Unmute Presents – The Profile Mic


Hey all, Marty here. Today I’m going to be talking to you about a brand new microphone that’s just

come out on the market. This is called a Sennheiser profile. So who would this microphone be for?

This microphone would be for someone who is looking for a second backup microphone

or someone who does not want to deal with interfaces, software configuration,

all of that stuff that can be a real pain in the rear. So first, this microphone is

constructed really nicely. You can use any regular stand or tripod, which I would recommend,

because if you get the stock microphone,

it comes with a small round tabletop stand,

but that is pretty low to the table.

So you would want to get something

that can get it up a little bit,

otherwise you’re gonna be kind of hunched over

and there’s no adjustment.

It’s one of those just sit it on the table

and that’s about all you get.

I actually put the microphone onto a tripod to get it up and that works much, much better.

But the tripod I’m using is still portable.

The microphone itself is really solid.

It’s metal construction, so it’s really durable.

Also on the back, you’ve got two ports.

You’ve got a headphone jack for monitoring yourself and you’ve got a USB-C port.

USB-C port goes right into any device that will take USB. So you can put it in

a Windows machine, a Mac machine, an iPad, or any other tablet, anything that takes

USB-C. You don’t need any software whatsoever to make this microphone work.

You just plug it in and that’s it. It just works. And then you can use any

software for recording that you would want to use. So if you’re on an iPad or

Mac, something like that, you can use voice memos if you want or any other

recording software. Same for Windows and anything else. So super easy, no

configuration with any software, which is great. Just plug it in and go. Another

Another great couple of details about this microphone is the front of the microphone

has a mute button, which is great.

You can just hit that mute button whenever you need to and it’s capacitive so you’re

not going to hear any loud click noise or anything like that.

It also has a gain knob.

It’s got a mix knob and a master volume knob.

So you have everything you need right on this microphone for making any kind of adjustments,

if you need to mute, if you want to adjust the gain of the microphone, the mix in your

headphones and the master volume.

And that is a great set of options to have right on the microphone, especially when you

don’t have any software.

So you plug it in and everything you need is right on the front and ready to go.

When you hit the mute button, another cool feature about that is if you have vision,

you can see the lights around the knobs will turn red, letting you know that you are on


So you get a visual there as well.

If you’re not muted, then they go to like a white-blue color, letting you know that

you’re not muted.

So who would this microphone be for?

Someone who’s traveling, if you need a secondary microphone and you don’t want to carry an

interface, a big huge microphone, XLR cables, all of that jazz, then I would say this is

a great companion.

It will just plug in and go.

If you are someone who just wants to get your content out and you don’t want to worry about

messing around with interfaces,

messing around with software,

trying to configure and do all of that stuff,

then this is the microphone for you.

You basically set it up, you plug it in,

and you hit record and you start talking.

Another problem that this microphone actually solves

is if you’re someone who’s visually impaired or blind,

then this would be a great microphone for you.

Everything on here is tactile.

So as long as you know which buttons or which knobs

do what thing, then you’re good to go.

It’s pretty easy to learn and figure that out.

Everything is in vertical.

So the very top button would be the mute button,

and then the next three buttons,

gain, mix, and master volumes, just go down vertically.

So, real easy to figure everything out,

real easy to configure.

You can monitor your headset pretty easily.

You just plug it in and you’re hearing yourself.

So this is just, you know, a great microphone,

good quality sound.

And if you’re looking for something quick, dirty, easy,

no fuss, no must, then I highly recommend this microphone.

It’ll be a great option for anyone.

It comes in around $130 for just the microphone

with that base stand.

And then they have a whole bunch of other options.

So for example, if you wanna get this microphone

with a boom arm, they have that option,

I believe it’s around $200.

And then there’s a whole bunch of other configurations

where you can get it with headphones,

you can get it with a boom arm,

you can get it just the microphone by itself.

So you can check out all the different packages and options they have for sale.

So this is a great option.

I highly recommend it for anyone who wants good quality sound, something easy peasy.

So there you go.

Hope you check it out and enjoy and we’ll see you next time.


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