’s that time until you get there, and then you realize, oh, I can’t do that.
That’s encouraging, but then you get home from convention, like, I traveled across the country.
I’m not going anywhere in my little community.

[45:02] I don’t feel like walking around to just pick a video. I don’t want that.

[45:05] That’s why I want to explore this leader dog program, because maybe that’ll give me some more confidence or some more skills that I can apply.
Because I can travel. I had no problem when I got to Omaha traveling.
Traveling was fine, but, you know, getting out and going and doing stuff.
It can be a point of laziness, but here’s my thing, and maybe I’ll work like a guide dog. I have to have a destination and a purpose to go and really everything I can do is at home From the computer for the most that’s a little bit of it too for me It’s like by the time I you know started noticing.

[45:27] I hadn’t been traveling as much here at all here It’s like well What do I need to go anywhere for I need to grab something small you know there’s a little convenience store trying to build A block I walk there, you know a lot, but But exercise I think will also help that that is the other reason I think fitness has come back around to me once again because it’s not the first time but once again Is because that is putting those two things together solve that problem that you just identify Which is if I don’t really have a purpose to go walk to you notice this little plaza That’s about 15 20 minutes away from us and then you know do something and come back home like why am I walking over there?
Right, but if it’s exercise because I gotta get my rings closed so that Mike doesn’t stop the crap out of me in his competition Well, you know what?
Guess what? I’m out there and I’m where people see me which does lead to conversation at times, too So there’s that aspect of it.
So and I am interested in that leader dog program myself, too I don’t know when I’m gonna go but I am absolutely going if it you know, I won’t say that We’re not gonna move what I was about to say, but yeah I have every intention of going there to do that. when is going to be.

[46:22] Thing but it’s more of a win not a well, maybe right I heard about it I was like, oh, I’m so like absolutely 100% soul because I know I’m not I mean, I’m pretty good I taught people but it doesn’t mean I know everything I just like being able to teach somebody something on the Mac doesn’t mean I know everything and I’m aware of that.
I’m fully aware of that and embrace that and you know, just you know, he probably didn’t listen to our show, but uh, just to applaud kayaker for Recognizing that within himself and taking that that journey to go to the look at our program and I appreciate that He appreciated that he did it and also appreciate the fact that he was he shared it because I never knew that existed No, you neither or well, I think I knew something like it existed, but like him I assume they’re gonna teach me how to use to point out or how to Trail a grass line to find the end of a of a block or something, you know Like the basics that I really knew I I need to be more confident with using the skills that I have versus learning the basic skills And that was Andrew Hey, hey, hey, hey over here.
You’ll see me look. Yeah.

[47:17] Hey Hey, take me to work with you. I could be the mascot right restaurant We’re about 70 minutes if you have anything else we can go into that or we can wrap it up either way I remember there was anything we supposed to follow up on it.
Nobody add to a list Probably let me pretty sure that would mean that one of us would I don’t know listen to the show I mean you edit the show man Said listen to the show.
I didn’t say edit the show, but you’re listening when you’re editing by the time No, not really actually. Most of the time I hear the show, but I listen for like, um, I listen for keywords or mouse smacks.
I don’t really re-listen to the content too much, usually.

[47:54] So, I can’t think of anything. I got Reaper installed. I gotta get Reaper set up today, because I gotta do a project for it.

[47:58] You need to go to slash Reaper.

[48:00] All right, I need to go to slash Reaper.

[48:03] Yep, that’s slash Reaper. Oh wait, we’re not being sponsored by them, but no, I downloaded that file. It’s actually in the root directory of Sync. It’s a, I think I put the zip file in there.
I’m gonna dive with some more cool things about Reaper. And then there’s another training that I’m gonna look up that teaches you that’s free from Drew Weber.
You know Drew. And he made a Making Liners for Radio Station course that That he’s giving away for free using Reaper to teach you how to make voiceovers for liners and then sell those to radio stations Hmm.

[48:29] Hmm. I’m starting, you know, this keeps coming up. It keeps coming I know why some of it keeps coming up is because I talk to you a lot and you’re doing voiceover work and you’re breaking Into that space, but it keeps coming up from other people to me about voiceover work. I’m like I wasn’t really trying to go do this.

[48:42] So don’t Advertise yourself. I’ll take 15% to do the follow-up and stuff and then we’ll just sell your voice Because people want your voice, but you don’t want to run the business behind it.
I thought that was going somewhere completely different.
Like, well, don’t, just send them to me. No, see, that’s the thing is, is I know there’s some projects for your voice.
That would be a think about it, it’s kind of like reading a weird formatted audio book.

[49:17] Yeah, I mean, I’m not gonna dispute that person’s comparisons.
I’ve done neither of these two things, but from my perspective I would think going into reading a transcript for audio description is a little bit more like honestly I think that might be harder for me Then doing an audio book And the reason is because you have to try to keep the inflection out of your voice for most things with the audio description Yeah, you can’t start reading about you know guy that is tiptoeing around and he has a you know sniper rifle or whatever and start Decided about it.
Oh, man, what’s gonna happen now the assignment song?

