Weekly Recap Ending Saturday October 22nd

I’ll be honest I think I needed to take a couple of days off for the podcast, I needed to regroup and figure out exactly what I was going to be doing.  And therefore I decided that not posting a Saturday recap last week would be appropriate, and if you’re not following me on Twitter @payown Then you probably didn’t know what the hell was going on.  So definitely head on over to Twitter now, to subscribe, or follow, or whatever you want to call it today.


Last week we didn’t talk about anything.  However last week ending Saturday October fifteenth 2016.  We had some amazing content, on Friday the fourteenth, We talked about producing income for the two blind business owners we talked about yesterday, and that kind of directly coincides with what we talked about on Thursday the thirteenth, to blind business owners could be doing this.  Take a listen to those episodes, the two most recent episodes right before this one. They are talking about little things that blind business owners can implement now to start building an income and building their business a bit quicker.


On Wednesday, Three software as a service programs your business will thank you for using That was a great episode and I highlighted  a couple of the tools that I am using in my business.  On Tuesday 4 applications on your IOS device you can use and abuse in your business and I’ll tell you what, Amanda he’ll from Australia sent me a message she was like ‘Michael.  I love Bossjock,’ that was one of those applications I mentioned, so listen to that Tuesday the eleventh episode.  That’s a good episode, 4 applications on your IOS. device you can use and abuse for your business.


There was a motivation Monday episode and I talked about how maybe you’ll fail and we all have some aspect in life that we fail at.  But it’s how do you come out of the situation.  How do you handle the failing in life? and is failing really failing? The episode on Sunday the 10th was, the Amazon saga causes me to get off my ass.  That was a great episode you hear all about what happened with Amazon. by the way, it is after the 19th, and I am not employed by Amazon. I did voluntarily say I want to work on my own projects.   The email I sent is here:


“Samantha, Heidi, and Valerie:

Good Day:

This is in reference to my application as the CSA REP with the VCC starting October 19th 2016.

Samantha, first of all i’m sorry that we were never able to work with each other. I received the first steps email for getting started with Amazon, and went  threw the first steps. Sadly, due to the using of a screen reader as i’m completely blind, Amazon’s on boarding processes are not accessible and so i will not be starting on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 on your team. I thought it be fare you be included in this email so that you know what is going on.

Heidi:, thanks a lot for your support, and i’ve considered the entire process of me having to jump threw hoops to start working on a job that i’ve been made aware of not being accessible, and from the initial findings i’ve seen sadly i will not be moving forward with my application process. Please accept this letter as an official resignation on October 17th, 2016. I am thankful for the opportunity to be given consideration, however at some points one needs to determine if the struggle of fighting to be able to do a job is worth the fight and for me I don’t feel it would be. I am currently working on my own projects, and feel that this fight is just taking energy and effort away from those projects. That being said however, i do suggest you contact Valerie “Yingling, paralegal of the NFB (National Federation of the blind) as she could put you in contact with someone who could help Amazon make there systems accessible for the blind. This would then give  Amazon as a company a chance to play a role in demolishing the 70% or > unemployment rate of the blind or visually impaired.

Valerie, thanks for your support and knowledge and I am very hopeful that you and Heidi could collaborate to make something happen to help the blind be able to state that they are proudly employed as VCC reps in supported states from Amazon. I have included some initial findings below so that some of the challenges I faced when completing the application and on boarding process can be worked on, and so that the two teams can be able to work with each other to come to a wonderful resolution.

I am hoping that all parties in this email are doing wonderful, and once again thanks for this opportunity.

Hear is the section of the offer that is posting accessibility issues:

when i click that link i see the phases, but when i click launch nothing else using voiceover or Jaws can be completed.


I had my little brother read the “Phase One: Your Computer Introduction” screen . I was able to enter my name in the first section, and he had to click the submit button. then i was asked if i had red the email technical requirements, Yes was not able to be clicked with voiceover. He clicked that for me. I then was able to view the video on my own using voiceover and click the “next” button. 

The screen that says:

“Now I can officially say: Welcome to VCC Customer Service, Michael!

Click each step to learn more, then click Next to continue the instructions . “

i have to have him click on each of the steps for me, however i do see the “next” and “previous” icons.

When he clicked on each of the steps voiceover did not see the text for these sections.

I am unable to read the text that tells me about the glossary and the buttons that are on the screen, however i do see the “glossary” on the screen. I also do see next and previous.

I was able to read:

“All right Michael, that’s the basics of what we’re going to be doing!When you are ready, click Finish in the bottom right then go to the next set of instructions. “

I don’t know why i can’t see the other text.

I was able to click “next” and “previous” as well as “finish” on my own.

the “Getting Started” section, when i click “launch” i see “Welcome to Amazon VCC Onboarding: Getting Started”, however can’t click anything using voiceover on this screen. He clicked “get started” and i’m shown:

“Getting Started Checklist

Check operating system requirements

Hardwire your connections and equipment

Set up internet connection

Check internet speed

Create administrator profile

the “next” button is not red by voiceover

He had to select an OS as i couldn’t select any of them and then he clicked “got it”

It was this way threw all of these sections.

I saw: “Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed Getting Started. Click FINISH to complete these instructions, then open the next onboarding link. “ but i didn’t see “finish”

On the page that had the text “Computer Downloads and Updates” i couldn’t select next more could i on “Phase 1 Recap”


Michael Babcock

Your Blind Digital Marketing Partner.



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