What Made You Want?

Sometimes you’ve just got to go back to what used to make you happy, what motivates you to get up and do what you like to do. Go back to that thing that inspired you to be you!

In the recording for November 6, 2015 for the your own pay podcast I’m preparing my nightly dose of apple cider vinegar with warm water. While I was preparing this relatively nasty concoction I thought why not record today’s podcast while I drink this. This episode was inspired by some thoughts I had running through my head, one of those thoughts was “what is it that made me happy when I was younger?”

 When I was younger, what did I like to do?

The relatively easy answer to this question is that I was an avid fan of reading. Unfortunately, I never really was into the whole nonfiction scene of books and tell later on in life, however when I was younger I did always read fiction books. As a matter of fact, growing up through middle school and high school, my favorite author was Stuart Woods. He still is my favorite author, check out his website here. The series he wrote about Stone Barrington that is always evolving is still one of my favorite book series.

I decided last night that I should jump on the Library of Congress application and download a book. Of course, like whenever I get on a book site, the first thing I did was a search for Mr. Stewart Woods. I discovered a book of his Stone Barrington series that was released in April of this year that I haven’t read yet, so I downloaded it and started to read it. When I started to listen to the new Stone Barrington book, my mindset shifted back to where it was when I was younger. I started to resonate and connect both emotionally and mentally with the main character, Stone Barrington. Stone is the character I resonated with when I first got started online, back when I had no direction or no clue on how to turn my knowledge into an income though that’s what I desired.

As I was reading this book, and my mindset started to evolve back to what it was I remembered what attracted me to the personality type of Mr. Barrington. Stone is a go getter, don’t let any shit get you down type of guy, and that’s the type of personality I’ve always sought for myself. Unfortunately however, i found  myself more in the “hustle”frame of mind lately, and not the make things happen and get things done mindset. This being said however, the other day I heard a podcast with Zach from heart soul hustle take a listen to the podcast here, that explained some of the struggles he’s overcome and some of the troubles he’s had when it comes to finding passion and what he does. This podcast really hit home, and then reading my favorite author again also helped hammer the nail home.


Zack talks about how helping other businesses be able to increase their digital presence is what brings the passion out in his business. And then as I started reading the Stone Barrington books again, I realize that Stone was the type of person who got off on helping other people get done what needs to get done. Then I figured out that, it’s not that I’m doing anything wrong, I just need to help more people build their digital presence online in order for me to feel happy about what I’m doing. Of course, making some sort of financial compensation out of this effort, is definitely an added benefit!


Take a listen to this brief six minute your own pay podcast episode for November 6, and leave us your thoughts. Who do you resonate with, what type of books do you like to read, and why do you do what you want to do? What makes you want?


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