[49:47] You can’t do that neutral or follow the guidelines that are in the script is there are some that you have inflection Yeah, but that’s the thing though.

[49:54] You got to stick to whatever their guidelines are and I know me like, you know If I was reading my oh, man, what’s gonna happen?
I might have to go read the whole script today come back and like okay Well now I could do this because I know what happened But yeah, I mean, I’m not I’ve told you this before I’m not one I’m not closed off to doing any sort of voiceover work at all It just wasn’t a thing that I thought I would ever end up being involved in at all Even when you started talking about look man if you need me to do something I reach out, but I’m gonna go set up a Voice that me account and let people hire me.
I don’t know if that is just don’t go there. Don’t don’t go there Listen, I’m telling you not to go there Mike’s already done it, but I have a lot of it was clear So I’m just fair warning.
I just made it up because I couldn’t remember the service that a lot of people use Michael will remember it’s Voice one two three there we go see that’s what I was thinking about what I couldn’t remember So I just made up a voice without me.

[50:37] I’m telling you I do not have a voice one two three account I did not send one of those up.
So don’t look for me there.

[50:42] Yeah, it keeps coming up. I was having a chat with a Good friend of mine yesterday about he has a internet radio show that he does and we were talking about we actually got into talking about Hybrid meetings and knowing that he’s like this sounds interesting because all the times I hear people doing like hybrid meets the audio quality is crap I said, yep, that’s thing.
I can’t stand Oh, I finally found another person who really cares about one the audio quality and two they are As vain as I am about showing up in video meetings and looking good I feel like I don’t know.

[51:09] Zoom cuts actually got me to look at shortcuts on the Mac. And I realized that at least in 13.4, or whatever the latest Mac OS version is, shortcuts really isn’t that bad. And when you set your enter key to be your actions button, you can take different things inside of shortcuts and add it to your shortcut with like two keystrokes.

[51:25] Yeah, Ventura 13.4 is the latest version.

[51:28] So yeah, on each of the things, so right, I need to work on it, but I’m setting up a Zoom shortcut that automatically enables original sound anytime I go into a Zoom meeting, because that is an action now.

[51:36] Nice so for because I don’t think this was out when we recorded last week It wasn’t okay, so zoom cut is a new app from the people liminal who belong to zoom now cuz I’m good by them That also makes zoom. I so if anybody’s heard us, you know talk about zoom ISO or zoom. What is the OSC?
Control and I sent I for the micro email about it Well, I first got the email from liminal because I’m on their mailing list and I was like, ah, this is cool I honestly thought it was just like you install like a rapper app and it you know exposes a bunch of stuff in shortcuts That’s apparently not how it works It didn’t Mike Ford me a link which we will put in the show notes for anybody interested Because those let you add more shortcuts with our zone the Mike Ford email to the office hours where they were discussing this and My first thought was I got that email probably My second thought was huh?
Why did I’m not suspected they were gonna have a conversation about this when I saw the first? I should have known this is gonna be a thing Did you watch it?
I have not watched it yet. I’m gonna I’ve grabbed it and downloaded it but I’d miss it to a J.

[52:32] Spoiler alert, you can run Zoom cuts, and because Zoom cuts is not just a wrapper, you can run those shortcuts on iOS.
So if you have admin access, or if you are a host of a meeting, there are specific shortcuts you can run on iOS that would allow you to do things inside of Zoom.
Which means, if you wanted to, you could assign a double tap or triple tap, back tap to a shortcut that would provide any details in a Zoom meeting if necessary, or mute all participants, or something else that you need to do in order to make that happen, so.

[52:57] Right, so we will be playing with that. I will be looking at shortcuts on the back again, it honestly feels to me like it would be easier to create and modify shortcuts on the Mac if shortcuts is you know working and navigable on the Mac.
So it sounds like that has changed. try to see this is one of the problems with software for me this is a problem that I have.
I used to be better about this whenever there would be an update if something was broken prior I would always go check to see if they fixed it But then they train you to you know, no didn’t fix it.
No, we didn’t fix it. No way They just stop looking which is where I’m at now.
I just stop looking so we’ll follow up on that Maybe shortcuts will help us with the journaling or medical Oh, I’m gonna go back to that for a second with the journey So from your perspective because I was thinking about this and there’s a little maybe you can clear up first I’m gonna actually clear up some possibly clear up some Confusion for me if you can’t understand if you cannot because people are confused about and I have not watched any of the keynote sessions So, this journaling app that Apple has introduced, it has the ability, and there’s an API for the app, so that my understanding initially was that apps would be able to donate information into the journaling app for suggestions.
And then walk it back for a second and tell me if I’m wrong.
So, with the journaling app, one of the features about it that is cool is that when you go in to make a new entry, there’s going to be things that are going to suggest that you may want to add to that journal entry, right?

[54:05] Yeah.

[54:07] So, my initial understanding of the API that Apple has created and that is there for developers Is that let’s say carrot weather right here’s why I’m gonna do this so care whether could donate the Temperature for where I was that day or the weather conditions for where I was this particular day I’m making a journal entry right so I can incorporate that into my journal entry and say well You know today it was you know These weather conditions and you know didn’t make my fill out the journal entry because it was such a nice day I took the kid down and blow up your pool and you know, they got the plan.

[54:31] Oh, right now Here’s some pictures that Apple has here’s the Apple suggested.

[54:35] Yeah, right so that all makes sense to me I have and it only shows you pictures of the kids and pools because it interpreted that information Then you just tap on those pictures That’s how I see it working because obviously we haven’t been able to try journal out, but right day one kind of does this But I think it’s gonna be better with Apple now the thing that I and people when rumors first leaked about you know There’s supposed to be a journaling app that Apple is gonna make it’s gonna have these kind of features in it The obvious question was is it’s gonna be a day one killer or is day one going to be able to also play in this Space and when I say day one killer I don’t mean like, you know, day one’s got a business now.
It’s all over because there are people that are probably never going to stop using day one. I think their business is probably fine, honestly.
But the question really was, are people going to jump over to using like, people like me, for example, who I played with day one, or Michael will even be a better example, because he has stuff in day one.
And maybe he goes to the journaling app now because it has these features and day one does not have all of these features and capabilities.
Or would Apple have an API that day one could hook into to also be able to receive, say, that notification, I mean, that weather conditions from Carrot and the suggested photos based off what you’re writing or things like that, right?
And I’ve heard dissenting opinions about what the API does. So.

[55:42] The first part that I’ve just discussed which is carrot can hook into this and say hey I’m gonna donate what the weather was here in overcast to say well you listen to these three podcasts today And you know so on and so forth That’s a part of it like third-party apps can push in content of what you’ve done so that you can incorporate those very easily into Your journal entry make sense.
I’ve heard mixed opinions on whether or not day one could make use of that same information or not for an example What were they clear about that in the keynote or is it? I do not have that answer or they just say and there’s an API and then they ran off stage.

[56:08] Yeah I don’t remember for sure.

[56:11] Okay, we’ll follow. I was just curious if you if it was something that like, you know Sometimes people are watching the keynote when they get laser focused on one thing and then they miss a keyword You know I miss a miss word here miss couple words there was gonna be called a difference when they packed in as much stuff as it seemed Like they did But yeah, the journey up is interesting to me I think it may I’m gonna say for sure might start me to journaling just because it’ll be easier I will definitely have a few entries cuz I’m gonna test it and see how it works I’ll keep doing it, but we’ll see we will see help is coming to the iPad.
That’s a new thing. I’m kind of happy about that And we’ll be following up with more information more things that we’re interested in I think because there’s a lot out there I have heard things and did not remember what they were For this last week they it was WWDC every day except for Monday.
Yeah, I tell you what I will listen to do things up so for sure And probably Wednesday’s because Shelly Brisbane is on Wednesday You’ll be talking about some accessibility stuff.

[56:59] Nobody else is talking about and listen to Saturdays, too Yeah, but it will be Saturday when people get this. Oh, yeah, I’m forewarning you to listen to Saturdays, okay?

[57:07] I mean who’s on Saturday me again.

[57:10] Well, did you did you hear what they did last Saturday? With the like news recap the 15 minute. Yeah, she just read down the news That’s what I wanted with Friday finds, but it kind of turned into its own show.
However, they’re trying something a little bit different So yeah, I did it episode.

[57:25] That’s that’s interesting. I’m not sure I tuned in to double-tap for this Right, right.
Yeah, which is kind of a problem though. I mean given that it’s a Saturday show I can see and I think I know what happened.
Well, I’ll give you a bit ed points You don’t have to try to edit around it.
So I was listening to that and I legitimately thought like oh, that’s interesting I did not tune into double-tap to hear somebody just read out a bunch of headlines for me though Like I really didn’t and why did you get Laura like you’re gonna do this?
But the other thing I thought about is I see what happened here, though So, but Sean was probably like, listen, man, I did not sign up to do this six days a week and I’m not happy about it.

[57:54] They’re like, okay, we’re going to try something like that.

[58:01] That’s interesting though, that Friday Fives was meant to be that, and it’s now turned into another thing altogether.

[58:06] All right. So somehow we lost part of Demasi’s recording.
Don’t know what happened there. And honestly, this episode is already late and I’ve got other stuff to work on.
So I’m recording this quick outro if you want to connect with us, then feel free to reach out at payome P-A-Y-O-W-E-N well, I guess let me redo that. I’m payone at
This is Demasi, D-A-M-A-S-A-G, at, and send us your feedback, T-W, at

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